Our Dining Area With New 'Soft Blue' Wishbone Chairs!

It's been a while since I shared a snapshot of my own home - in fact I think this is the first time this year! So, I thought I'd complete the blog week by sharing some pictures of my dining area that I took in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søn along with interior designer Helen Sturesson

I'm sure you instantly recognise these chairs as the CH24 Wishbone Chair- a true Scandinavian design classic. Except with a twist; Carl Hansen & Søn recently launched this 'Soft Blue' version, which is simply divine!

It was so lovely to see the table all dressed up and circled with these iconic beauties. Our dining area has been the hub of the home over the past year and a place for crazy family dinners, homework, my office - and even maths lessons (Per set-up a white board against the back wall and taught his sixth form college students crazy formulas I'd never have the hope of solving!). Never a dull moment in the Brantmark family! 

I was so happy to see that it can still scrub up well when required! 

At 3 days Of Design I visited the Carl Hansen & Søn showroom in Copenhagen (a must if you're ever in town) and watched a craftsman weave the seat of a wishbone chair (it takes around one hour, using 120 metres of cord!). It was so cool to see the guy in action, and a great reminder that these chairs are mostly handcrafted. 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my home - and my shots of Carl Hansen & Søn's latest offering (more info here). 

I wish I could have kept the entire set, but alas, I reluctantly (and diligently) sent them back over the bridge - baaaah! At least I've got these pics to prove that these beauties were in my possession! 

This evening our dining room is back to its normal self - and ready for a Friday take-away! So rock 'n' roll these days, right? What's your Friday tradition (right now)? 

I'm hoping we can get out on the snow and ice this weekend. 

I hope you have some fun outdoor plans for the weekend too!

Wishing you all a wonderful couple of days - see you Monday!  


PS Carl Hansen & Søn didn't sponsor this blog post (it was a social media collaboration only) - I just thought it would be fun to share the shots with you! 

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A tour of my kitchen!

Why, hello there! I hope you've had a great weekend? I've been thinking back to May when a team from GRUNDIG K!TCHN Mag paid me a visit here in Malmö, Southern Sweden. We spent the day taking snapshots of my kitchen and dining area and chatting about how I designed the space. I'm super excited to see the film live on Kitchen Stories (alongside Norm Architects no less - eeeeee!).  Before you watch the film - I have a couple of things to confess. Firstly, I actually had a cast on my leg at the time (it was filmed a couple of weeks after I'd ruptured my achilles heel!) so it's carefully stationed behind the kitchen island. This is also why they filmed me walking in slow motion (it was more of a hobble in real life!).... oh the things that can be done with a little clever film work! Secondly, my kitchen did not look like this when I left this morning! For now, though, I'll be dreaming that it's this spotless ..... (maybe it'll inspire me to give it a once over when I get home!). I hope you enjoy these snapshots and the film of the 'engine room' of our house!

Photography credits: © Agentur Loop. Styling: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home.

A quick note on where everything's from (if I've missed anything just give me a shout in the comment section below):

Dining area: the bench is from Lovely & Co, source a Gotland sheepskin here, the chairs were a flea market find and painted white, the large cushion and oil lamp are both Nordal.
Window nook: Söderhamn daybed. The lamp and patterned cushion are from Nordal, these linen cushions are similar. My book The Scandinavian Home: Interiors inspired by light.
Drinks trolley: barcart, vases and candlestick holder all Nordal.  Muuto E27 light, The Kate Moss Book.
Kitchen: cabinets from Marbodal, oak surface, chopping boards from Nordal and Granit, L:A Bruket hand & body soap. Kitchen island from IKEA, stools, hooks and feather duster from Geijersgatan 53, ceramic hanging planters by Anne Black. Rug from IKEA.

I'm so curious to hear what you think?!

Is there anything you love about your kitchen and recommend we do in our own? (Go on, inspire us - it's Monday, we need it!).

Have a great start to the week!

PS click the following to see more of my kitchen, dining area and window nook, if you're curious! Or maybe you'd like to check-out other kitchens (if mine pops up first just scroll passed!)?

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I love this Danish Dining Set In My Home!

