6 Subtly Spooky Yet Stylish Halloween Ideas

It's only a couple of days until Halloween and my girls are getting so excited. Ok, me too! How about you? Perhaps you're the person who goes all out, adorning your home with cobwebs and coffins, goblins and goblets or like me, prefer to add a gentle, yet spooky nod to the occasion. No matter your Halloween style, I've rounded up 5 of my favourite simple yet bewitching halloween decorating ideas - from light and bright, to the very dark side. I hope you find something that tickles your fancy on 31st October! 

1. Add one more guest to the (console) table this halloween with a bone chilling display complete with carnivorous cobra lilies, black beauty roses and allium in a skull vase, for a deadly display! 

2. Put a little ssssspace between you and your latest pet  - snake charming optional! 

3. Not into the spooksville side of Halloween? This pretty Scandinavian window display by Anna Kvarnström will last all season long, and it's as pretty as a pumpkin! 

4. Ask your portraits to keep a close eye on guests by adding a black mask to the glass on the front of your pictures - for an instant haunted house! 

5. Enjoy a bewitching banquet with this black and white display. Dine on blood red apples dipped in sticky toffee and finished with bony, gnarled sticks. 

6. Go over to the (very) dark side with pumpkins, brass candlesticks and candles as black as the night sky. Ghosts optional. 

Did any of these ideas capture your imagination? I'm totally going to get up early on halloween at my parents' house and put masks on all the portraits (although some of my Mother's paintings are spooky enough already!). Mwah ha ha haaaaaa! 

If you're looking for more ideas - you might also like the 7 spookishly stylish halloween ideas I shared last year (the ghost cake!).
We're busy packing here since we're heading to London today to hang out with my family for the school half term (and of course do a little trick or treating!). Eeeeeee! I can't wait! 
I hope you have a wonderful few days. See you on Monday!
Credits: 1. Addie Juel  2. Svenska Maklarhuset 3. Anna Kvarnström 4. Country Living 5. Stocksy 6. Agata Dimmich / Passion Shake

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7 Spooky Yet Stylish Halloween Ideas

Out of all of the events on the calendar, Halloween has to be one of my favourites! Ever since I was little we've been trick-or-treating (I thought it was called 'trickle treating' up until the age of about 10!) dressed as ghosts, witches, pumpkins, mice and other suitably spooky kit (in the UK and Sweden the dress code is strictly scary, is it the same in your country?). In case you love Halloween as much as I do, we've rounded up 7 spooky (yet stylish!) recipes, drinks and decor to inspire you to make this Halloween an extra wicked affair!

(Credit: Robin Baron Design)
Group black candles in antique candle-holders to add a minimalist, yet smoking touch to the Halloween table!

Quench your vampire thirst with a mouth watering 'Black Widow Mezcal Cocktail' made from Mezcal, blackberries, lemon juice, rosemary and a touch of honey. 

In this part of the world trick or treating can be a bone-chilling affair thanks to the cold. This hearty pumpkin soup with a kick of earthy fresh tumeric & ginger is a sure fire way to warm the cockles.

(Credit: Lotta Agaton)
Serving the Halloween feast on a linen tablecloth darker than the night sky adds a touch of drama and looks pretty too! 

'Devils on horseback' or 'brain' paté' not for you? How about this cuter than cute layered chocolate and meringue ghost cake?!  Did someone say chocolate? Oooooo!

Credits: Caitlin and Manda of The Merrythought
If you're a little tired of pumpkin faces, how about Halloween star gazing with these DIY constellation pumpkins?

Credits: A Beautiful Mess
Round off the room with a ghost garland (super simple to make and massively kid friendly too), all instructions here.

Is there anything here that caught your eye?!

I've got my eye on that chocolate cake!

I'm so curious to know - do you celebrate Halloween? If so, which traditions do you have in your home?

I'll be back tomorrow with a FABULOUS Swedish home tour to round off week. See you then!


Thank you so much to Astrid, my wonderful new intern who helped to create this round-up!

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