An American Home Gets a Scandinavian Makeover

You may want to bring your hard hat to today's tour! My name's Valentina and Niki invited me to jump in while she is away (hopefully soaking up the sun and eating tons of tapas in Spain!). As I'm writing this, there is massive power sawing going on in the background as my new windows go into the kitchen, so we welcome you in the House of Valentina, even if it is under a cloud of dust!
You might remember me from the last time Niki and I were together. We spent the day running around Malmö and shot a Guide to the City and then only weeks later our family packed what little we hadn't sold and moved. 

We lived in Copenhagen for 6 years (one of the many versions of that house was featured here back in 2015!). But our time in Copenhagen had come to a close and we found ourselves heading back to the US. We bought a house close to all the family we had been away from for the last 12 years we had spent abroad and have been renovating it ever since. You can see the before photos here

Leaving Scandinavia was so hard for us! We absolutely loved living there and tried to bring back as many things as we could. Even now, while our house is undergoing a major renovation, we find a
peace and happiness that really is indescribable as bring Scandinavian style into our American home.

In the next few weeks we will finish up the first floor with reclaimed pine flooring and a brand new Scandinavian style kitchen. We can't wait! We've certainly learned throughout the process of renovating that aiming for perfection is unrealistic and when you know you are about to empty the house to put in new floors, buying tons of furniture probably isn't smart.

In the meantime, though, we are so delighted to share a few favourite corners of our home even with their imperfections because Scandis are pros at making a bed on the floor look amazing or a living room that is half empty look like a million bucks.

As we attempt to channel a little of that Scandi chic, we hope you will come and visit us and chime in with your advice about colours, furniture, and so much more because even though I work in design making my own decision is awful... and it's way more fun with friends anyways! 

Find us on YouTube, Instagram and our blog, House of Valentina

Some of my featured brands; Mobel og rum

Some of my featured colours*:
Family room and master bathroom: Sonic Silver
Fireplace: Nightclub
Master bedroom: Euro Gray
Boy's bedroom: Granite Boulder
Sunroom: Polar Bear
Studio: Hematite
Jack's office: NYPD 
*I use the Behr Marquee paint because it comes with a primer in it. 

Some of my go-to sources for Scandinavian style in the US:


PS Niki will be back blogging again on Monday, have a great weekend!

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Guest post: The Stylish Room of Ninon, 5

Welcome to Ninon's room, a stylish space that embraces childhood, with pretend play sets and colourful details. 

Ninon, lives in Trèves, a little village in the Lyon area. Adeline and Florent, Ninon’s parents, cleverly used recycled pieces, such as repurposed crib mattresses to create reading and napping areas, or wooden crates as toy dividers and storage.

It’s no surprise Ninon’s room breathes style and simplicity. Adeline and Florent chose a slow life in the country side after a stressful city life in Lyon — Florent is an organic farmer, and Adeline is a graphic designer and stylist. The family favors repurposing and recycling the old, over mass-produced items, so Adeline naturally used her eye for design to create a fun and playful space for Ninon, filled with repurposed objects. This room literally makes me want to get back into childhood!

If you like Adeline's style, be sure to follow her on Instagram, as she regularly shares updates of her beautiful home.


A note on the wonderful guest contributor, Siham Mazouz:

Siham Mazouz is a French photographer and blogger. She lives with her husband, their two daughters, and Daisy, the family's Golden Retriever, in San Francisco, CA. 

Siham launched French By Design in 2010, and inspires readers to approach their decor, style and life in general with a modern French flair and a "less house, more home" philosophy. Her work and photography has been featured in Elle Decor, In Style, House Beautiful, Lonny or Travel & Leisure. 

To learn more about Siham, visit her at or connect with her on Instagram : @FrenchByDesign.

Photography Siham Mazouz for How the French Live, Gibbs Smith, 2018

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Johanne's lovely Aalborg apartment in monochrome

Hi, I'm Johanne from Scandinavian Love Song and I'm really happy to be writing a guest post here on My Scandinavian Home blog while Niki is on holiday. I recently quit my job as a communication worker at a fancy art museum to pursue my dream of becoming an interior stylist - a bit daunting, but also very exciting! For the past 2,5 years, my husband and I have lived in this three room apartment in the Danish city, Aalborg. When we bought the apartment, it definitely needed a lot of TLC, so we have practically renovated every single part of the place and are very happy with the result. Niki has previously been so kind to show pictures of our home here on the blog (see right here), but since my husband and I will be moving to another Danish city in a couple of months, I take every opportunity I can to share more pictures of the apartment as I'm truly going to miss it. I have especially come to love our combined kitchen/dining/living room/workspace and we spend most of our time here. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but if you have any questions, I will make sure to answer them in the comment field :-) 

Thanks again, Niki, and enjoy your vacation! 


PS Niki will be back again tomorrow with a fab home tour, so don't forget to stop by!

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Guest post: Dagný Björg, Feel Inspired

Hi there! I'm Dagný Björg from Feel Inspired Blog filling in while Niki's away. Hope you've had a lovely start of twenty-fourteen. Did you make any new year's resolutions? I make a few each year although they pretty much stay the same year after year. Mine include the classics like exercise more often, cook more at home, try out more recipes and get more organized. To stay organized I started off by cleaning out my office area. I had a shelf besides my desk that got cluttered very easily and so I stored all of that away so that the environment in which I study is calm and easy. I am still looking for the perfect little rug though, my feet get so cold on these tiles.

The desk and trestles are from IKEA, the box to store paper clips and other little things is from Ferm Living, I have my HAY spinning top right next to it. The calendar and stool were designed by me. Notebook, diary and pen I bought from Hrím. And what is a desk without a coffee cup? Mine is from Design Letters.

Thanks to Niki for having me over. Hopefully I'll see you over at my Feel Inspired Blog.

Dagný Björg

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Guest post: Monochrome in Malmö

I'm Hanna from It's such an honour to write a guest post here at My Scandinavian Home and I wanted to find the perfect home to show you. Since I know Niki likes monochrome colors and interiors in black and white I think this Malmö apartment is perfect for the occasion. This minimalistic, yet cozy space is located in the picturesque square of Davidshall in Malmö and is really something else. Just look at those great white walls and the dark wood, the almost to-good-to-be-true terrace and the sophisticated colors throughout. I hope you'll enjoy this lovely apartment and Niki, have a great vacation! /Hanna of

Bilder: Bo-Laget Fastighetsförmedling

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Guest post: fab Stockholm home tour

Hello everyone! I'm Dagný Björg from Feel Inspired blog. Easter is just around the corner, any of you have plans yet? We are skipping town to stay at a summer cabin with nothing but good food, good friends and a good book as soon as our Easter vacation starts. A great way to relax and recharge I think. Today I have for you a home tour of this charming apartment in Stockholm. I love it's hardwood floors and how alive the apartment is thanks to the colorful and playful decorations. 

Hope you enjoy and hopefully we'll meet on my Feel Inspired blog soon!

Dagný Björg

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