Last week I received an exciting delivery - this wonderful oak and white nano laminate table and four oak and leather dining chairs from Skovby. It was like Christmas, except sadly, these beauties are not here to stay, they're here for a shoot. But I might just keep them all the same - what do you reckon? I've always loved the incredible craftsmanship behind Skovby pieces, plus, we've been looking for a new extendable table for a while. Per is also completely taken with the oak and leather chairs - he says they're really comfy! I might just have to write to Skovby to ask if these beauties can hang around a while longer. Read on for more pics and to see if you agree! 

You'll likely recognise the brand Skovby since Helen Sturesson and I have done many photoshoots for them before (see also the #808 counter stool in my kitchen, the #131 home desk and #52 chair in Per's home office and the #452 display cabinet in the corner of my dining room. It's always an honour to collaborate with a Danish family business that spans three generations of cabinetmakers as well as recognised as a frontrunner within functional extension systems for tables. 

I chose the Skovby #119 dining table with an oak wooden under frame with a white nano laminate surface, but it's also available in eight other finishes. I love how the legs are slightly angled, giving the table a vivid and contemporary yet still timeless expression. 

The table is available in two different lengths: a 192 cm version (seen above) and a more compact 142 cm version for slightly smaller spaces. Best of all, they both extend! Beneath the tabletop, is a compartment for storing up to two extension leaves (available as additional purchases) so you can easily extend them another 45 cm to 90 cm! 

Below I extended it by 45 cm, which adds an extra two seats at the table - but for bigger parties, Christmas etc, I'm thinking the 90 cm extension would be perfect - you never know who might rock up - and with a table like this, the more the merrier! 

As mentioned, Per was particularly taken by the #825 chairs (I chose the oak and black leather version, but they are also available in 7 other versions). I have to say, the wood and leather was so lovely and smooth, plus the rounded backs and cushioned leather seat made them super comfy! 

The chair is inspired by mid-century furniture with a light, Scandinavian twist. I particularly love the grain in the wood - but if you prefer supreme comfort - you might like to go for the version with an upholstered back

We've always had a built-in sofa in our dining area (the cabinets give us a load of extra storage - the Brantmarks are a family of hoarders and hidden behind those cabinets is a load of stuff ranging from CDs and board games to my accounting and paper recycling, the latter two are not to be confused!). The cushions are all made from linen (a material I love since it adds texture and feels lovely to touch!) and the seating is actually a sunbed mattress from IKEA which I have covered in fabric! 

All in all, these pieces seem to fit our dining room like a glove, I love it when that happens! I hope you like this look too! 

If you're interested in these pieces, find your nearest store here (Skovby ship almost worldwide). 

Wishing you all a wonderful day! 


PS I've got such an exciting make-over to share with you tomorrow - I was bowled over by the creativity. I hope you have time to stop by! 

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home
Styling: Helen Sturesson 

*This post is brought to you in paid partnership with Skovby. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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The inspiring dining area of an interior designer

Last month I paid a visit to my friend Genevieve Jorn's apartment in the heart of Malmö and had a great day photographing her sitting room (you may remember the post here). The area combines with a dining space where Gen, husband Kasper and daughter Olivia gather for family meals and sit and create thanks to the wonderful light. Although I have to admit, on the day I completely took over the space with my coffee, camera equipment and general clobber!). I did manage to clear it up just in time to snap these pictures though. As part of the wonderful monthly collaboration with one of my favourite Danish homeware brands - Nordal (I do love my job) Gen acquired the rather fabulous Pharmacy sideboard chest, which has proven to be a perfect place for all her family's bits and pieces. Oh, how we need one of these in our household, how about you?!

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home. Styling: Genevieve Jorn - interior designer.

Such a lovely space! I love the warmth from the wood and the luscious plants too!

Get the look from Gen's dining area:

1. wall hanging 2. pharmacy sideboard chest 3. Garden pot

Check out more of Gen's home here, here and here

Have a lovely day!

PS Nordal ships throughout Europe.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nordal. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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My home: dining area make-over

Last week I gave my home dining space a bit of a make-over with a lick of paint and some beautiful items from the Danish brand Nordal. Although Nordal's been around a long time, I only recently discovered the shop - and what a find! It's a family business which started when the father (Ingolf) fell in love with beautiful old Indian furniture. These days Nordal designs and sells a wide range of their very own beautiful pieces, while being careful to keep the original Nordal DNA. Anyway, I'm in love, and now I have a calm space at home to enjoy long brunches with family and friends! I hope you like it too!

