A Dream Stockholm Apartment, Inside and out!

''Think with your head not with your heart'', they say when it comes to house hunting. In my mind, this is way easier said than done, do you agree? 

Take this apartment for example, I'd fall in love the moment I'd step in the door! Located in the oldest buildings in Södermalm dating back to 1640, the exterior is a dream, with an interior to match! Eagle eyes out there might recognise the apartment from this post back in 2020. It's fun to see some new angles, but above all else to discover that it's for sale and looking for a new owner. Could that be you? 

Keep a special eye out for the incredible architectural details, interesting colour scheme, blend of furniture, lighting and art! 

The predominant shade is a deep Almond beige by Jotun. 

I love the way art has been propped atop the wainscoting, so you can move it around on a whim. The glass wood cabinet is also lovely! 

The tone in the bedroom has a pink - red  tint to it giving a soft touch of romance. I'm pretty sure it's also a shade by Jotun, check out their pink range here

The Flowerpot pendant in beige red make such a pretty combination with the almond beige walls! 

It's fun to see gymnastic rings in one of the children's rooms. My daughter Allie absolutely loves hers - well worth me bumping into them every time I go into her room (she says)! Source similar wooden rings here*

Industrial blue has been on the walls and desk and a hint of pink adds warmth and contrast.  

All in all, a really fabulous apartment! I really love the colour scheme. 

Is there anything that popped out to you? 

If you're curious about where some of the items are from, head over to this post (I did my best to link to as many items as possible!) 

Could you see yourself living here? Word on the street is that there's a viewing this week. More details here

Take a look at other Scandinavian homes with noteworthy colour schemes here:

Have a great start to the week! 


PS did you see the beautiful limited edition wishbone chair in slate in my bedroom / home office on Friday

Photography: Peo Bengtsson 
For sale via Bjurfors

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A Vibrant Loft with Splashes of Colour, Art and Playful Touches

Yesterday, someone mentioned I had featured some impeccable homes lately, but all with the same colour palette. I hadn't even noticed, as I was simply picking out beautiful homes as I went along. But when I looked back, there did seem to be a strong theme. So, today, I'm going for a slightly different aesthetic. 

Lilli's home in Liebefeld, north-west Germany is fresh, vibrant and fun. Using white as a backdrop, she and her husband Sascha have created a wonderful home for themselves and their daughters Emma and Laura. Get ready to feel inspired by how splashes of colour, art and quirky touches can transform a home! 

First, here's a snapshot of the blank canvas, i.e. a pure white kitchen! 

And now, look at what happens when you add simple splashes of colour in the form of a sculpted vase, playful rug, art and flowers. 

Kitchen - IKEA, Scultptured vase Motel a Miio, art on floor Vinta Series

The dining area is so vibrant - and a large balcony door fills the space with fresh spring air! 

Similar gym rings here*, sculpture in corner by Karl Manfred Rennertz

Yellow and pink chair from sushi restaurant Nihombashi Berlin, Sculpted light Schneid studio

Fail art by Eike König, Lips from Studio Job, Samsung The Frame TV on back wall. 

So many fun touches in this home! I especially love all the art and sculptures, they make a huge difference to the overall space. 

Did Lilli's home put a smile on your face too? If so, you might like to follow her over at @kitschcanmakeyourich

Those who have been following My Scandinavian Home, might recognise Lilli's home from 2020 - since then she has made subtle changes so I felt it was time to revisit (although I couldn't resist sharing the same picture from the dining space). You can never see this loft too many times! 

See more splashes of colour in these fabulous homes: 

Happy mid week friends! 


Photography courtesy of @kitschcanmakeyourich, shared with kind permission. 

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12 Playful Design Trends in Sussie's fabulous Danish Home

Every time I head over the bridge to Denmark I come back feeling really inspired. I simply love the way people dress, the lifestyle they lead and of course, the interiors in Copenhagen. Last week I felt no different when I returned from Formland - a fantastic Nordic design fair. Researching for my panel discussion about minimalism or maximalism', I learned so much about the latest trends that are rocking the design world and would love to share a few of these with you today! 

I couldn't think of a better way to do it, than through the lens of Sussie Frank, an interior designer, photographer and stylist as well as co-founder of paint brand Colour Stories who lives in a beautiful house in Aarhus on the Danish mainland. Sussie's house was built in 1917 and measures a tremendous 382 m2 / 4111 f2 laid out over four floors. Sussie renovated the house for 6 months, while being careful to honour the time and age of the house before moving in in January 2021. Today the family of four enjoy an incredible home that's full of surprises - and a perfect example of what's happening in the Danish design world. 

Here are 12 trends I spotted:  

1. Anything goes 

I bet you weren't expecting the pink stairs. I certainly wasn't! 

But why not? I mean we only live once, right?

In fact, this reflects the sentiment of the fashion and design world right now - go your own way, work hard on making your home as personal as possible. Mix and match colours, patterns, shapes and texture to create your own world. 

Looking to add joy? Bring in playful touches. Looking for calm? Think about adding soothing tones and furniture with soft round edges.  

But above all else decorate for your, and don't worry what others think!

