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A beautiful converted carpenter's workshop

Good morning Monday! Let's kick off the week with a beautiful conversion (I do love converted spaces how about you?!). This former carpenters workshop is currently for sale here in Skåne (tempted to go and take a look!). It's been carefully decorated to highlight the original features of the space including the exposed brick wall, steel beams and pipes. I love the monochrome colour scheme too, it fits the style of the space perfectly don't you think?

Peter Landgren via Husligheter
Anything that catches your eye?

Other favourite converted spaces include the home of a fashion designer in a converted bar, this former monks retreat and a fabulous barn conversion. I have a dream to live in a converted lighthouse one day (apparently it's quite tricky to decorate with all the rounded walls but imagine the views?!). How about you?

Thank you so much for entering the Rosendahl monkey give-away sponsored by the fab online shop Design 55. I am delighted to announce the winner as Amanda of Amanda takes a trip blog, I think this cheeky chap by Kay Bojesen will make a perfect flatmate for your new apartment!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I am in love with every single one of them.

  2. Qué maravilla de interior. Perfecto!

  3. Normally I am not an exposed brick kind of person, but I do like this one. I particularly like the rugs and the map.

  4. Lovely space and I adore exposed brick walls. What I don't understand: books piled up on the floor and framed prints/photos on the floor. Whatever happened to bookshelves and/or ledges?

  5. I like the contrast between the "finished" look and the "unfinished" look, meaning the brick walls. I love a bit of industrial in the interior. It is not too much industrial in this space, but I really do love it all! So pretty and cosy. I would want to live there.

  6. Gorgeous space and I love all the green in contrast to the industrial look.


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