Credits: photography Niki Brantmark (me!), styling by Genevieve Jorn.

What do you think?

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a nice colour for the back wall. Thanks to Gen's recommendation, I finally settled on ALCRO fjäder which I mixed with a sand additive (Roll-A-Tex) for a more textured / lively finish. And I love it!

Here's a low down of other items in my dining area:

 1. dinner plate  2. cake plate 3. cup 4. tea pot 5. soup bowl  6. Chopping board 7. Cutlery 8. pure linen napkins  9. pure linen table cloth 10. glass bottle

The pure linen tablecloth and napkins are so fab! I was so excited when I received them that I've gone and organised a give-away here on instagram so you can win your own set! It only takes a second or two to enter (open until Friday 22nd July, 2016).

Sponsored post -  this post was made possible by Nordal. All words and thoughts are my own and I only ever work with products and services I truly love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible!

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Danish Blues And Spring Pastels in a Danish living Area

Here in Southern Sweden, it's ice cold (minus 9 degrees Celsius - BRRRR!).  The sea has started to freeze and icicles cling to the rocks and swimming decks. On my walk yesterday evening I noticed how the world turned from dazzling white to pink and then an incredible blue as the sun went down over the frosty waters. A tone not unlike that seen in Maj Winther Træde's dining area and sitting room. In her sitting room Maj has painted the entire room pale blue and added a pale pink accent as well as touches of easter pastels such as yellow, lavender and turquoise. The theme is carried through to the dining area with one single statement shelving unit in dusty blue. Danish design pieces such as wishbone chairs, a panthella lamp and 7 series chair help to add an elegant vibe. A perfect spring oasis in the heart of a wintery Copenhagen! Welcome to Maj's world!   

In the dining area, Maj has combined an Eiremann 2 dining table from Please wait To Be Seated with classic wishbone chairs and a black and chrome chair. A shelving unit from Hay is used to display colourful glassware, vases and kitchen essentials. The rug is from IKEA. 

I wish I could tell you the tone of this blue, but Maj has mixed it herself. I am currently painting Liv's room blue (at her request!) and my one piece of advice, is to pick up as many different colour cards as possible. The colour you choose TOTALLY depends on the room. 

A pink Fritz Hansen 7 Series chair rests against the wall beside various prints including the Line by Hein Studio. The bench is from FDB Møbler (who've been hand crafting furniture in Denmark since 1942). 

How lovely - it makes me feel like spring is in the air, despite the snow outside! I hope you felt inspired by this dining area and sitting room too!

You can see more of Maj's wonderful world (including what she's wearing (pastels of course!), lifestyle shots and her latest interior projects) over at @majtraede

And a little colour palette inspiration from a feature I wrote last year: True blue baby, 2020 loves you (still proud off that title!). 

Are you feeling the chill where you are too? If so, stay warm out there friends (or if you're Down Under - stay cool - I hear you have the opposite issue!). 



Photography: Another Studio DK / (accept the 5th picture which was shot by Maj). Shared with kind permission. 

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My home: dining areas!

Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend?! Sometimes, an entire weekend at home is just what you need. It helped that the weather was hot hot HOT here in Sweden!.. And I finally got around to putting up my vintage industrial lamp, a birthday present from my parents. Sooo pleased! Here are a few snaps from my kitchen / dining area complete with my little three year old who was busy making me a Mother's Day card, awwww.....

My Scandinavian Home
My Scandinavian Home
My Scandinavian Home
My Scandinavian Home
A little guide: The white storage units are Swedish brand Marbodal. The vintage industrial lamp was sourced online. The Andy Warhol poster is from malmö moderna museet. It's actually a placeholder for now as I'm looking for a great 70's print with a touch of colour. The chair my little three year old is sitting on is trip trap. You may have seen my mid century drinks trolley before here! All my purple / pink cushions are from my favourite, Designers Guild. The floor was originally dark oak which we sanded down and white-washed to brighten up the room.

I have soooo many projects left for this room, my next step is to source an eclectic mix of vintage dining chairs. Watch this space!!

A belated Happy Mother's day to all you beautiful Swedish Mummy's out there! Niki x

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