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Eclectic Stockholm apartment

Hello! How are you all today? I'm pretty stressed as I'm off on a family ski holiday on Saturday and have sooooo much to do before I leave! Friends keep asking me if I'm excited and the truth is I won't be until I'm actually sitting in a mountain bar with a beer in my hand!! Thankfully there are calm spaces such as this beautiful home in Stockholm to soothe my soul! I like that it has an eclectic mix of designer classics, vintage and retro pieces and Swedish antiques too.

Behrer & Partners Fastighetsmäkleri Via Seventeen Doors
With so much lingo bandying around it gets a bit confusing about what should be considered an antique, a collectors item, vintage or retro. I've just read an interesting article here which basically advised:

Antiques: items more than 100 years old
Collectables: items younger than 100 years old
Vintage: items that have cycled back into fashion or are less than 30 years old (but also can be applied to the time period: 1960-1979
Retro: Generally referred to the time period 1950-1959

The jury's still out though so perhaps you have other ideas?!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Those floorboards are great! Have a wonderful trip :)

  2. Wow this place is absolutely stunning, love that floral wallpaper and the green painted doors! Enjoy you holiday :)

  3. hi dear,
    wow what a lovely pic...its luking totaly dreamy ....thanks for sharing this wonderful pics...:)
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  4. I love every inch of this home - it's perfect!
    Nice tip about the terms because sometimes I'm not sure what to use either. Since most of my furniture is hand-me-downs from the 1970s I'm gonna just call my house vintage now ;)

  5. Thanks for the tips! Sounds about right! Happy skiing. X

  6. thank for the tips! I love the eclectics decorations. Thank you for sharing

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  8. This is a pretty apartment but I especially like the floors and the balcony. I'd love to leave the doors open on a beautiful, Spring day.

  9. I want to eat breakfast in that lovely kitchen! :) x

  10. goodness, thanks for the clarification. i had no idea 'retro' was such a narrow timeline. i shall watch my language in future! J

  11. Gorgeous decor, I like bright open spaces. And that classification is "messed up", everybody's using all of the terms for every thing, it's crazy.:) But cool that you put together an explanation!!;)

  12. reading your blog always makes me want to move to Sweden. you lucky lady you! :)

  13. All the house is amazing but the kitchen I fell in love with

  14. OMG! I wish I would've seen this before re-doing my dresser :( I didn't know of this primer and decided to paint my black/brown dresser white and it looks good but for some reason it feels rough and it has peeled on some spots already :( I didn't sand it though cause I hate that too, but now I know if I ever do that again I'm buying this first :) Oh and my question, is this primer sold in Canada? If so where? Thanks! And your dresser looks amazing :

    1. I wish I knew but sadly this isn't my home. I love the way they have done their dresser too. Perhaps someone on here can give you some advice, I have lots of lovely readers from Canada. X

  15. What a lovely flat. I adore the color of the kitchen!

    The terms are good as well...although I'd put forth an alternate definition of retro...retro is something new made in the style of/inspired by something older. There is lots of retro design -- inspired by mid-century modern -- around at the moment.

    - Nan

  16. Hope your trip was/is amazing! Those green doors slay me.

  17. I just love antiques! I think they make wonderful art at home. They add history not to mention personality in a room.


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