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Paid partnership with Doodlespot:
Are you a parent / aunt / uncle/ grandparent / someone who just happens to know a child who loves to draw?! My daughters have always loved to paint. In fact, not a day goes by without some kind of creativity. At one point, when Liv was at nursery, she was so prolific, she'd run through the door clasping 10 "masterpieces". As lovely as it is to see, le't face it, it can be hard to know what on earth to do with them all, don't you think?! At worst there might be one line per page but even the beautiful ones are on poor quality paper that's become a little scrunched and ripped in their school bag! 
And then I discovered the app Doodlespot. I'm the first to admit that I'm terrified of anything techy (seriously!) - but this app is GENIUS and sooooo simple! Available (almost) worldwide on Google Play and iTunes, Doodlespot allows you to capture your child's artwork on your phone. You can then have a play around with the design tools and templates before ordering the framed print straight to your door. I asked the crazies to choose their favourite paintings so we could put the app to the test!

My ten year old daughter chose 'Lazy River' (seen above and below) which she painted in art class a few weeks ago. She went for a classic portrait template with her name and age underneath so it would look super pro (just like her wonderful piece!). I think she's proudly shown the print to every single person who's walked through the door! 

My younger daughter chose a painting she did of our house and was as pleased as punch when it arrived. Even though the painting was drawn in landscape, she chose the 'portrait' format and had a little play around with the colours - and since she's the artist, who am I to disagree?! 

Doodlespot co-founder Stefan Persson tells me: "Our driving force is child creativity. It is all about helping children to explore and experiment, then we enable you to transform their creations into art you can display on your walls. Filling your home with your own child's art is such a beautiful thing."

The girls and I are so pleased, we've already started thinking about which artwork to get done next! It would make such a great present too, don't you think? 

Oh, and another thing - part of the proceeds are donated to 'War Child', a non-profit organisation helping children traumatised by war. Such a worthwhile cause. 

If you'd love to give Doodlespot a try*, make the most of a 25% discount with the code follow25 until 10th June, 2019! 


PS I think the last time I showed my crazies together in a post was in their room reveal back in 2014 - with the risk of sounding like a great aunt.... haven't they grown?!! 

*This post is a paid partnership with Doodlespot. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

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Get The Look: A Bohemian Children's Room In Sepia Tones

I was so excited to share the *golden* home of Sarah Shabacon earlier today. But there was one room I held back as it was just to good to throw in all at once! Isaac and Ziggy's den! The shared boy's room is made up of a few carefully selected pieces all of which are fabulous! I mean, who wouldn't love an palm tree lamp?! And it's all in keeping with the muted, golden colour scheme of the home too. Enjoy the tour!

Get the look

Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed*
Ocean Palm Tree Lamp
Midnatt Pebble bed set
Round Pintuck Pillow
Hanging Wall Basket
Braided Water Hyacinth Storage Cube
Rattan Sunburst Mirror

My eye is still on that palm tree lamp, I feel like I need one of these in my life. Maybe in Allie's room, what do you think? I love the warm, natural tones too.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

If you're looking for a little more inspiration, you can always head over to this archive for more   children's room ideas and Sarah's fab instagram account (word of warning - you could be stuck there for a while!). You might also like to check out her shop BOHÈME to hunt for vintage finds for adults, children and the home too. Just saying!

Trevlig kväll! 


Photography: Sarah Shabacon
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Guest post: The Stylish Room of Ninon, 5

Welcome to Ninon's room, a stylish space that embraces childhood, with pretend play sets and colourful details. 

Ninon, lives in Trèves, a little village in the Lyon area. Adeline and Florent, Ninon’s parents, cleverly used recycled pieces, such as repurposed crib mattresses to create reading and napping areas, or wooden crates as toy dividers and storage.

It’s no surprise Ninon’s room breathes style and simplicity. Adeline and Florent chose a slow life in the country side after a stressful city life in Lyon — Florent is an organic farmer, and Adeline is a graphic designer and stylist. The family favors repurposing and recycling the old, over mass-produced items, so Adeline naturally used her eye for design to create a fun and playful space for Ninon, filled with repurposed objects. This room literally makes me want to get back into childhood!

If you like Adeline's style, be sure to follow her on Instagram, as she regularly shares updates of her beautiful home.


