Step Inside Franziska's Home - With Flowers Around Every Corner!

Hey there campers. How are you today? Hang on in there friends! And if you're a care worker (or other key worker) reading this after your shift (I know there are quite a few of you) - thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we think you're amazing. Ready for a dose of beautiful interior inspiration? Today it comes in the form of Franziska's home in a small village in South West Germany which she shares with her husband and three sons. There are many things to love about Franziska's home (check out the eclectic chairs, Scandi touches, earthy tones and beautiful light for starters!) - but what really stood out to me were the flowers. Look closely and you'll spot a bloom in every single room except the hallway (but something else will make you smile in that space!). I asked Franziska to tell us why in-season flowers are so important to her, particularly in these times. Enjoy the tour!  

"I love playing with flowers and their colours. It's pretty amazing how they can affect an interior. I love it when our home is decorated with seasonal flowers. I particularly like to decorate our table with flowers because I try to make every single dinner a special one for our boys."

"Flowers affect our senses in different ways. I hope that one day my boys can look back and cherish their childhood memories. Maybe they will remember the smell of flowers from our home. The essence of flowers are an excellent tool to connect myself with my inner child."

"In this difficult and crazy time, we are all living in right now, our home is literally our castle. There is nothing more important than a good and safe home."

Simply lovely! 

If you check out Franziska's instagram feed, you'll discover that the display above her bed is continuously changing. Such a lovely sight to wake up to each day, don't you think?  

Do you have a flower 'routine' - or perhaps you have a wonderful garden from which you can bring in all kinds of blooms? I'd love to hear about your favourite flowers! 

Every Friday I go out and buy a beautiful bunch of flowers for our table. This week it's made up of lilacs and peonies and it smells so wonderful. They really lift my day! Now I'm thinking I might just try to put flowers all over my house this weekend. Nothing complicated - maybe a single peony here and a branch of blossom there.  Thank you for the inspiration Franziska! 

Got a little more time today? 

Stor kram! 


Photography: Franziska / @_wohnblock_ shared with kind permission. 

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6 Simple Foraged Floral Displays For Midsummer's Eve

Tomorrow it's one of my favourite days in the Swedish calendar: Midsummer. As with all big Swedish events, they celebrate the day before on 'midsommarafton' (midsummer's eve). Even if we've enjoyed sunshine for weeks on end, there's an inside joke that the temperature will plummet and the grey clouds will roll in just as the final flower is pinned to the maypole. But boy is it a pretty affair. Forget lavish displays and complicated recipes, the event is a perfectly understated party with pretty flowers plucked from nearby meadows and everyone bringing something to the table. And this year it looks like the weather gods are actually on our side too! Up and down the country this time tomorrow, our Nordic friends will be making floral crowns, dancing around maypoles, and eating pickled herrings, potatoes and strawberries, washed down with Schnapps (along with a ditty or two!), in perfect sunshine! Hurrah! In case you'd like to pay tribute to this beautiful day in your own country, here's a little floral inspiration to get you started! 

Forget lavish bouquets, midsummer is all about foraging for wild flowers and creating simple displays with the help of jam jars or simple glass vases. The picture below is from one of Frolic's private foraged flowers workshops

You might recognise the table setting below from Frida Edlund's beautiful Swedish country home which I featured a few weeks back (it's also available for short term holiday lets - how wonderful is that?! The recipe for the potato-pea salad with honey-mustard dressing can be found here

I hope this has given you a few pretty ideas!

See also 5 ways to celebrate midsummer like a Swede and a short and pretty guide to celebrating midsummer, Swedish style.

Wishing you all a wonderful Midsummer! See you Monday!


Photos: 1&6 Our Food Stories / Frida Edlund 2 Annie Gozard 3 Frolic  4 The Meledeos 5 Magnolia Rouge

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The Prettiest Flower This Winter Solstice

I do love to fill my home with fresh flowers at this time of the year - how about you? White hyacinths and eucalyptus have always been a firm favourite. But this year another bloom has caught my eye - and it's selling out across Sweden! The Amaryllis 'Rilona' is a large apricot-salmon flower which looks equally beautiful on its own or mixed with chrysanthemums, eucalyptus or deep burgundy amaryllis   - and of course, the shade is perfectly on trend! Here is some inspiration from some of my favourite Swedish flower fairies!

So pretty, don't you think? I love the salmon-apricot hue!

What flowers do you like to fill your home with at this time of the year?

It's Friday friends - yaaaay! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? It's snowing here in Malmö today, but we're still hoping to make it up the coast to a 'glögg mingel' (christmas drinks party)  tomorrow!

If you're planning on decorating your home this weekend, here are some inspiring links I think you might like:

5 beautifully minimalist Christmas trees
Cosy Winter Solstice / Christmas Inspiration
6 lovely, simple Scandinavian DIY Christmas decorations
A Stunning, yet simple DUY candle holder

And for cosy Christmas homes:

A Norwegian Home on Christmas Eve
A Swedish Country Home at Christmas
Dreaming of a white Christmas in a Skåne home

I hope your weekend sparkles - stay toasty!

