Greenhouse Make Over with The Frame - In Detail

I was so happy to share the greenhouse make-over I worked on with Samsung and interior stylist Emily Henderson with you last week (thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback - feeling the love guys!). Today I'm super happy to share two new films from the Reframe This Space series with you. The first provides a little insight into how Emily and I worked with The Frame, a beautiful TV, designed to fit any space (and make it look extra pretty too!).

When it comes to a greenhouse you're kind of stuck for wall space - which is where the Studio Stand came in (for people like me who love to re-jig their sitting room every few days the Studio Stand is ideal! For those of you who like to keep things firmly in place - you'll be happy to hear it also attaches flush to the wall like a picture, so if you're looking to fit The Frame into a gallery wall the No Gap Wall Mount feature will come in extremely handy!). 

Emily and I also spent a little time looking at the different Customisable Frame options (there's an additional choice of White, Beige Wood and Walnut and they literally snap into place). In the end we opted for the white version to give the space a lovely, sleek, clean look.

And finally, like many Scandinavian homes, the greenhouse draws nature indoors (yes, to ridiculous, swoon-worthy proportions!), so we were keen to find art photography that would blend into the space. A quick scroll through the Samsung Collection (with 100 curated art pieces) and Art Store revealed many fantastic options - I noticed you can upload your own photography but sadly there wasn't time for this (trust me, it was a hectic few days!).

Take a peek at the film here: 

Having decided on transforming the disused greenhouse into a Swedish kolonistuga (a small cottage / cabin on an allotment which is enjoyed throughout the summer months), it was important to channel the Scandinavian design ethos. The look should be clean, calm and fuss-free and yet cosy, warm and inviting - in other words, balance was key!

The space was stripped out and a wood, white washed floor put down and the walls were freshened up with a light grey lick of paint.

Picking the right furniture would be key to creating the look and feel we were after. We were keen to mix old with new - opting for salvage finds, flea-market items, mid-century modern and the odd contemporary piece and selected one stand out piece for each zone (including a wooden credenza, the Danish classic Flag Halyard chair, Tulip table and of course, The Frame). We then populated the space with accessories made from natural textures such as glass, wood and terracotta to bring the space alive.

And finally, layers of textiles in the form of cushions, blankets, rugs and throws gave the space it's soul - and transformed it into a magical summer stay!

View the film below!

You can see the full film and more details about our make-over (including the full scoop on where all the items are from) over on Emily's blog here.

Hope you liked reading more about our project - perhaps it will inspire you to refurbish a greenhouse near you?!

Photography: 1 / 2 / 3 Kelly Merchant. 4 / Niki Brantmark.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Samsung. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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A Greenhouse Make-over With The Frame!

Back in August I was approached by Samsung about a very exciting project. To celebrate the launch of the beautiful The Frame - a TV when it's on, art when it's off (yup, every interior-lovers dream), they were looking to produce a film called 'Reframe This Space'. My task? To travel to beautiful Glynwood farm in Upstate New York and transform a disused greenhouse into a living space along with interior designer extraordinaire Emily Henderson (if you don't follow Emily's blog, you totally should, she's one talented lady!). What an exciting challenge!


Once I got over the initial excitement (admittedly, I did do a little dance or two) I turned my mind to the practicalities. The idea of a greenhouse was an interesting one. As you know, Scandinavian style lends itself to drawing in as much natural light as possible, and here was a space that had it in abundance! I was slightly concerned that The Frame would be hard to see under the glare of the sun but was reassured that a Brightness Sensor detects ambient light and automatically adjusts the screen  - how brilliant is that?!

As beautiful as it was... it needed quite a lot of work!  

Another key factor was what a large role nature would play in the interior - (you only have to see the before shot above and in the video below - and the full video on Emily's blog - to see that there was nature outside and in - what you don't see is a disused wasp nest and plenty of creepy crawlies!). Thankfully the lush green surrounds of Glynwood farm provided the perfect backdrop. In fact, the setting reminded me a little of a Swedish Kolonistuga - an allotment with a fairly simple cabin in which people live throughout the summer months to enjoy the great outdoors and a back-to-basics lifestyle.

This idea would form the basis of the design. It would be basic, yet comfortable and house everything you might need for a relaxed summer, The Frame included! The Scandinavian theme would be enhanced by pale, muted tones, and a minimalist look to allow the surrounding nature to take centre-stage.

Emily and I discussed the idea and we set about drafting up moodboards for each zone (including a dining area, reading corner, a space for The Frame , daybed / sleep area and kitchen) (see the final moodboards here) these were developed into full-scale designs - with the addition of some wonderful suggestions from Emily thanks to her experience with make-overs - and extensive network of suppliers in New York.

We had a plan!

After several days of hard graft by the team, several licks of paint, many furniture deliveries, a trip to a local nursery and a little styling the transformation was finally complete! I hope you like the results!


Being an interior design lover I'm weary of adding a TV to any room as they're usually a bit of a big black hole, do you find this too? The beauty of The Frame is that it's designed to blend with your home -Yay! Finally! Not only does it have a Customisable Frame - meaning you can easily change the black bezel to a white, beige wood or walnut option to fit the space, it also has an Invisible Connection to replace unsightly TV cables - double yay!

And finally - you can choose between hundreds of art from the Samsung Collection and Art Stores to turn The Frame into a work of art that fits your space (a Motion Sensor detects your presence and turns the screen on, so you can enjoy your art while you’re there. When you leave, it turns off to save energy!). All you have to do is decide whether to hang it flush to the wall  (so it looks like a real picture) or rest it on the Studio Stand. Due to the lack of walls, the latter was the perfect choice for this space. But I'm already wondering which option to go for in my own home....!

Photography - Kelly Merchant

I was soooo happy with with the outcome  -  it was exactly how I'd envisaged it and more! I could totally imagine hanging out here on long summer days with family and friends. It felt very much like living outdoors, but with the benefit of a little shelter for when the summer rain comes down!

You can view a short film about our Reframe This Space project below and enjoy the full version of our greenhouse make-over on Emily Henderson's wonderful blog HERE.

If you'd like to know where anything is from (and there are so many fabulous pieces!), Emily's shared a really helpful, and incredibly detailed 'get the look'.

Thank you so much to Samsung for inviting me on this amazing adventure - and to Emily Henderson and her team (I'm looking at you Brady Tolbert!) for four fabulous days in Upstate New York, it was such a pleasure to work with you!

I hope you like the end result? - could you imagine hanging out here all summer too?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Samsung. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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