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Snow white

I am a big fan of white in the home (I live in Sweden after all!). I love the light it creates, I love the calmness and most of all I love the beautiful simplicity of it.

All of the above images via Follow Studio via Pinterest

What are your thoughts on white spaces?

I found all these pretty images on Pinterest and have done my best with credits but if you can give any tips on photographers etc that would be perfect!

Have a lovely weekend! Oh and don't forget to enter the give-away! Last day Monday :)


  1. I love white spaces!!Great photo collection!Happy weekend!

  2. If only it was possible!
    Happy Weekend.

  3. Åh ja, jeg elsker også bare hvid, hvid hvid - skønt at se på :-)

  4. I love all the white as well. It really brings peace and harmony in a home.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. these are gorgeous niki! i just love the photo with the stairs. happy weekend xo

  6. I'm a fan and it always surprises me that it is cool for the Summer but can be cozied up for the Winter.

  7. The more white in the room the better! I like rooms with so much white you can't tell where the floors end and the walls begin :)

  8. This is so great.I just love the room painted in white color. I always find such interesting stuff when I stumble onto this site again and again!
    I’m going to be sharing this. Facebook here we come!

  9. love your blog! I follow you!

  10. I love all white homes but bith a little boy there's no way of keeping a white home white for long :)


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