A Norwegian home at Christmas

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while (thank you, you're lovely!) know I'm a big fan of the work of Norwegian based photographer and stylist Elisabeth Heier and her beautiful home which I've previously shown snippets of  here and here. It comes as no surprise that her Christmas decorating is equally as lovely and follows her simple, pared-back and elegant take on Scandinavian interior decorating. Here are a few festive snaps of her home this year.

Photography / styling: Elisabeth Heier

True modern Scandinavian Christmas decorating inspiration. A pared-back tree, white Helabores, paper stars strung up in the window which will light up at night, a simple wreath hung on the wall and fir tree branches in clear glass jars.

In case you're wondering where some of the items are from, I also spy the By Lassen Kubus 4 candleholder, RAR rocking chair (currently 10% off here), Knoll diamond chair and the classic Swedish Skultuna tea light holders in brass. Children's room: half-moon bedding, rabbit light.

For a slightly different look, here are some more inspiration images shot and styled by Elisabeth in her home for Norwegian magazine RUM 123 with a black, gold and Pantone's colour for 2015 - Marsala colour theme.

Photography / styling Elisabeth Heier

The gold flag garland, mirror stars and Christmas cone in black are from Tine K Home.

I absolutely love the idea of filling a glass jar or vase with old burnt out white candle stubs, so simple yet so lovely and a great use of waste.

Is there anything that stands out to you in these images? Which look do you prefer?

Have a lovely day!

PS I also love Norwegian blogger Nina of Stylizimo's Christmas decorating. So pretty! 

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The lovely new home of Elisabeth Heier

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely (sunny?) weekend. Do you remember the home I showed a few weeks ago belonging to Norwegian blogger and photographer Elisabeth Heier? I was having a look through Elisabeth's lovely blog over the weekend and came across images of her new home. I can't believe how much she has done already, it's looking wonderful. And just how cute are her little ones?!

Elisabeth Heier

So light and lovely! I particularly love the concrete floor in the bathroom, the Ay Illuminate Z1 Cotton Lamp in the sitting room and the pigeon light in the children's bedroom, so cute! I've got the same tent for my girls which I found at Swedish shop Granit. I love the picture of her little ones and their outfits too. I'd definitely recommend Loja Dada my wonderful sponsor for similarly cool little outfits.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday.

PPS Is anyone else on Keep?! It's a little like Pinterest except you decide whether you 'keep' or 'buy' things. I joined yesterday and it's soooo addictive dangerous! I love it. You can find my keep handle here, do you have one?

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Festive touches in a beautiful Norwegian home

There are a few spaces that I love to go back to time and again. The Norwegian house of blogger Elisabeth Heier is one of them. Elisabeth has that rare talent which combines impeccable interior design and styling with the ability to take beautiful photos - the result of which is regularly featured on her blog. Over the past few weeks, Elisabeth's been adding subtle festive touches to her home - including a white advent calendar, pretty stars, a mini tree, and a wreath (in the bedroom - love that!). Let's take a peek....

Credits: photography / copyright: Elisabeth Heier. Shared with kind permission.

So lovely?!  The light, the natural linen, the pine - everything!

Get the look: dining area - &traditional mass light (marble version), Eames DSR chairs, grey linen napkins, a cast iron teapot, daybed: Himla cushion, sheepskin throw, Christmas tree heart decoration by Stelton. bedroom - brass wreath from COOEE design, the bedding is from Hoi of Scandinavia, marble table light (I also love this one by Lee Broom).

Elisabeth shares her coffee table styling tips (and where the items are from on her coffee table here) - just saying!

Do you remember her home from Christmas 2014? The space looks equally beautiful in summer time (as you can imagine!) - you can find all the posts I've shared of her current and previous home here (not that I'm stalking her or anything....).

And since we're already in Norway - how about a few other favourites including this serene house looking out over the Oslo fjord,  a cosy Norwegian country house and the rustic cabin hide-away. Guh!

Since visiting this summer for my next book I'm officially in love with Norway (I can't wait for you to see the three Norwegian homes we photographed!) and so looking forward to going back as soon as possible (I discovered Oslo is only five hours drive from where I live - how amazing is that?!) - have you been?!

