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The alternative garden shed

How about this for an alternative garden shed?! So much fun! I don't think I'd ever go back into the house!

Could you imagine having this at the end of your garden or perhaps as a weekend get-away?!

Today is the last day of our holiday in Mallorca where I've been staying with extended family in a finca over looking the tramuntana mountains, so beautiful! I shall miss this island and my wonderful family.

Next week the blog will be back to normal with daily home tours. I hope you've enjoyed the alfresco inspiration week as much as I have and got a few ideas to spice up your outdoor space? Art in the garden perhaps? Or a refreshing outdoor shower?! On Monday I'll be announcing the winner of the fouta de val give-away, so if if you haven't already, stop by and enter here.

Have a lovely weekend all!


  1. now that would be so awesome! seriously.

  2. So cute! Wishes of a nice stay in Mallorca and a lovely weekend!

  3. I need one too... but would also need to hire a crane to lift it into my little back garden... Cx

  4. I love this, but `i have the same problem as green orchid ;-)

  5. just discovered your blog such a stunning image adore!

  6. That looks like a perfect studio, amazing!


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