As I write this it feels ridiculously obvious, but I think it's been easy to forget this over the years with so many supposed design 'rules'. It was only during the pandemic where many of us started to think 'hang on, is the decor I want? Are these the colours that make me feel at my best'? Have I surrounded myself with meaningful items? Or can I do more to my home to make it feel personal? 

The time is right, right?

2. Eclectic dreams 
Every piece in Sussie's home is unique - and this is very much the direction of homes today, as people strive to create a home which is unique and packed with personality. 

3. Art is everywhere
Art is everywhere - it's in the furniture which has taken on all kinds of fabulous forms (like the Puffy Chair designed by Faye Toogood), it's in the rugs, lamps and even the staircases, doors and architraves.

4. Folk art
We're bringing more folk art into our homes. Patchwork (like this quilt by Instabydomi) is becoming more popular and a great way too upcycle scraps of fabric. I love the work by Danish brand Jou Quilts

We're also seeing more embroidery which has a wonderful sense of nostalgia. But forget 'fuddy duddy' - it's all about 'newstalgia' and bringing a modern touch to old pieces. 

5. Mix and match pattern
Oh, and pattern. Lots of pattern. Mix and match dots, checks, stripes... anything goes! 

6. Upcycling
In the past, some might have seen painting an antique or vintage piece as sacrilegious. But as we move more and more into creating a more sustainable home, up cycling is a great way to breathe new life into an  old piece. Keep a look out for the less attractive items at the secondhand store (usually in the back corner / bargain basement) - with a little vision and an artistic touch, they can quickly become a unique treasure! 

7. A load of texture
The home has become more and more textured and yep, you've guessed it, any type of surface goes. Think everything from mirror, chrome and brass to leather, 'fluff', boucle, marble, glass, paper, and wood. 

8. Playful accessories
Small items are a great way to add a play touch to the home. Decorative  lamps, crazy mirrors, and colourful and crazy shaped vases are all great ways to play around with your home and add a personal touch. 

9. Newstalgia
Spot the chair above? The red legs give it more of a playful touch from what we're used to seeing. It's 'newstalgia' at play - taking something old and giving it a modern lease of life. Expect to see more of this in the design world moving forwards. Although don't worry, if you're like me, there'll always be the iconic, tone on tone, natural classics too! 

Another nod to embroidery that's slowly creeping into homes in both modern and traditional ways. 

10. Patch and repair
This also transcends into 'fixing' things - like socks, cushions, bedspreads etc it's time for a 'repair and re-wear' mindset, and best of all, your sewing doesn't need to be perfect. Phew! 

11. The unexpected
Small elements of surprise go a long way towards creating a personal space. I love this view of Sussie's bathroom with luxury marble walls, gold trims and a playful vintage pendant. 

Take a closer look at this collection of items - including a jute holdall, contemporary sculptural stool and a traditional Nordic basket - it demonstrates the mix and match ethos. 

12. Go wild with paint
Do you remember when painting one accent wall in a room felt like the wild thing to do? Well, today, absolutely anything goes. Bannisters, architraves, radiators, windowsills, ceilings. And don't worry about 'just' going for pastels or tone on tone. Playing around with contrast is the way to go! It's such an exciting development and has me looking around my own home thinking what to paint next, how about you? 

What an absolutely incredible house! I love how Sussie has added so many interesting pieces. And the paintwork is fab too! 

See more of her wonderful home over at @sussiefrank

I'd love to hear your thoughts about these latest developments that are rocking the danish design world. I think they are so fun and playful. Who doesn't want to walk into a room and feel joy? They also make me want to go a bit more wild in my own home - while maintaining the calming sanctuary I've created - of course! 

Wishing you a fabulous start to the week! See you Wednesday! 


PS The mail subscription is up and running so do sign-up below if you'd like to receive my blog posts directly to your inbox! 

Photography: staircase - Anitta Behrendt. All others: Sussie Frank

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A Charming Stockholm Apartment with an Ochre Kitchen

Green is probably the most popular kitchen colour in Scandinavia right now - and there's no denying how calming and beautiful it is. But it's also nice to discover a kitchen which goes against the tide - like this one with ochre cabinets. In fact, the entire apartment in SOFO (South of Folkungagatan), in the hipster district of Södermalm, Stockholm has been decorated in a beautiful, unique palette. Think earthy blue, dusty pink (similar to Farrow & Ball's popular 'setting plaster') and a dampened ochre in the children's bedroom (could be Jotun Lady 'Cashmere' or 'Hummus')- a perfect lesson in how to create a 'röd tråd' (red thread) throughout your home using colour. 

Oh, and keep a look out for the castle bed and koala mustard wallpaper in the bedroom! So cute! 

Really beautiful - and such wonderful use of colour. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Would you consider having this yellow, blue and pink combination in your home? or perhaps a kitchen with ochre cabinets? 


Last week in Sweden was all about the 'Studenten' i.e., when students graduate from 'gymnasium' (sixth form college / high school). The week was peppered with parties in which sailor-clad graduates celebrated with family and friends until the early hours. Needless to say, everyone's still in recovery mode this Monday! But still it was a wonderful week!

Do you have special traditions in your country for those graduating from high school? 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem

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