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Hello hallway!

Let's face it, it's kind of nice when a friend comes into your home and says 'wow'! right there in the doorway. So I'm taking my inspiration from these monochrome hallways. I've just got to get rid of the pram, the hundred pairs of shoes, the tricycle, the wet brollies. Um.   

Country Living

VT Wonen


Bodie and Fou

Alvhem Makleri
So, here's to a 'hello hallway' and a welcoming home...some day in the future! A few lovely details here don't you think? I'm coveting the mosaic floor.

PS I absolutely looove the Cavern Tapestry 'arrow' wallpaper in the first picture and it's hand silk-screened and eco friendly don't you know?!


Tracey said...

I'm going for the one with the giant 15 very nice, sadly our hallway just about fits a very full coat stand a very full shoe rack and two scooters!

villa-rosengarten & cockerlove said...

Hi, dear Niki - How wonderful is that? Magnifique! I love each of these pictures. Thanks for showing, getting a lot of inspirations! Hugs,Barbara

Erin said...

I'm convinced you can't have kids or pets in any of these spaces, which is a total bummer. I love that idea of placing a lantern on the floor, but let's be honest my wild and crazy dog would knock it over in seconds! Such covetable entryways though. Love those big numbers.

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Hahaha! Totally Erin. The only one that would be possible with my 3 and 1 year olds is the last one, and then you wouldn't actually be able to see the mosaic floor for the amount of stuff we have in our doorway!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Good to hear! I thought it was about time for some hallway inspiration as I am always dreaming of a beautiful clear entrance way!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Yup, know that feeling only to well Tracey!

Chris said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love your blog, Niki!

AtelierDecor said...

love them all!!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Hi! I can't seem to get into the posts on your blog - I come to the 'home' page but then when I click on a post it goes blank - help! I miss your lovely posts! - is it just my computer?

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Thank you Chris!


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