A note on the wonderful guest contributor, Siham Mazouz:

Siham Mazouz is a French photographer and blogger. She lives with her husband, their two daughters, and Daisy, the family's Golden Retriever, in San Francisco, CA. 

Siham launched French By Design in 2010, and inspires readers to approach their decor, style and life in general with a modern French flair and a "less house, more home" philosophy. Her work and photography has been featured in Elle Decor, In Style, House Beautiful, Lonny or Travel & Leisure. 

To learn more about Siham, visit her at or connect with her on Instagram : @FrenchByDesign.

Photography Siham Mazouz for How the French Live, Gibbs Smith, 2018

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Before + After: Allie's bedroom make-over

Just as I feel I've got to grips with one stage of my younger daughter's life she suddenly shifts a gear and moves into an entirely new phase! It's Allie's 8th birthday today (happy birthday wonderful girl!), I'm really not sure where the time has gone (this was her at Christmas two years ago)! She suddenly feels so grown-up! Allie's been wanting to update her bedroom for a while now as she's grown tired of her bunk bed and outgrown many of her toys. So, over the past few months we stripped it bear and donated old toys to charity and started all over again. I know I've shared a few snippets on here over the past few weeks, but I thought it'd be fun to run through the complete make-over from start to finish. I hope you enjoy the tour!


The last time we decorated her bedroom was in collaboration with Genevieve Jorn in 2014 - and I still think it has a fresh, vibrant look. Allie had simply grown out of it and wanted something a little calmer and more mature. Gen also gave her fabulous interior design guidance on her new room too.


Allie was the cat that got the cream when she got to paint some of the lower sections of the wall (heavily supervised by the ever-concerned man!). We used Jotun Lady 1059 - Complexion on three of the walls (seen here to the left) and Minty Breeze 7163 on the back wall - seen to the right (both kindly gifted by Jotun). Complexion has a subtle pinkish tone to it which was unexpected but creates a lovely, soft feeling the room.


The room only came together once the rug and Industriell pendant lamp were in place. It's amazing how that can happen. At night, the lamp fills the room with the warmest light and pretty shadows dance on the ceiling. 

The rug* was handmade by Etsy shop So' Homeso*. it's really soft and made from 100% recycled cotton and fringes of linen. The one thing I haven't done yet is buy an underlay to stop it slipping around. I always forget this but they're so important for a clean finish (and safety!). We've had the wooden blocks for as long as I can remember - they're so simple yet so popular!

I picked up the row of hooks (two combined) from local Malmö shop Geijersgatan 53 (these ash hooks are similar)- I think I've pretty much installed a row of these in every room of the house now! Here is the same set in my  kitchen! The pretty jumper* is from Danish brand Molo this season.

A collaboration with Montana came at the perfect time to swap out the large bunk bed for a single bed and make place for open shelving (Montana Free System Shelving in New White with two Rust panels). I can promise you now, they're not going to stay this tidy! Allie has had the Apple Papple print by Fine Little Day your years - she tells him all her secrets - apparently, he's a great listener!

Allie's always drawing, writing and cutting things out - and now she can pin them onto a cork board - as well as write messages on her pegboard (both from Granit). I was kind of hoping she'd write reminders like 'remember PE kit' - but it looks like that's not gonna happen! 

I can't tell you how many paper fortune tellers the girls make - they're all over the house!

 Allie can't go more than 5 metres without doing a cartwheel. She loves gymnastics! This set of wooden gymnastic rings from Lillagunga were a special request and have been such a hit!

Another hit, is her new rattan bed.  It was originally a daybed (from Nordal), so we added a 105 cm mattress to make it comfy enough to sleep on. In case you missed it, I wrote a post about it here

The bed is made with Hanako duvet cover and pillow case from Camomile London. The white linen curtains were made to order by Not Perfect Linen* - I always buy my curtains from them since they are high quality and beautifully made.

And finally, a little place for Allie to sit and write etc (I have to confess she rarely sits at her desk - often preferring the floor instead, but still, I thought she might need it one day!). I was so excited to find the secondhand chair at AB Småland in town. I've seen a load of similar ones here*.

 In case it's been difficult to keep tabs on what's what - here's a quick round-up of the items:

The kit!

From top left: Jotun Lady 1059 - Complexion / Minty Breeze 7163 
/ rust panels from Montana Free System Shelving / green clamp light (Granit) / cork board / pegboard / gymnastic rings / hanako duvet cover & pillow case / Ypperlig mirror (IKEA)ash hooks / rattan daybed / rug*

I hope you like Allie's new room as much as my daughter does!

