Bathroom love: GSI Ceramica's Kube X Collection


Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, despite the circumstances. Are you ready to look forward to 2021? I sure am! I have a sneaking suspicion this will be the year we finally renovate our bathroom. I know this as I already have my feelers out for the most beautiful designs (It's a sign, surely?). And GSI Ceramica's contemporary Kube X Collection has sent my design heart a flutter! GSI Ceramica prides itself on combining the latest technology with craftsmanship, rooted in the thousand-year-old tradition of the Civita Castellana ceramic district around 60 km from Rome. And the rectangular forms, pared-down lines and slender edges of the Kube X collection are simply divine! 

I also love that the Kube X Collection is massively versatile, offering something for every size bathroom (from smaller sized basins to larger ones) as well as different installation options (wall hung, on a countertop or on a mobile support) - and is available in a white matt, ash and black finish (Bianco, Cenere and Ardesian from the Colour Elements collection).  

Bathrooms can be a bit of a cesspit for bacteria (although looking at these beautiful images, you'd never know it!) - so it's important to think about the technology too. The products in the Kube X Collection are coated with the new Extraglaze® Antibacterial ceramic enamel which is tested and certified for guaranteed 99.99% antibacterial action. Suddenly makes me wonder about our ancient bathroom and what's lurking there, are you wondering the same about yours?

Oh, and other winning factors in case you're curious: the loo (toilet) features Swirlflush® technology (the quietest flushing system in the world), helps to save water (using 4.5 litres instead of the 9 litres of a standard loo), and has a Soft-Close seat. And if you're really into features, you'll be excited to hear it also features a Quick Release installation system which allows the loo cover to be unhooked without tools, and a Soft Close slow closing system to prevent accidental drops.  

In other words, they've got you covered!

Sounds and looks wonderful, don't you think?

Might just approach Per with this post (he's going to love the tech info!). 

You can read more about the Kube X Collection here

I'll back back tomorrow to share two colours set to be hot in 2021 - and they might just surprise you (I was  sceptical but having seen the imagery, might just be sold!). 

See you then! 


This post is sponsored by GSI Ceramica. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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God Jul / Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

It's a difficult time, with many of us missing our family this year. Even so, I hope you can find joy in the small things - A Zoom call with a loved one, a great book, a glimpse of sunshine or a slither of cake. You might also take comfort (along with the cake!) as I do from the words in the chorus of a very famous Swedish Christmas song:

Tänd ett ljus och låt det brinna, 
låt aldrig hoppet försvinna,
det är mörkt nu, 
men det blir ljusare igen. 

Light a candle and let it burn
Never let hope fade away,
It's dark now,
But it will be brighter again. 

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas friends!


PS You can listen to 'Tändet Ljus' here sung completely a cappella!) - and find the full lyrics in English here

PPS I'll be back for a few days in between Christmas and new year! See you then!

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The Best of My Scandinavian Home 2020!

I can't believe 2020 is finally drawing to a close - after 19876549 days! I hope My Scandinavian Home has brought you a little respite from all the madness. I for one, have absolutely loved coming here each day to share Scandinavian-inspired inspiration. Thank you so much for all your comments, emails and social media messages - I've loved reading every single one of them and feel like I've made so many friends this year! 

It's always fascinating to look back over the year at the most popular posts. This year was extra special of course - and the top 5 blog and instagram posts of 2020 totally reflect this! Read on to discover the posts that topped the quarantine charts! 

The 5 Most Popular Blog posts of 2020:

5. A Rundown House Becomes a Fairy-tale Swedish Country Home

Coming in at number 5: Who doesn't love a fairy-tale? We loved reading about Johanna Berglund's renovation in which she turned a rundown property into a dreamy Swedish country home

4. The Eclectic Home of Jewellery Designer Andrés Gallardo

Could it be the books and pops of colour? Or perhaps it's the personal touches and relaxed eclectic vibe. Either way, the wonderful home of jewellery designer Andrés Gallardo brought a smile to our faces back in February.

3. 5 DIY Projects to Try During Quarantine

These 5 inspiring DIY ideas compiled by Ezz Wilson helped us to while away a few hours indoors  - and turn our homes into an even greater place to be! 

2. 5 Swedish Christmas craft ideas to make alone or with the kids

This festive season it was also all about the DIY - and I was thrilled to see how popular these simple 5 Christmas craft ideas were. Scraps of wallpaper (and loo rolls) at the ready! 

1. Small space inspiration from Swedish Attefall Houses

If there's one thing the Scandinavians truly excel at, it's tiny spaces. And in a year where we were all scrambling about trying to tuen our little homes into a space to live, workout, work, home-school.... where better to get inspiration than the Swedish 'Attefall house'. These little guest cottages occupy a mere 30 m2 and are pretty yet practical - and best of all make use of every square inch. No wonder, this post took the pole position!  

Are you ready to see what was popular on The 'gram

Best of @myscandinavianhome Instagram 2020

My blog will always be my first love, but I do like to dabble over at @myscandinavianhome from time to time (mainly to announce what's on the blog!). Having amassed an audience of over 345,000 (mainly my Mother under different synonyms), I was really excited to see what the most popular post of 2020 would be. And guess what? Out of all the professionally styled pictures I posted this year, the top spot is occupied by one I snapped with my mobile phone from the saddle of my bike! Lesson learned! 

Ready to take a look? Drum roll please...

