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White, cognac and blue in a Swedish apartment

When I look at this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden I think fresh, relaxed and warm.  I'm also a long term fan of the colour scheme blue, white and cognac and not many do it better than stylists and estate agents Alvhem. I could certainly see my self padding around here and reading a book in one of the pools of light, couldn't you?

Alvhem via 79 ideas

The 'Kakelugn' or tiled fireplace is another element I could imagine having in my dream cottage but it would need to be in addition to the wood burning stove!

For more fabulous Swedish apartment inspiration with a kakelugn try here and here and for an incredible danish one here.

I'm starting to feel I can no longer live without a fireplace, hmmmm what to do?! Perhaps you can help me figure out where to put one from the first part in my mini weekly series 'my home captured by Karin' tomorrow? A little nervous about showing my home, as always!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love it! Would love to live there;)

  2. Hi Niki!, this apartment is absolutely wonderful, I love first picture and of course one with fireplace, beautiful piece :)

  3. I don't know why you'd ever be nervous about showing off your home! It's stunning! And as for this apartment, well, my current home is a black hole with barely any sunlight, so I dream of places like this on a daily basis. So much light! xo

  4. i dream daily of having a kakelugn in my home. those fireplaces have completely stolen my heart. i can't wait to see more photos of your home, it's so lovely!

  5. It looks very Swedish! Hope you´re well! xo Caroline

  6. The American Swedish Institute here in Minneapolis, has some beautiful fireplaces like that in it. It makes me want to rip my fireplace out & start over.

  7. Your home will look perfect, looking forward to the posts! x

  8. Lovely shades of blue in a gorgeous home. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  9. Oh I wish we had a beautiful tiled fireplace in our house as well and similar floor as well. And please do not feel nervous about showing you home, it is gorgeous and well lived in. I would move right in ;)

  10. I have to ask..where's the storage? that bedroom is looking very sparse.

    1. Good question. I see a clothing rail on one side of the room but this isn't realistically enough storage space. Since this has been staged to sell I think this is something the new owners would definitely need to think about!

  11. I like the bedroom,so simple and cosy. I'm curious and looking forward to see your home :).


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