Small space inspiration in monochrome

It's the weekend (almost!) and boy do I need it (more later). But first, today's home tour. Following on from what has been a bit of a black and white week, I'm taking inspiration from this monochrome space. Despite being a one room apartment the owners / designers have achieved a spacious, light and airy feel thanks to the two toned colour scheme throughout. If there's one thing I love though, it's the cactus! My grandparents had a similar one and it grew so tall they had to cut a whole through the ceiling (which became a skylight) - no joke! I've been a big fan of these prickly plants ever since, plus you rarely need to water them - what's not to love?!


Is there anything that stands out to you?

A few items I know and love: Thonet chairs, linen bedding, DLM side table, L:A Bruket soaps etc.

I'm so excited to introduce a sponsor today- brand new online shop Blackthumb. Founded by Nicola Fanstone after an inspiring trip to Helsinki, Blackthumb sells a smögåsbord of fab contemporary Scandinavian home and garden items including items from three of my favourite brands Sne Design (I'm in love with this felt storage basket), Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen (dropit hook anyone?). And the good news? Blackthumb are offering readers 10% discount on any item in the shop with the code MyScandi10 until March 31st.

As mentioned above this week's been crazy. Yesterday I had a visit from TV channel Arte, and I've recently started working on a book (more info to follow at a later date) and to top it all I've also started shooting homes in Southern Sweden. It's all so exciting and what I've always dreamed of doing YAY! I just need a few days rest.... !

I hope you have some fab plans for the weekend lined up?

Have a lovely couple of days!
It all started on an unexpected trip to Helsinki, Finland. While wandering the streets on a cold spring afternoon, admiring all the beautiful and simple designs that Scandinavia is so well known for, Blackthumb was born. - See more at:

It all started on an unexpected trip to Helsinki, Finland. While wandering the streets on a cold spring afternoon, admiring all the beautiful and simple designs that Scandinavia is so well known for, Blackthumb was born. - See more at:

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A lovely calm white space

It's an all white day today, I can just feel it. This home is so serene with it's white and light grey marble kitchen. I'm a huge fan of the indigo blue and black combination in the sitting room too.  An item I'm seeing more and more of the concrete side-table - they make quite a cool contrast against softer materials such as wood and velvet don't you think? Could you see yourself padding around this lovely apartment today?


I love how the texture of the wood shows through the paint work. It's worth seeing more shots of it here. Is there anything that stands out to you about this space?

For more serene white homes I'm loving this and this one. Or for a home with bright, bold colors which will put a smile on your face - take a peek at this one.

This morning I'm a little…how should I put it…on edge. A TV film crew are arriving at my house any minute for an interview. Eeeek! Wish me luck!

Have a lovely day!

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Artfully hidden TV in a lovely Swedish space

Let's face it, TV's get a bad deal when it comes to interior inspiration. They're either removed entirely from the shoot or hidden just out of frame.  Which is probably why I get so many questions about how to display (or hide) all our beloved screens! And today, I might just have the answer. This home for sale through Entrance includes a fab James Bond style hidden TV solution (oh yes!). Could you imagine doing this in your home? It helps that the rest of the apartment is pretty amazing too!

Credits: All photos - Entrance

What are your thoughts about TV's in your home?

We chose not to have a TV in our sitting room and instead have one in a 'snug'. This is partly to do with design and partly to do with not wanting the children to turn the TV on as soon as they walk in the door. Having said, they're forever nicking my laptop to watch cooking programs on YouTube! Seriously, my four year old knows more about baking than I do!! 

Apart from the incredible bones of the apartment, the other thing that stands out to me is the green spot! So simple, yet so cool, DIY project for the weekend perhaps? 

Since I'm from London, I'm always looking out for the latest events, and one of the most exciting is the May Design Series, an interiors exhibition in London between 17 - 19 May. The exhibition brings together new creative talent, local and international exhibitors and industry buyers covering furniture, fabric, lighting, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. A complimentary conference runs throughout the three days too. Oh and did I mention the champagne bar?! You can read more about it here and register as a visitor or exhibitor.

Have a lovely day!

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