Step Inside A Relaxed Finnish Oasis in Mallorca

I've absolutely loved reading all your comments over the past few days - thank you for sharing all your thoughts last Thursday and throughout the week, it makes My Scandinavian Home such a great place to be and I feel honoured you can come here and comment - whether you're feeling up or down. Keep 'em coming! Meanwhile, I've also been chatting away to my older sister who lives in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Have you been to Mallorca? There are many beautiful parts. Wow were meant to visit her this summer but that may need to be put on hold for the time being. Someone who shares my passion for this wonderful Spanish island is Päivi Lemström. Päivi divides her time between her modern Finnish family home in Espoo, near Helskini and the great city of Mallorca. And having featured her home earlier this week, it was no surprise to find that her apartment in Palma Mallorca is equally as inspiring! So, today we're all heading to a little pocket of Palma - to a whitewashed home with striking dark window frames. So, pack your sun hat and pour yourself a sangria - we're off on a virtual trip to sunny Spain! Vamos

Tine K sells lounge chairs like these - and I also love these rattan chairs* from Bloomingdales. Pick up a round jute rug online here*.

As we saw from her home in Finland, Päivi has a real penchant for rustic touches and natural materials (even owning a shop with a focus on this type of homeware!). Her Palma home is peppered with rattan lamps, chairs and baskets as well as rustic wood stools, jute rugs and stone pots. It gives the place a wonderful relaxed, summery vibe!  

A rustic side bench like this works equally well in Mallorca (or should it be 'on' Mallorca'? I guess so since it's an island, but then again, you don't say 'on' Great Britain - so I'm wavering here, help me out!). And this seagrass basket* is similar. 

I love the Dutch online shop 'Old Wooden Stool*' who ship pretty much everywhere in the world.  The Poster Club* sells simple line drawings like this (Josephine* and Lana* prints by Anastasia Benko or Portofino* and Antibes* by Peytil make great pairs). 

From personal experience, homes in Mallorca can get really chilly in the winter - not because it plummets below zero (although they did get a load of snow for a few days last year in Pollenca!) but because the buildings are designed for warm weather and keeping people as cool as possible! I can just see this wood burning stove fired into action and Päivi and her family chilling with books on the sofa. Such a lovely corner!

If you're not happy with your sofa and want a quick fix, pick up some striped linen fabric* sold by the metre and fold it gently over like Päivi has done. It will give your sitting room an instant lift and can be chucked in the washing machine (FYI if you go for linen remember to wash at a low temperature).

I don't know about in Palma, but in the Mallorca townhouses and fincas it's vital to keep the surfaces spotless. Even a mortal of food can attract a trail of ants in no time! Seeing Päivi's super clean and tidy kitchen made me think of this! Do you have this problem in your country too?

I love how light an airy this bedroom is, how about you? It's just how uncluttered a sleep zone should be IMHO!

What a truly lovely home. I'm feeling the summer holiday vibes all the way from Sweden. Just what I needed!

Is there anything that stood out to you about Päivi's Mallorca apartment?

Follow her instagram account @mondaytosundayhome for more snapshots from her daily life in Finland and Mallorca.

I've featured quite a few homes in Mallorca in the past - so keep that Sangria flowing (alcoholic or non-alcoholic!) and dip into these lovely tours:

An idyllic rustic retreat in rural Mallorca
A relaxed Danish oasis in Palma Mallorca
How about a Sangria by the pool in this Mallorca townhouse?!

Viva Espana! (Sorry to all you language aficionados out there, I couldn't find the special Spanish 'n' on my keypad despite a google search - gah!).

Do you have a country other than your own which you've grown to know and love?


Photography: Päivi Lemström / @mondaytosundayhome
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Contemporary Danish Design Meets Rustic in A Fabulous House In The Med

One of the most exciting things in the world of interiors at this time of the year is that brands are announcing their 'news' - which means a flurry of stunning lifestyle images. Ferm Living's latest offerings have just landed in my inbox and they certainly don't disappoint. The Danish brand has chosen a beautiful rustic setting to showcase their Spring Summer 2020 collection. Think earthy tones and organic shapes merging with soft, natural fittings and honest materials. I want to head over to the Med and settle into one of those desert lounge chairs by the pool all winter long - let's just hope the stylists left the kit behind! Anyone wanna join me?!

The above picture hints at the hottest colour combination this year: soft blue, brown and yellow (with a punch of deep, electric blue!). Stay tuned as I'll be sharing more on this later in the week!

I've got my eye on this new Vuelta lamp - it would work absolutely anywhere in my home (and you know how I love to move things around!). Kind of cool, don't you think?

One word: sofa. 

Just add a cushion in a golden accent colour and the room is complete. 

To me Ferm Living is all about the kids stuff. I've always loved the items they make for children's rooms - like the apple basket and this new dotted cushion! Too cute, don't you think?! 

I wonder, if I were to pick up a Desert Lounger like the one above (the textile seat is made from  recycled plastic bottles!), would I need to get a pool to match? If so, I'd better warn Per... 

Are you dreaming about a stay somewhere like this too? Or perhaps, just kitting your home out with a few fab Danish pieces from Ferm Living would do the trick? Either way, these guys have nailed their SS20 pics this year! 

