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White rustic /shabby chic home with modern surprises

Hej and happy Friday! Today I love this home. Of course cos it's white, yes. (Tell me honestly, do I publish too many white homes?! I think maybe I do..:). But also because it's full of surprises. At a distance it looks like a classic white rustic /shabby chic space but look closer and there are lots of gems. From vintage industrial Tolix stools, to deco chairs and modern bulb lighting. And that wonderful huge white gilded chair.

Anything you spy with your little eye in this home that you love?


  1. Never, there is never too many white homes, period. I adore the first image of the white interior with the decorative plates that barely hint at some definite pink. Understated determination - gotta love it!

  2. It's very artistic. The way furniture are arranged, combining the color white with the other light colors like blue and pink and the added accessories like the glass wares and more. I like its being modern and old at the same time.

  3. The next time I will do a repaint, it will be white. It shows here that white can make an area big because of the horizon it will give to place. Love it.


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