Beautiful A/W collection from By Nord

Danish brand By Nord not only sells fabulous products they take the most beautiful lifestyle images too. This inspiration is from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection and reflects how the brand is inspired by the diversity of the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature where the rough meets the smooth. 

By Nord

How happy would my little girls be (who have just recently started to learn to ride) with the horse bedding? And how happy would their Mummy be with that sitting room (or in fact, anything from the By Nord collection?!

See previous By Nord inspiration images here as well as the fantastic home of By Nord owner Hanne Berzant here. Oh so fabulous.

Are you a By Nord fan?

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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Danish design inspired by Nordic nature

Today I'm inspired by the Danish design company by nord where sustainable design is at the centre of everything they do. Designer and owner Hanne Berant says  by nord design is 'inspired by the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature where the rough and gentle meet'.

by nord
Quite a lot of inspiration to take from this - obviously the sustainable nature of their work, but also from a visual perspective, using a picture over the sofa which looks like a window, scribbling on the wall (although my handwriting is so awful it would look like lots of squashed spiders) and the wonderful black and white moodboards.

And also, if you have guests coming around for supper and you haven't got any pretty flowers you could just nip out and collect a few autumnal branches as a centre piece - they're free too. genius! Definitely the autumn tip of the day.

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The Danish apartment of By Nord owner

This is the stunning family apartment of Hanne Berzant, designer and owner of Danish brand By Nord.  

Femina via Design Attractor
I love the grey, white and wood colour combination and of course the beautiful way they've furnished the apartment. I spy many items from By Nord, the cushions for example, are high up on my very long wish list!

I also have a huuuuge design crush on any lighting by Tom Dixon and am so envious to see they have his lights throughout.  My absolute number one light is the CopperShade which they have over the dining table, spot on!

Right, I'm off to enjoy my last few hours of London over a bacon butty and a cup of tea...yay!

Have a lovely evening and happy halloween!

And as always, let me know your thoughts! x

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A light and airy white and grey Swedish apartment

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? I thought I'd kick off the week with something light, bright and airy. A classic white and grey Swedish apartment with light wood floors and white walls owned and styled by Hanna Malmberg. I could kick around here this lovely sunny Monday morning, how about you?

Styled by Hanna MalmbergStadshem via Coco Lapine Design

So beautifully styled by Stadshem for the sale don't you think?

I am seeing the Muuto Dots Hanger everywhere right now. Here, they've used the small and medium natural oak version to add interest to a wall in the bedroom.

I love the white floor in the kitchen (practical though?). I was in my neighbour's home over the weekend (it's like something out of Birds of a Feather in my neighbourhood!) and noticed she'd painted her wood floor white over Easter. The floor was a tightly joined smooth oak finish before so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out - but it looks incredible! I'm wondering if I should paint my bedroom floor white now, what do you think?

Other beautiful white and grey spaces include the home of By Nord owners, the fantastic home of a creative Finnish duo and a wonderful Danish home.

Have a lovely day!

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A present for you from me!

I'm not one to miss a party but a few weeks ago My Scandinavian Home blog turned two years! Call this a belated birthday present but I wanted to celebrate by giving something back to you, without whom this blog wouldn't be anything. So I've been burning the midnight oil creating a present for you with the help of the talented designer Jennifer. And here it is: a 2014 calendar in nude and black for you to download and print off for free. If you'd like it.

My Scandinavian Home 

To download the 2014 calendar all you need to do is click each of these two links:

MSH Calendar 2014 part 1
MSH Calendar 2014 part 2

Save both files to your computer (there's six months on each PDF) and print in colour on good quality paper (for optimal results use a professional printer).

Cut around the edges following the lines if needed and either mount in a frame or simply use a swath of washi tape to hang it on the wall. That's it!

And again, thank you for all reading my blog and for all your wonderful comments here, on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Here's to many more years of Scandinavian interior inspiration and discussions!

Since it's Friday and my blog birthday (sort of) here's a round up of the top five most popular posts ever shown on My Scandinavian Home:

A bedroom with a black wall caught the eye of A Cup Of Jo.

Swedish designer Elina Dahl's home tour took off like wildfire across Pinterest 

A post on my very own midcentury drinks trolley proved popular among SF Girl By Bay readers  (and it doesn't even stock drinks yet!).

It's no wonder the home tour of Danish By Nord owners was a hit with all its awesomness.

And finally, the popularity of this cute DIY project proved everyone on here secretly loves a dab of potato printing......

Have a wonderful weekend!