Have a great day!

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A lovely Norwegian home in summertime

Summer's in full swing here in Scandinavia and there's nowhere I'd rather be ('there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing' - I hear in Finland it was 11 degrees yesterday - brrrrr!). One particular home in Norway is making full use of being in the land of  the glorious midnight sun. Photographer Elisabeth Heier, who's lovely home I've previously featured here, here and here (yes, I love her style), recently shared pictures of her terrace, ready for long suppers al fresco with family and friends. I love the delicate touches of wild summer flowers indoors too. Perfect inspiration for the weekend, don't you think?!

Source: Elisabeth Heier, with kind permission.

Oh so lovely! It's amazing what you a difference you can make with a handful of pretty wild flowers from the garden. 

Do you have a favourite flower?

Get the look from Elisabeth's home:

Terrace - Elisabeth laid the table on the terrace with Broste Copenhagen dinnerware, fresh white napkins, and flowers picked from the garden and arranged in little vases in various heights and shapes.

Bedroom - The back wall is painted in 1269 Demring (Lady Pure Color) from Jotun. Also featured -  milk lamp, beige stonewashed linen bedding, and Flowerpot lamp. Flower weave rug.

Front of stairs - marble table lamp.  Hallway - &tradition mass light (I also love this marble hanging light), Henrik Rasmussen vase.

Hallway - LIND DNA tray, Swing clothes hanger.

And before I head off, here's a little weekend link love:

I love the idea of designing a room around a painting (this is also a great example!). 

Go big (or go home) with botanicals this season. 

Two ways to see Italy - would you choose this or this?

This cute baby blanket has got over 35,000 repins on Pinterest (I can totally see why, can you?!)

That's the cake solved for Saturday afternoon tea (and Sunday)- nom nom nom!I'd need to recover on this Safari daybed / terrace afterwards - bliss!

And finally, the world's best beaches....just cos.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday! 

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The lovely home of a Norwegian blogger

Here are a few pictures from Elisabeth Heier's former home. Elisabeth is an extremely talented Norwegian blogger, interior designer, photographer and mother of two (aka one very busy lady!) . She's recently moved home and starting the renovating process again, I can't wait to see what she does next!

Elisabeth Heier
I particularly love the bedroom. I recently bought similar linen bedding from H&M Home (it gets softer with every wash and perfect for the summer). I also have a very similar rustic stool which I use for a bedside table here which I picked up at Lovely & Co

Which space do you like the most?

I'd definitely recommend checking out Elisabeth's beautiful blog here

Have a lovely day!

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Subtle Festive Touches in a Norwegian Home

Morning! I'm a little bleary eyed after a red eye flight from New York, which landed at 7 a.m. this morning at Copenhagen (1am USA time) GUH!!! I think I'm on my third coffee and it's not working - help! Jet lag tips welcome! Despite my cloudy mind, I wanted to stop by and share some beautifully subtle Christmas decorations in the Norwegian home of photographer Elisabeth Heier (you might recall this inspiring post of her Christmassy home a few years back!). Elisabeth has gone for a 'less is more' approach this year since she is moving shortly. Even so, I absolutely love the festive touches, calm tones (with a hint of wine-red) and the combination of the grey with brass. Enjoy!

Photography: Elisabeth Heier / shared with kind permission. 

Oh so lovely! Everything looks so calm and organised! I could quite happily sleep off my jet lag here!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

Get the look: Pick up pretty brass Christmas ornaments at Ferm Living (incidentally - I also spotted a brass Christmass tree stand in the webshop too - love that!), I love this elegant candlestick holder by SKULTUNA, small brass tree.

I'm going to do my best to pop back in before the weekend kicks off but since I'm fading fast I'd better say 'have a wonderful' weekend now (just in case!).

See you Monday!

PS I was happy to see a write-up in the New York Times about Scandinavian-themed books this week (even more so, because it includes my Lagom Book - yay!). It's worth taking a peek if you fancy taking it easy this holiday with a nice (Scandi-inspired) book or two!

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