A Photographer's Charming Swedish Summer Cottage In The Woods

Buoyed by my recent summer cottage kitchen renovation I picked up a copy of Swedish magazine Lantliv (Country Life) a few weeks ago. And, OH WOW, did it have some incredible homes in it - don't you love it when that happens?! I got particularly stuck on this charming summer cottage in the woods of Northern Uppland. A former petrol station dating back to 1930, the building was about to be torn down when photographers Lina Ericsson and Karl Anderson acquired it as a weekend retreat from busy Stockholm life. The pair set about lovingly transforming it into a unique and charming home full of antiques, second hand finds and pieces from Lina's sustainable interior shop Noy Road. The result is everything a Swedish summer cottage should be; simple and relaxed yet warm and cosy and packed with charm: a perfect place for Lina, Karl, daughter Charlie and their Jack Russell Terrier, Vilda to switch off, surrounded by nature.

The kitchen is a mix of freestanding and open shelving from IKEA - giving the space a relaxed vibe. I love how the couple have maximised space by adding a book shelf over the window. 

The six metre (SIX METRE!!!) high ceiling gives the sitting room a lovely light and airy feel. The rattan chairs are from Silka Design and the handmade wool rug is from Noy Road. Source a similar sheepskin here*

Vilda has adopted the handmade wool rug as her own - and who can blame her?! The linen cover and cushions on the IKEA sofa are also from Noy Road

Sheer curtains in the sitting room help to keep out bugs while slipping in a soft pool of light. On warmer days they can move outside and enjoy the shaded terrace (as demonstrated by Vilda - who's looking super relaxed out there, I must say!). 

Lina and Karl have made a feature of the doors and architraves by painting them a soft green. The hammam and linen towels are from Noy Road

The veranda has been given a new lease of life with recycled windows from Umeå Byggnadsvård while the floor was transformed using a linseed oil-based paint. I absolutely love this type of painted chequered floor - it's so easy to achieve and yet so striking! Do you feel tempted to do the same in your home?

The cottage was originally a traditional Falu red but Karl wanted to do something different and opted for green umbra. The garden is packed with homegrown vegetables - one of Lina's passions. 

Just beautiful.

I can't imagine a more idyllic retreat, can you?

Imagine how difficult it would be to close the doors on a Sunday and head back to town! Mind you, you'd feel relaxed knowing that the place is waiting for you come Friday.

Did you spot the DIY clothes line in the main dining room area (first picture)?  - isn't it clever? I found a DIY tutorial here - and you can also pick up a similar one here.

If you're feeling the Swedish summer cottage vibes after this tour, why not pour a coffee, light a candle (hey, we're talking Scandi here, after all!) and check out this Swedish Cottage archive. It's one of my favourites! If this cottage pops up first, you might want to look through the pictures all over again, or simply scroll on passed for more inspiration!

Ha så fint! 


These photographs were taken by Karl Anderson / @karlandersonphotography and shared with kind permission from Lantliv. 

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A Magical Little Swedish Summer Cottage (And It's For Sale!)

Why, hello there lovelies! Are you ready for a little summer dreaming today? Here in Sweden the summer holidays are a mere one month away, and planning is in full force. Except, this year of course, it's a little restrained. Who knows what might happen in the next four weeks? The one thing we do know, is that we'll be staying put. And, up and down the country, Swedes are dusting down the cobwebs and oiling the shutters at their summer houses, hoping it'll be permitted to dream away a summer surrounded by everything the Nordic nature has to offer. If there's one thing I love about the Swedish summer cottage, it's that it's pared down and all about living a simple life. This idyllic little cottage is nestled away on the island of Klåverön in the mesmerisingly beautiful Gothenburg archipelagos - and waiting for a new owner - could it be you once we're all free to travel again? 

Summer's in the Gothenburg archipelago are all about hopping on and off boats and enjoying a picnic on your own little island. 

In this lovely open-plan living area the outdoors takes centre stage. An antique bench doubles up as storage for extra cushions and tableware. 

A patterned rug adds a little colour to the living room, while open shelving ensures a relaxed feel. 

Botanical themed bedding helps to draw the nature indoors and a wall-mounted shelf clears floor space for a light and airy feel.

A DIY rail and row of hooks is ideal, summer dresses, linen shirts and a hat or two. 

I am already imagining following the 24 hours sun around the cottage on the various decks - and chatting the four-legged neighbours, how about you?! 

Ooooh, so lovely! 

We've spent many summers sailing in the Gothenburg archipelagos, and I can't tell you how magical it is there. Perhaps I should speak to Per about this cottage? Not sure he could take it on a Monday! 

I know things are tough right now, but this too shall pass, and when it does, this Nordic country is waiting for you to experience it in all its glory! In the meantime, I hope the tour provides some wonderful summer-inspiration for your own home! 

Here are a few other summer cottages to feel inspired by: 

Have a great start to the week. We've got this! 


Photography courtesy of Bjurfors.

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An Idyllic Swedish Summer Cottage That Dreams Are Made Of!