See you Monday!


Photography: 1. Anna Kvarnström 2. Fru Vintage 3. Katarina GustavssoGertruds rum 4. Årstidens Bästa 5. Caroline Birgitte / Lily and Honey 

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Warm and Inviting Danish home with Beautiful Textiles

Hej hej! I'm always inspired by makers spaces. There's always something unique and personal about them, don't you find? The Danish home of Eline Engen is a fine example! Eline lives in a beautiful 200 year old house on the North coast of Funen, Denmark with her husband Brian and children Gustav (14) and Clara (12). Eline works part time in an interior shop and spends the rest of her working hours creating and selling beautiful cushions and clutches made from vintage fabric and textile remnants. Eline describes her home as "very relaxed with lots of textiles, plants and treasures which have been collected over time." She has a passion for all things vintage, soft colours, and beautiful patterns which she combines with modern pieces in her home. Enjoy the tour!

Photography Eline Engen

What a charming, warm and inviting home, don't you think? There are so many treasures, but Elin tells me her favourite is the old cabinet where she stores all her vintage textiles before turning them into cushions and clutches.

When it comes to decorating, Elin advises to "stay true to yourself. It's a cliché but true. Surround yourself with items that mean something to you. Do not buy just to buy. A home is a real home when it reflects the people that live there and when everything is not perfect." Wise words indeed!

You can pick up Elin's pretty cushions and clutches over on instagram

If you're looking for other items seen in Elin's home, here's a quick guide:

Sitting room area: poster to the left from Stilleben and to the right Retro Villa (pretty shop alert!), cushions handmade by Eline, Klong halo candle holder (love this), Scarlet Kimono from Lulu's Drawer (another 'love' from me!), Lampe Gras.

Dining room: Era armchair with cane seat, cushion on chair handmade by ElineOffice: William Morris wallpaper, Sinnerlig desk from IKEA.

Thank you so much for the kind permission to show the pictures of your home Eline!

On a completely seperate note, I'm having so much fun in Paris for the launch of my Lagom Book in French. Last night HaperCollins France planned a wonderful cocktail party and I met the  English to French translator and Aude, the designer behind the pretty front cover, among lots of other inspiring people, what a great evening! Merci beaucoup! The man is arriving this evening and we're going to spend the weekend here - yaaaaay! Hopefully see you tomorrow at Galeries Lafayette for the book signing and DIY session if you're in town (4 - 6 pm)! 

I hope you've got some nice plans?

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Monday!

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Celebrating spring with a vase from be&liv

Don't you love spring flowers? They do make me smile. I'm always looking for new ways to arrange them at home and so excited by my latest find: a 24k gold plated One Flower Vase from Scandinavian design brand be&liv. Described as 'a delicate flower vase that compliments the beauty of a single flower,' One Flower Vase also comes in chrome and copper and was designed by Ilkka Suppanen because 'sometimes just one modest flower is more than a big bouquet' (I'm with you Ilkka!). Established in Helsinki in 2012, be&liv make many other items for the home too, including the Halo shelf, Palea candle holder  (also seen on my coffee table), leaf coaster set and Lily cake stand - all beautiful and unique in their own way. So exciting!

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. 

Oh so lovely - and the perfect vase for one delicate ranunculus, don't you think?!

be&liv pieces are sold through many different retailers - find your nearest one here.

Have a great weekend!

This post was sponsored by be&liv. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home blog possible.

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The winner of two beautiful vases from Nordal

Thank you so much for entering the give-away to win the lovely RING vase and deco bottle by unique Danish homeware brand Nordal. Sadly I could only pick one winner (I wish I could have sent one to each and every one of you!) - and that's......drum roll.....

Hind in Berlin

Hind, please mail me your details so Nordal can ship your prize to you! Enjoy!

Photography Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. With assistance from Ebba Hansson.

This competition is now closed.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nordal.

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A short and pretty guide to celebrating Midsummer, Swedish style

Tomorrow is one of my favourite celebrations of the year - midsummer. Here's my round-up of beautiful inspiration for celebrating midsummer the Swedish way. 

Damernas Värld
Miss wallflower
Honestly YUM
Bea's cookbook
A Bryan Photo

And for a little know how:

How to make a ethereal midsummer crown, and a beautifully simple floral wreath for your home.

And the feast. Oh the feast! This post by Honestly YUM is the perfect inspiration to create your own midsummer banquet. A midsummer berry cake. Or why not keep it simple - I love the idea of threading wildstrawberries onto straw (as seen above). 

Your midsummer cocktail: Aquavit, sherry and elderflower liqueur.  And decorating ice cubes.

Single? Swedish folklore says that if you pick seven different sorts of flowers and put them under your pillow on midsummer night, you'll dream of your future love!

 'Glad midsommar!' May the flowers in your hair be fresh, and your maypole dancing stay strong!

See you Tuesday! 

*for those of you in the southern hemisphere,  I guess it's happy winter solstice! - any excuse to celebrate, right....? Skål

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