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10 Ways To Turn a Pokey Top Floor Flat Into A Swoon-Worthy Living Space

Why, hello there! How was your weekend? I thought we could kick off the week with something a little more down-to-earth. After all, it's lovely to sit back and enjoy incredible homes with towering ceilings, impeccably preserved stucco, and large, spacious rooms - but when you live somewhere that's not big enough to swing a cat, they can just feel well, a little too far from reality sometimes. And the beauty of this itsy-bitsy 35 metre square (376 feet square) top floor flat, is that it's proof that a pokey living space, with tricky angled ceilings and limited natural light can be swoon-worthy and highly practical too!  Here are a few clever interior tricks to steal from this small attic space in Gothenburg:

1. Keep it simple: It's easy for a small open-plan living space to feel cluttered - so try to stick to a simple colour scheme throughout (in this case white, charcoal and brown). It's enough to just stick to this colour scheme for bigger items - sofa, rug, bedding etc to create the impact you're after.

2. Use art to create different zones: In the open-plan living space, a carefully placed gallery wall creates a focal division between the bedroom and living room area. Note how they've been placed at all different heights - a popular styling trick!

Above: The Wise Man by Hein Studio*, Her Side by Nord Projects*, Grain pendant light by Muuto*

3. Let in the light: In a small space with limited windows, it's important to keep the flow of natural light as unobstructed as possible I.e. knock down dividing walls to create an open-plan space and avoid heavy curtains or clumsy-light-blocking pieces of furniture (note the cane chair!).

 4. Put it on a pedestal: Plinths are no longer reserved for galleries and museums. I've been seeing an increasing number of them in humble homes like ours! They are perfect for highlighting an item you really love such as a plant, sculpture or even a pile of books.

Above: Muuto nerd bar stool*, pick up a similar plinth here - or keep a look out on Ebay.

5. Make the most of every inch: angled ceilings can be tricky, but with some clever custom-made storage, you can make the most of every single centimetre of your apartment! IKEA has some great solutions and will help you design the space.

6. Somewhere to reflect: Use mirrors to bounce light around and also reflect items you love!

7. Play with shapes: Monochrome it maybe, but this little bathroom is far from boring thanks to the fabulous chevron and square tiles. Note the contrasting grouting in both cases! The plant adds a touch of harmony too! 

8. Space under the window: in a flat measuring 35 metre square you've got to maximise floor space! This otherwise redundant area under the window has been used for a washing machine and recessed storage - and I noticed they have done the same with shelving in the main living room too.

9. Get a look-in:  These internal windows allow light to flood into what would have been an otherwise dark stairway / entrance hall.

10. Extra storage: Recessed shelving in the stairwell is ideal for providing a little spot for keys, glasses etc (in my house they'd no doubt be loaded with a ton of other random stuff too - honestly, the things my girls pick up during the day!).

Bonus tip! I was chatting to a friend the other day who lives in a tiny apartment- we're talking shoe box size. And he said 'everyone is raving about 'tiny homes' right now,  but there is one major drawback (space limitations aside) - and that's how everything suffers from more wear and tear - the floors, the furniture etc - since it is used more. If you're in the process of decorating a small space, he recommended making sure you invest in high quality, durable flooring, rugs and furniture that can withstand a lot of use. Wise words!

I'm sure I've missed a load of things, so please feel free to add anything in the comment section below - I'd love to hear your thoughts / observations!

If you found this home inspiring, you might also want to have a rifle through the small space archive - it's one of the most popular!

Have a fabulous start to the week!


Photography: Alen Cordic
Styling: Emma Fischer
For sale through Bjurfors 

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A new build home that dreams are made of

Have you ever dreamt of buying a plot of land and building the home of your dreams? Anne, a midwife, single-mum and co-founder of Birkaboo, a Swedish company providing quality homes at an affordable price, has done exactly that. Villa Birkeland in Saltsj√∂-Boo was built and decorated in just four months and pays homage to the company's promise: build your own place where you can live, gather strength and meet tomorrow.  I think I could do just that in Anne's wonderful home, don't you? Now, where's that plot of land...

Home: Birkaboo Photography Patric Johansson. Styling Myrica Bergqvist. Post inspired by Planete-Deco
Could you live here?

Do you dream about building your own home one day? Or perhaps you have already, in which case we'd love to see some pictures!

If you like the cabin feel, I'll never tire of this sustainable Finnish cabin, or scrolling though this archive of wood cabins. One day….

Before I head off….I'm so excited to welcome new sponsor Occa-Home - a fab online interior design store selling items from some of my absolute favorite scandinavian brands such as &Tradition, By Nord, and Design House Stockholm among others.  Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses who make this blog possible. 

Have a lovely day! 

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