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A cool white and rustic retreat on Mykonos

With rain and more rain in Sweden and England this summer I think it's time to pack the bags and head to Mykonos, Greece (dreaming of course).  This peaceful, rustic holiday home decorated using cool white and local raw materials could just about be the perfect retreat. Oh so beautiful, thank you 79 ideas for the tip!

Lefigaro via 79 ideas
Back to planet earth, and London. On Monday night I went to the launch party of The Tanks at Tate Modern. I'm still recovering from the great party! The Tanks open to the public today with an exciting art in action summer programme, although just experiencing the awesome industrial-concrete chambers is worth a visit in itself!

Have a fab week and see you Friday!


  1. Oh, I also wish I was able to pack my bags right now and go somewhere warmer place with more sun. It seems to me that we have no luck with weather also here in Estonia.. rain and rain and little bit sun, but temperature is still below 20 C.

  2. LOVE this house, I'm fighting the travel bug and this doesn't help!!

  3. wow, Mykonos is definitely on my list of places to visit. These photos are insane.

  4. Niki I am packing my bags and joining your dream trip to Mykonos.

  5. ahhhh such a lovely house, ohh and The Tank that must of been fantastic and apparently if we can believe the weather man , summer will be returning, not today mind you...enjoy your holiday.

  6. I'm packing my bags as well! It looks amazing! The detailed wood door, the floating bed, the GRAND stone fireplace, the rustic dining table .. and the view WOW! I Love all these details!!! I wouldn't decorate my home this way ... just so I can appreciate it even MORE when I do visit homes/retreats like these.


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