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A very cool Swedish apartment

 From mid-century yesterday to modern edge today. This Swedish home for sale through Stadshem is so great. I love the art photography  and the fantastic moodboards. I also like the open wardrobes - not sure mine would be quite as great if they were open to the world - and of course the beautiful original flooring.

Stadshem via 79 ideas

Because not all home floors are born equal you can always go to a reclaimed flooring company such as this one for a little help to achieve the same effect. I can't help with the clothes in the wardrobe though! - although  I am currently loving the style blog Lovely Pepa!

What do you like about this space?


  1. What a great apartment! I love the little shelf over the door, the fantastic wall of the bedroom and well, obviously, the floors!

  2. I love apartments with lot's of details like this one, is great!


  3. Love the red lipstick and the textiles!

    Hugs, Maren

  4. love the mood board and wish my clothes locker looked that neat and tidy. x

  5. So many cozy layers on that bed! I could curl up right about now (though the David Lachapelle print would have to go. the stuff of nightmares!)


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