Say the words 'Swedish summer cottage' and I immediately conjure up a picture of a little red and white cottage surrounded by lush, vibrant nature and somewhere to bathe a short "nakenfis" (I love this Swedish word - it literally translates as 'naked fart' but it's generally used to describe being nude!)  sprint away!! In fact, this idyllic croft in a village near Tierp an hour or so North of Stockholm is spot on! Dating back to 1909, the croft is made up of a main house and a series of little outhouses which wouldn't look out of place in Astrid Lindgren's 'Children of Noisy Village'. Step inside and you're greeted with white wood panelled walls, pretty wallpaper and painted wood floors. The furnishings are typically understated and a perfect blend of vintage and antique pieces. Ready for a little Swedish summer dreaming? 

Oh wow. This has me dreaming of 24 hour sunshine, morning dips and long, lazy lunches alfresco! 

Could you image wiling away a lazy summer here?

This is where I say - "well, it could be yours..." - and it was actually on the market for a very reasonable 750,000 SEK (€70k / $76k) via Länsförsäkringar (try pronouncing that!) but as you can  imagine, it was snapped up immediately! 

Up for a little more Scandinavian summer cottage dreaming? Pull up a chair and enjoy:

Actually, do you know what? I think I'll just share the link to the entire archive - there are hundreds of charming summer cottages in there from all across Scandinavia. And since it's a public holiday here tomorrow I hope it will tie you over until I return on Monday! 

Wishing you a wonderful long weekend friends - stay safe, stay well! 


Photography: Johan Fornstedt / Husfoto

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My Swedish Summer Cottage Kitchen Renovation (Before)

In paid collaboration with Bosch
I am so excited to introduce a new series today. If you've been following My Scandinavian Home for a while, you'll likely know my family and I have a very small summer cottage on the West coast of Sweden. I've never actually showed pictures of it before because it's in major need of renovation. I mean MAJOR! But all that is going to change! Over the next twelve weeks I'm going to be renovating the kitchen. I know in these pictures it looks surprisingly OK - but trust me, at a closer glance it's not! Firstly, it hasn't been touched since the 1970s - the wallpaper is peeling away in great swathes, the units are all frayed and sometimes the handles have a habit of falling off. Secondly, the current kitchen doesn't use maximum use of space (kind of important in an L-shaped room that measures 8 square metre / 86 square foot) - it could be waaaay more efficient. And finally, none of the appliances work properly (I can't tell you how annoying it is to leave a casserole on the stove for an hour, only to find the hob hasn't been working!) Oh and did I mention there is a family of mice lurking somewhere behind one of those cupboards? I think you get the idea!

The plan
My goal is to transform the space into a fresh, practical, well functioning, beautiful kitchen (big plans, huh?!) in time for the family to descend on the cottage at midsummer. It's also important to ensure the look fits with the rest of the cottage (the house was built in the1930s by my husband's Grandfather and holds lots of fond memories!).

The Partner
One of the reasons our summer cottage has been somewhat neglected over the years is that we're only there a few weeks a year and share it with other members of the family, so money is always invested elsewhere. Back in our kitchen in Malmö we've had Bosch appliances for over 12 years (oven, hob, fan, microwave, fridge freezer, dishwasher.... you name it) and we've always been so happy with them, it therefore felt like a natural step to partner with Bosch for this project and install Bosch appliances in our summer cottage kitchen too. Since we are keen to keep the costs down, it helps that Bosch appliances are a seamless fit with IKEA kitchens too!

Grand plans indeed. I'm feeling very excited and at the same time just a teeny bit daunted!

Over the next twelve weeks I'll be sharing my renovation here on the blog (as well as over on Instagram) including my inspiration, plans, the design, expected surprises (of which I'm sure there'll be plenty!) and of course, with any luck - the final reveal! Please do weigh in - I so welcome your tips, advice and opinion on decisions along the way! And if you're planning a kitchen renovation of your own, I hope you'll find the series helpful.

Time to hit the grindstone!


*This series is in paid collaboration with Bosch. However, all words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

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Oh, How I'd Love to Buy This Swedish Island Summer Oasis!

Last night I was scrolling through Swedish real estate (a favourite past time of mine - does that make me weird, or do you do the same in your country?!) and I discovered Emma Sundh's wonderful summer cottage has been placed on the market - complete with caravan! I turned to Per and said, 'we need to buy this'. I mean, I've been dreaming about this little red, white and blue cottage since I featured it two summers ago - and our visit to the beautiful island of Gotland last summer. Built in the late 1800s, the future buyer would benefit from relaxing in the cosy wooden cottage (which has two bedrooms plus the caravan!) and enjoy beautiful views over the garden which is bursting with lilac, clematis and roses throughout summer. Sadly, Per isn't quite ready to take the plunge (story of my life - te he he!) - so I'm hoping that one of you might snap it up and enjoy this lovely summer haven on my behalf! 

Any takers?

It's available through Bertwig (just sayin'!).

If you do snap it up, can I stop by for a cup of tea next time I'm on Gotland?

In case you're as curious as I am about this idyllic Swedish island in the Baltic, here are a few other of my favourite houses:

A rustic summer cottage with a lovely pool - for rent!
A charming 19th century house on Gotland
Swedish island life in a limestone cottage

You know what? I was feeling a little low before writing today's post (I try to stay positive, but I have to admit this whole thing gets to me every now and again, do you feel the same?) but dreaming about this lovely cottage on Gotland has perked me up no end and given me a spring in my step once again.

Here's to dreaming about long summer days!


Photography courtesy of Bertwig

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