16 Beautiful Outdoor Bath and Shower Ideas

Nothing says summer like bathing or showering alfresco, don't you think? Right now, we might not be free to visit somewhere balmy and tropical with luxury showers amongst the crickets - and even cycling to the nearby beach / lake / river is off limits in many countries. But we sure can make the most of what little outdoor space we have. This week I'm dreaming about adding an outdoor shower or bath to our tiny back yard. I haven't run the idea passed Per yet... I need to gather some beautiful inspiration to tantalise him into saying yes first. Here are 16 of my favourite outdoor bath and shower ideas... I hope they might inspire you to move your bathroom outside this summer too! 

1. (top picture) The Scandi 'just- back-from-the-beach' vibe

2. (above) The romantic rinse! (love the antique mirror!)

3. Keeping it simple

 4. The walled-garden soak

5. The bathing oasis

6. The scorched Med vibe

7. Rustic simplicity

8. The relaxed old school ritual

9. Tropical rain forest

10. Contemporary minimalism (with a twist) - that vintage chair! 

11. The cute romantic bathroom 

12. Clean and contemporary

13. Modern Scandi!

 14. Back yard beauty!

15. By the pool plunge (somewhere tropical!)

16. Rustic soak with a view (does it come with the guy I wonder?)

Who needs tropical holidays when you can have one of these beauties in your own backyard? Admittedly some might look a teeny bit out of place here in Malmö (ahem), but there are definitely some ideas worth thinking about! 

Do you love the idea of bathing alfresco too? If so, did any of these ideas inspire you? 

Here are a few more ideas (just in case you need a little more convincing!): 

And if you're ready to go:

Roll on balmy days and soaks alfresco! 


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10 Ways To Maximise Your Tiny Balcony / Outdoor Space!

The days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to flood our homes once again! Yay! With so many of us spending more (if not all) of our time at home right now, it's become even more important to maximise the outdoor space we have. Thankfully there's so much you can do with even the teeny tiniest of balconies - from creating an urban jungle, to watching the world go by from a deck chair. Here are ten inspiring ways you can make the most of your balcony and tap into nature's stress busting qualities, top up on Vitamin D and feel the wonderful warmth of the sun on your face. 

1. (above): Create an urban jungle by lining your balcony with pots at different levels. Balcony fences also make great 'climber' rigging!  

2. Line your balcony with cushions and blankets so you can enjoy your afternoon tea alfresco - and watch the world go by! 

3. Go boho and take your rattan and jute furniture and mats as well as cushions outside - proof that you don't need a garden to get that garden feel! Oh, and you'll keep your furry friends happy too! 

4. Live in a warm country? Shield yourself from the sun with a natural canopy and create a romantic outdoor space with a small round table and vintage chair. Forest bathing in the heart of the city! 

5. Sadly, we can't all enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower (isn't it magical?!) but we can pack our balcony with pretty flowers and taller plants to create privacy - and add a couple of deck chairs for a true summer oasis! 

6. Carry lightweight furniture such as benches, side tables and blankets outside as soon as the sun shows up (a blanket will keep you warm if the temperatures start to drop!). It's easy to chuck it all inside again once the clouds start to appear! 

FYI IKEA sells outdoor wood balcony tiles like these. 

7. Keep it simple and sophisticated like Nina of Stylizimo's black Norwegian balcony. Shades and sunhat optional! 

8. Go casual and low with a touch of the tropics like Victoria of SF Girl By Bay has done in her outdoor space (I know it's not a balcony, but it can totally be replicated in smaller spaces too). 

9. Use pillars and poles for climbers ( I love a wisteria and clematis) and make the most of your outdoor space to create a herb and vegetable patch. No access to a garden centre right now? Seeds, pips and stones from your kitchen can be super easy to harvest if you google how! 

And why not cosy up your hard outdoor furniture with fluffy sheepskins while you're at it! 

10. No balcony, no worries! Make the most of a wider windowsill to create a window seat - or rearrange furniture to place your comfiest chair by the window so you can enjoy sunny days to the full!  

I hope this round-up has given you a few ideas. Did you have a favourite? 

If you know of anyone that might benefit from these tips, please feel free to share! 

There's a load more beautiful outdoor space for every budget inspiration here: 

Bring on the spring sunshine! 


PS Feel free to add your own tips below!

Credits: 1. Gardenista / Home of script writer Diane Valsonne 2. Anon 3. 4. House & Garden 5. Clem Around The Corner 6. Anon 7. Nina Holst / Stylizimo 8. SF Girl By Bay 9. Anon 10. Alvhem

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Could You Be The Next Owner of This Delightful B&B in South of France?!

Ever dreamt of running a bed and breakfast? If so, this is a chance of a lifetime! Lovingly restored by New York designer Annie Moore, the interior and courtyard beautifully captures the spirit of the hill top town of Carcassonne in the South of France. And now, the 7 bedroom, magical Camellas Lloret Maison D'Hotes has been put on the market - could you be the next owner?!

Isn't it lovely?!

I'm already imagining myself with a cool glass of the local Vin de Pays d'Oc on the terrace! 

You may recognise this lovely residence as I featured it once before here - but it's the type of place you can never see enough of, don't you think?! 

For more details about purchasing this B&B contact Annie directly. 

Take a peek in this archive for other holiday homes you'll want to check-in to and never leave! 

Speaking of holiday homes, we're still on our floating one (sailing boat) in the Blekinge archipelago. I discovered the prettiest cafe by the sea on a walk this morning. I'm thinking I might just write a feature about this beautiful part of Sweden once I'm home - could this be of interest? If so, I hope the weather improves! 