5. The Music Corner

With so many more days spent at home than usual, we were keen to make the most of every inch of our living space. Little wonder this lovely 'music' corner' from 11 ways to make the most of awkward corners clocked in at number 5! 

4. Cat in the window

We all fell in love this this cat watching the sunset over the Swedish countryside. See the full tour over at a photographer's magnificent villa

3. Attefallshus

This wonderful little cabin (also known as a Swedish 'attefallshus') captured everyone's hearts. It's owned by Lina Kjellvertz whose wonderful Mallorca villa I featured here

2. Pink bathroom

Pink bathrooms were huge this year - and Ditte Gimm Larsen nailed the look in her charming Danish family home

1. House

And the number one spot goes too.... this tiny, cosy cottage decorated for Christmas, which I snapped with my phone while cycling through Malmö the other day. I was thrilled to see you guys think it's wonderful too!  


What do you think? Were these your favourites too?

Curious to see what other years have looked like? Take a peek here: 

It's so interesting to see how the style has changed over time! 

I hope you enjoyed this review too. I'll be back tomorrow with my final post! See you then!


Photographer credits (from top): 2. Johanna Berglund 3. Edoardo Boillos 4. Christine Higgs 5. Malin Poppy Darcey Mörner 6. Lennart Weibull 7. Andrea Papini 8. @faringsohuset 9. Lennart Weibull 10. Ditte Gimm Larson  11. Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

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Our Home - All Ready for Christmas!

Hej hej! I hope you had a lovely weekend! In our house, it's been a hive of activity - decorating, watching family films,  and even a little baking (yes, us - baking!). And of course, a healthy dose of the normal (albeit infuriating) - kids fighting, the tree nearly toppling over (gaaah!) and general Christmas chaos.... Even so, when you stop and look around once in a while, everything feels so cosy - and sometimes, especially now, you get the feeling that being safe and sound in our homes really is not a bad place to be, even if we all do desperately miss friends and family from afar. So, in celebration of the winter solstice today - and the home in general, I thought I'd share a few snapshots from our little place in Malmö, all decorated for Christmas! 

We love to use as natural decorations as possible - including paper flowers, dried oranges, alder cones and sprigs of pine, they add such a cosy touch and smell wonderful!

No Christmas in Sweden would be complete without the sweet smell of Pepparkaka. And they are so simple to make. I mean, even I manage occasionally - and we all know how bad I am at baking! There's a good recipe here

And my little elves love to decorate them too! 

And then we sprinkle them with fairy dust (icing sugar), just to make sure they're sweet enough (!!). 

We love our Snöblomma ('Snow Flower' lantern) in the kitchen window - it glows from morning to night and helps us to pretend the sun is shining outside. 

What are they plotting I wonder? I've been the subject to at least three pranks already this week already. FYI I receive the faux fur blanket (pic doesn't do the colour justice) that they're cosying under as a present from Apparis - along with two sparkly face masks (fab!) - it's the softest, most cosy blanket I've EVER touched, and I'm honestly not just saying that. Needless to say, I've barely had a look in since it arrived.  

And even Per got to relax a little - and in the top spot too! 

Roll on Christmas, the Brantmarks are ready for you (and those Zoom calls!). 


I hope you are having a cosy time at home too. 

With only a few days to go until the holidays I've planned a 'My Scandinavian Home Best of 2020' post for tomorrow. I always think it's so exciting to see which posts have resonated the most with everyone - and this year has an extra special mix - as you can imagine. Make sure you stop by to take a peek! 


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Visit My Virtual Home Viewings Exhibition This Christmas!


With all that's going on right now, it's not the easiest to find things to do over the holidays, don't you think? Gaaah! I do have one idea for you though (although I might be a little biased!) - have you visited my online exhibition at the Swedish Design Museum yet? In case you missed it, the Home Viewing Exhibition is a celebration of everyday Swedish design and architecture - shown through a selection of real homes. Last year, I ran a series of real open home viewings across Sweden. And now, I invite you to virtually discover these handpicked homes online. 

Here are a few of my favourites:  

Funkis Townhouse

This functionalist-style townhouse in Stockholm was designed by modernist architect Paul Hedqvist. Built in the late 20s / early 30s, it features many if the common characteristics of Nordic 'funks' architecture such as simplicity, flat roofing, light-filled rooms. Take the full tour here

Former Railway Station

The final departure from Norra Vram station was in 1966. Now this lovely yellow and brick building, which belongs to the first generation off iconic Skåne railway stations has been carefully modernised into a beautiful home. Take the tour here

Bohuslän Summer Cottage

Built in 1909, this former farm in Bohuslän on Sweden's west coast has become a charming costal summer cottage. The pretty farmhouse near the picturesque fishing village of Mollösund (which I have visited many times by boat and features in my Swedish west coast island guide) bears many of the signature architectural characteristics of the region and a perfect spot from which to wile away a summer. Take the tour here

Feel like seeing a few more homes? Pour yourself a coffee (make it extra strong to get into the Scandi spirit), put up your feet and click here

I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I did curating it! 


Photo credits: 1. Tim Bohman / Fastighetsbyrån 2. Mattias Hallestrand / Diakrit / Fastighetsbyrån 3. Fredrik Ahlbäck / Valvet 4. Mattias  Vogel / Skeppsholmen Sotheby's

*It was an honour to be curate this exhibition and promote it as part of a paid partnership with Visit Sweden. 

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