my scandinavian home: The pretty London home of Parma Lilic owner

The pretty London home of Parma Lilic owner

Monday, 30 January 2012

This London home of Janie Jackson, owner of shop Parma Lilac is just so beautiful *sigh*. So simple, so light, so me! And I love the photographic style.

Pictures: Via Saint Honore
I remember reading an article about how to produce this type of effect with a camera, and one way is to cover the lens with a pair of thin denier tights, yes, I know! Worth a try anyway?! Unless you know of a slightly more modern app?

Happy Monday by the way. I hope you had a lovely weekend?!


  1. The painted floor planks really complete the space for me.

  2. Oh this place is gorgeous!

  3. cute interior designing and interior furnishing!

  4. oh I love how you put so much of your personality into your posts, it makes them such a pleasure to read :)


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