Photography courtesy of Camellas Lloret Maison D'Hotes
Book your stay here.

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16 Inspiring Outdoor Terraces for Every Size, Style and Budget

Outdoor spaces are fascinating - there are just so many alternatives and done right, they can become a wonderful extension of your living space. Whether you're influenced by the 'English garden' (my Mother's London borders are packed with blooms and you can't see the patio for pots!), the 'Scandinavian outdoor space' (more often than not: an understated, practical and comfortable affair) or the walled Mediterranean courtyard, where balmy evenings are enjoyed alfresco with a chilled glass of rosé - I hope you'll find inspiration in my round-up of 16 outdoor spaces for every size, style, budget and climate!

1. The romantic urban oasis (above)
I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Henriette in Paris for the launch of the French version of my Lagom book and it was even more magical in real life! Do as this wonderful boutique hotel and make a feature of a back wall using climbers, a mirror and twinkling fairy lights. Add vintage outdoor furniture for a romantic oasis right there in the city!

2. The urban side alley
Make the most of narrow spaces with slim borders a simple table and string lights!

3. The built in bench
When space is of a premium opt for a built-in bench that lines the wall or fence (it can also be used for storage!). Wisteria, seen in the far right corner, is a great plant for vertical greenery, and it's hardy too. We all know the real hero of this space though: the fireplace! How very hygge!  You can see the complete tour of this little garden here

4. The wood burning stove
An old wood burner has been given a whole new lease of life in this lovely Swedish backyard. Loving the bamboo furniture too.

5. The big illusion!
Mirrors can make a small outdoor space feel way bigger. I particularly love old repurposed varieties. This one is available at Aldgate Homes.

6. The window to the world
In an urban environment it can be tricky to carve out a private space. In this pretty Parisian courtyard which once featured on the front of Marie Claire Maison, glass windows ensure a light and airy feel while wisteria and potted Japanese Maples screen the patio from view. That bar table is great too, don't you think?

7. The natural canopy! 
This easy-to-care for space is a natural extension of the house. Vines have been trained along a trellis for natural coverage. Painting outdoor walls is also a great option if you like a little colour!

8. The all-weather 'garden'
This stunning space in Holland gives the illusion that you're outside while actually being housed in a greenhouse! Check out the tiles!

9. The boho-romantic patio!
Can you also feel the warmth and gentle breeze oozing from this sun-dappled terrace? Rattan furniture and bright coloured cushions add to the vibrant and relaxed feel. Word of warning - if you live in cooler climes, make sure you opt for rattan furniture designed to withstand all weathers.

10. The comfy diner! 
It's not always possible to squeeze in a dining area and comfy L-shaped sofa - so why not combine the two. This sofa has been made from concrete and then lined with pretty cushions. I also like that this Moroccan-inspired outdoor patio belonging to actress Shay Mitchell, has been made up of mix and match furniture and lots of vertical greenery for a wonderful, relaxed vibe! See the full tour over on My Domaine.

11. The treat your feet!
In the summer it's not unusual to wonder outside bare foot - so why not treat them to something soft? Rugs are a perfect way to make an outdoor space feel cosy. If you live in a rainy place (story of my life!) select rugs specifically designed for outdoor areas. 

12. Warm Minimalist
Who said minimalist spaces need feel cold? This beautiful, covered dining area has been created using palm woven chairs and a simple wooden table for lovely, long lunches alfresco. The towels on the wall give the impression that there might just be a pool lurking around the corner... nice! 

13. The Balcony jungle
Bring 'forest bathing' to your balcony with a load of beautiful plants (look closely and you'll see they are all low maintenance perennials - hurrah!). I also love how they've painted the wall dark grey to make the space feel more intimate. A set of string lights add a magical touch after sunset. 

14 . The DIY roof terrace
Unless it's your sole outdoor space, let's face it, roof terraces are often neglected! But there's a simple way to transform them into a comfortable oasis on a budget. This wonderful corner sofa has been cobbled together using a series of shipping palettes. Just add cushions and a pretty climber and you'll have a little oasis in no time. 

15. The hammock
Hands up who else would happily swap places with the person in this picture? We might not be lucky enough to have a pool like this (isn't it lovely?!) but there's usually a place for a hammock (I like this one*) - even on a balcony. Just add a great book! 

16. The pool garden
This would never fly in our garden in Sweden - but a girl can dream, right?! Plus, there might be some of you out there with a space and climate begging for a pool like this. If so, can I come over?! Oh, and it's made from a shipping container - can you believe that?!

Roll on summer and long lunches alfresco! 

For more outdoor inspiration today, take a peek at:

My small backyard gets a cosy make-over
7 boho ideas for outdoor spaces (big and small)
A charming Swedish garden
Alfresco showers!

I'd love to hear more about your ultimate backyard -  and what you loved most from these pictures. Weigh in below if you have the time!


Photo credits in order of appearance: 1. Herve Goluza / 2. Nanette Wong / 3 & 4. De Zanderik / 5 & 6 Peter Carlsson / 7. Aldgate Home / 8. Marie Claire Maison / 9. Unknown - can you help?! 10. Yvonne Kusters Interior / 11. Gypsy Purple / Katherine Ireland / 12. Shay Mitchell / My Domaine / 13. Unknown - please help me to match this picture with the owner! / 14. Tine K Home / 15. Unknown - can you help pair this picture with its owner? 16 Unknown - great if you can help! / 17. Haciendas Tentadoras - photo by Nils Preston Schlesbusch / 18. Tanqua pools (I am not sure if this is the original credit, if not, please give me a shout below!) 

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