I'm thinking we should go down the Mediterranean way today with a few more tours, what do you say? Here are a few rustic homes I love: 

By the way - I was excited to receive a mail from the owner of yesterday's home tour who gave me more information about that DIY lamp and the dramatic bedroom wall colour. I've updated the post here in case you're curious! 

Have a dreamy day friends - sending warm, sunny thoughts your way! 


Photography courtesy of Ferm Living

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A Dreamy Holiday Oasis In The Heart of The City

The clocks go backward in Sweden on Saturday (for the very last time if I recall right - phew!). If I'm entirely honest, it does fills me with a little dread, the evenings are dark enough already. Yes, I can wax lyrical about candles (see what I did there?!) and the cosiness that comes with hot chocolates and cosy blankets, and I do have many moments where I love to embrace the chill (wait until you see tomorrow's post!) - but today, can I just indulge my longing for sunshine and warmth with this fine specimen of a house? Situated in Bellevue Hill, Sydney (we might have guessed it's on the other side of the world!), this secluded home has been transformed into a magnificent 'holiday oasis within the city' by the talented team at CM Studio. Think furniture and accessories with a beach vibe - made from wood, bamboo, and rattan against a backdrop of fresh white, and windows that let in large, luscious bites of nature. Thank you for the tip The Style Files - you've brought an exotic touch to my day! I hope you enjoy the tour too!  

All that sunlight! Guh!

.... you'd feel like you were living in year-round paradise here, don't you think?!

I love the simplicity of the interior too. The minimalist vibe works because of all the subtle textures and surfaces at play which are just enough to add depth and interest to each and every room. 

Is there anything you love in particular?

Tomorrow, I'll be tapping into my inner hygge once again and sharing some pictures from our weekend at a friend's cosy Swedish log cabin in the woods. Hope to see you then! 


Design: CM Studio
Photography: Anson Smart

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Stylist and Author Natalie Walton's Understated Yet Incredibly Charming Home

FREDAG! Oh, am I happy to see you, it feels like it's been a long ole week. Do you feel the same?  Any fun plans for the weekend? Lots of rest in store for me I think (with any luck!). Before we all start mixing that Friday night sundowner, I have one more home tour to share with you. This charming and relaxed home belongs to Natalie Walton, an Australian designer, creative director and author of the best-selling book This is Home: The Art of Simple Living. Natalie prides herself on creating "genuine and atmospheric interiors" with meaningful products. When she's not working with her design studio and online emporium Imprint House, she's relaxing right here in her understated yet incredibly beautiful home in Byron Bay with her husband Daniel and four children. Ready to take a look around? Let's have a nose! 

Natalie was considering painting the posts white but was so pleased she didn't. They add a lovely raw contrast to the space.  

Bemz loose fit urban cover* for IKEA sofas is similar to this

Linen table cloth in grey stripes*

Oh wow. I love this look. Raw, understated yet staggeringly beautiful! Natalie certainly practices what she preaches in her popular workshops (I see there's one coming up soon..... hmmm, interesting!). 

Is this your kind of style too?!

You can see more of Natalie's lovely home over on her blog and instagram. I have to say, her book This Is Home (a back-to-basics guide on how to create authentic wholehearted interiors) is so inspiring too - it's packed with drool worthy spaces! It's available in a load of different places including Amazon and Natalie's own website where she offers signed copies

I can't resist sharing a few more places from Byron Bay for you to enjoy over the weekend. It seems to be one of those creative hubs packed with incredible homes and places to stay. Here are a few of my favourites:

Right, that's it from me this week. Time to start mixing (make mine a G&T!). 

Have a FABULOUS weekend and thanks for joining me on the blog this week!


Photography credits: 1, 4, 5, 6 , 7  Natalie Walton 2 & 3. Jessie Prince 

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An Idyllic Rustic Retreat In Rural Andalucia

I have loved traditional  'fincas' since my sister moved to Mallorca over fifteen years ago. Often beautifully preserved, the delightful, rural stone farmhouses are designed to shield you from the midday sun - while providing sweeping views across the rural surroundings. It seems I am not the only one to have been impacted. Although situated in Andalucia in Southern spain rather than the Balearic Islands, a childhood visit to Ibiza inspired the design of this rustic cortijo deep in the countryside around 45 minutes from Granada. Ann acquired the property eight years ago and she and her husband set about building two additional bedrooms and bathrooms - as well as transforming the interior into a cool, yet rustic living space. Sadly they have now had to put the Cortija up for sale - could you be the next owner? Come and dream with me...

"I visited Ibiza for the first time when I was 18 years old and we spent our holiday in an old, rustic finca owned by a hippie. All the furniture was built in and rounded in a wonderful, imperfect way. This was one of the key influences behind the design of our Andalusia home." 

"Andalucia used to be very poor, and people became creative -  building with their hands. The imperfect nature of the structure is what makes these farmhouses authentic and unique."

"The construction was done by local craftsmen and my husband made a lot of the built-in furniture - a skill he learnt from them."

"I'll miss everything here, the great views, the silence, the nature, the pool and especially the lovely, rustic finca." 

Isn't it dreamy? 

Find more about the property here

All I ask is that you invite me over. 

Race you to the pool!

Other rustic homes in the sun to drool over this bright and sunny Monday:

Have a dreamy start to the week friends! 


Photography courtesy of

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