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Sense of space

Swedish brand Asplund has just released these inspiration images from their latest collection 'sense of space'. So I'll give you just that to take a look through!

I love Asplund products, they are simple yet beautiful. I especially love their rugs, perhaps I should get something with a little colour for my sitting room? What do you think?

An exciting edition to the my scandinavian home sponsors today: online shop Kathapult, founded by Katharina Berggreen. I know you'll love her prints which include the wonderful Single Diamond poster prints and very cool knit pattern postcards, among other things!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Me encanta este post y las sensaciones que transmiten los espacios de las imágenes.

  2. A very nice series. I'm liking that pastel rug!

  3. I love Asplund and the photos are beautiful: I have so many things from them on wish list!

    Elena of facing north with gracia

  4. It's so much minimal for my tastes... but it's very nice

  5. A pink rug...oh my! I love it but my husband may not...hahahaJana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  6. wow!
    perfekte Bilder
    wunderschön ♥
    LG Petra

  7. Great "sense of space", makes sense to me! I luv all the unique lighting featured.

  8. I imagine the combination of the reflection of the snow with the glass walls makes the spaces glow with light.

  9. wonderful aspirational images.. have just admired Asplund amongst others at Clerkenwell Design Week in London, so this is a little extra 'hit'!

  10. beautiful. i love the black and white rug.

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