White, cognac and blue in a Swedish apartment

When I look at this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden I think fresh, relaxed and warm.  I'm also a long term fan of the colour scheme blue, white and cognac and not many do it better than stylists and estate agents Alvhem. I could certainly see my self padding around here and reading a book in one of the pools of light, couldn't you?

Alvhem via 79 ideas

The 'Kakelugn' or tiled fireplace is another element I could imagine having in my dream cottage but it would need to be in addition to the wood burning stove!

For more fabulous Swedish apartment inspiration with a kakelugn try here and here and for an incredible danish one here.

I'm starting to feel I can no longer live without a fireplace, hmmmm what to do?! Perhaps you can help me figure out where to put one from the first part in my mini weekly series 'my home captured by Karin' tomorrow? A little nervous about showing my home, as always!

Have a lovely day!

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Duvet day, the perfect bedroom

When I lived in London the agency I worked for allowed us five duvet days a year. This meant we could just be 'off' without any real reason other than that we wanted to crawl back under our duvet for the day and stay there. Years later I still think about that duvet day and the beauty behind the idea. And if I were to take one, it would be here, in this beautiful bedroom. Oh the power of pictures against an all white backdrop. Could you spend a 'duvet day' here?!

Emma Persson Lagerberg. Photography Petra Bindel

For more wonderful 'duvet day' inspiration, you might want to check out the bedrooms here, here and here! Oh and here's my bedroom back at home (captured by my great friend Karin who has just had a little baby boy...congratulations! :)

My two favourite beddings: The Fold jersey sheets, duvet covers and pillows from The Beach House Company (trust me, it's like sleeping in your favourite t-shirt) and this linen bedding.

For the cutest children's bedrooms inspiration how about this Finnish bedroom, a girls room in earthy greens and dusty pinks and one of my all time favourites: a vintage inspired little girls bedroom.

Lie-in, relax and have a lovely (duvet?) day!

PS did you know that in Scandinavia it's customary to have two single duvets on a double bed?! 

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