A cool Funkis style apartment in Gothenburg

Hello Monday! I hope you had a great weekend?! Mine was the perfect mix of wine with friends, a day out in the Skåne nature and Sunday tinkering around the home so now I'm ready and raring to go! As opposed to Friday's dramatic home tour, I feel the start of the week calls for something fresh and light, don't you agree?! I love this recently renovated Funkis style apartment for sale in Gothenburg. The mid century tables, string shelving system and black leather sofa are in keeping with the year the apartment block was built in 1947.


What do you love most about this space?

Other beautiful apartments with great mid-century inspiration can be found here, here and here. And of course, in my own sitting room here and here (as you can see I'm a big fan!).

Two of my favourite places to find mid-century furniture are the Malmö based second hand store Nirvana (if you find yourself in Southern Sweden!) and online auction house Lauritz (if you don't find yourself in Southern Sweden!). Do you have any other tips?

Have a lovely Monday! 

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The palatial home of a Stockholm stylist

A Friday home needs to be just a little dramatic doesn't it? Something awe-inspiring that sets us in the mood for the weekend. I knew I'd found it when these images dropped into my inbox last night. This inner-city Stockholm apartment belongs to stylist Joanna Lavén who (represented by agent molly), her husband and two children.  The architecture itself is something of a masterpiece. And as for the decorating, she had me at the hallway....

Agent molly, ,, Photographs: Idha Lindhag with kind permission

Wow. I'm not sure where to begin actually. I guess what I love the most is that she has brought mid century up to date. Sort of mid-century meets tribal meets grey marble meets industrial. And there's that grey bed linen which is oh so popular right now too. 

How fabulous. What do you think?

I am  currently awaiting the arrival of Holly Marder (Avenue Lifestyle blog), photographer Jansje Klazinga and Tina from TravelingMama  who are coming over to shoot my home today. So exciting! I think we're going to have lots of fun and I can't wait to show you the results.

So. It's time for the weekend! Yay! Have you got any great plans? I think I'll spend the weekend relaxing (it's amazing how much work goes into getting a house ready for a shoot - phew!!! 

Before I head off - something cool, have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were Finnish? Now you can find out here. My name is Ritva Männistö (meaning A hanging branch. Home of pine trees)! 

Have a really wonderful weekend and see you Monday! 

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Beautiful strap by a Stockholm designer

When it comes to bug bearers in our home, the one thing my family and I can't seem to get a grip on is our post. There's a constant messy pile of it on our bar table. My sister once told me you should only ever see an item of post once, i.e. you open it,  file it (or recycle it) and then it's dealt with. We've never quite managed this rule. And then recently I came across the Mathilda Strap designed by Stockhom based Mathilda Clahr and I think our post peeve could finally be solved.

Designer: Mathilda Clahr, Photography: Elin Strömberg, Stylist Josefin Hååg

Designed by Stockholm based designer Mathilda Clahr the leather strap comes in three colours - black, dark brown and light beige and can be used to store magazines and other papers, as a hook for your coat or bag or if you're feeling really crafty, to upcycle an old chest of drawers with the strap as handles.

These pictures were shot in Josefin Hååg's lovely workspace of 20 Kvadrat blog (I recently showed the rest of her wonderful home here).

What do you think? Could you find a use for this in your home? I'm sold!

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