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Snaps from a beautiful home in Finland

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I've been a fan of Finnish blog Time of the Aquarius for as long as I can remember. Blog editor, stylist and writer Minna takes such beautiful images of her world. I particularly love the calm nature of her home which has been decorated in white, grey and  light wood. Just the inspiration I need for a hectic Tuesday! How about you?

Photographs: Minna JonesTime of the Aquarius. With kind permission. 

I spy one of my favourite chairs: the Artek 66  (15% discount with code MYSCAN).

You must also check out this and this post featuring Minna's summer cottage on an island in the Finnish archipelagos, imagine spending weekends and holidays here? Bliss!

I'll be popping back later with a rare extra post so stop by if you have the time!


  1. Beautiful... I don't suppose you know who made the lovely light over the table?
    Thank you for all the gorgeous images which I retreat to daily!

  2. Minna is one of my favourite bloggers. The light has been made by Lisa Johansson Pape


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