If you're wondering about anything, just give me a shout in the comment section below and I'd be happy to help!

Right, better run. the sun is shining and we've got a birthday to celebrate :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Vi ses på måndag!


A special thank you to all the amazing brands that made this bedroom make-over possible and made one little girl super happy! 

Affiliate links marked with *

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home. Interior design: Genevieve Jorn

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My Home: New Rattan Bed

 Sponsored (all words are my own)
How pretty are all the rattan beds floating around the blog and instagram world right now? They're actually surprisingly hard to find - so I was super excited when Danish brand Nordal introduced a rattan daybed into their range this summer. Such a perfect addition to Allie's new room! She'd been really keen to get rid of her bunk bed (and to be fair I was so tired of clambering up to the top bunk for bedtime stories!). So, just in time for her 8th birthday next month she has a very pretty new bed!

It's originally designed as a daybed so I pick up a 105 cm mattress to ensure my little pumpkin still gets her beauty sleep - which was easy enough.

To make the bed extra cosy I also added a load of pillows - including the BOHO cushion and also a linen bed cover in rose and burgundy (also from Nordal).

Allie's so happy with her new bed (as am I - and all her bears!). Here are the items in detail:

In case you'd like any of these items - Nordal ship throughout Europe (checkout their stockists here).

A more detailed post with all items to follow soon - but please also feel free to ask away in the comment section below about any details!

Have a lovely day!


Photography / shoot styling: Niki Brantmark, Interior design: Genevieve Jorn

This make-over was made possible with the help of Nordal. All design, styling and words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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New Montana Free Shelving System in Allie's Room

Brand Story:
I'm loving the new Montana Free Shelving System. The Danish freestanding shelves are designed for a new way of living and you can choose between 12 compositions with or without interposed shelves, in 4 colours and optional panels in 8 colours. I picked up a set for Allie's new bedroom in New White with an interposed shelf for all her drawings. I'm pretty sure it won't look as neat as this in a few week's time so I thought I'd better capture them before she goes to town with all her wonderful bits and bobs! 

Genevieve Jorn (the MSH interior designer) and I deliberately opted for a low set so that Allie could easily reach all her knick-knacks and use the top shelf as an extra play surface.

The man and I  can never quite believe all the tiny things Allie picks up during the day  - you have to be super careful when vacuuming as even the tiniest item is important to her!! One of the things I love the most about these shelves is that they can be extended as she grows - so we can add on to them when needed. So handy!

Montana offer a selection of eight coloured panels to place wherever you like on the shelves (front or back!). I'm so happy with the two rust panels - they add a little colour.

The little mouse has followed Allie since she was a baby - I'm so pleased he's made himself at home! 
Find out more about Montana's Free Shelving System here and your nearest retailer here.

In case you're wondering anything else in these pictures, I'll be sharing a complete make-over post in the next couple of days. Feel free to ask away in the comment section below too!

What do you think? Could you imagine having shelves like these in your home?


Photography: Niki Brantmark / Interior Design: Genevieve Jorn.  

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Montana - all words are my own. 

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A Pretty Family Home in Brussels

Welcome to the Brussels home of Isabel - 'teacher by day, blogger by night', wife of Walter and Mother to two adorable children, seven year old Jules and five year old Jeanne. Despite a "dizzying pace of life" (we all know that that feels like!), Isabel takes the time to slow down and dabble in fashion (both for her and her children), travel and interiors - decorating their home in a simple, authentic, lovely way. Let's dive in!  

IKEA kitchen with Superfront doors, brass tap from Tapwell, table from Opsmuk

Marble and wood feature throughout the ground floor which feels both cool and warm in equal measure. Although I think we all agree the warmth triumphs in the end!

Isabel has installed an adult Kuatour desk and the very cute mouse table and chairs from Danish brand Nofred so that there's plenty of space for the family to work side by side!

The upstairs sitting room has been simply furnished using the Poetry sofa by Karup. The pretty rug pulls the entire space together.

The wall colour in the attic bedroom looks a little like the blushing peach hue I have in my bedroom. I love the shade, it's really cosy and constantly changes with the light. The little side table is from Woodchuck and the oak bed is from Ethnicraft.

The dolls house in Jeanne's room is from Things We Love (it's a little like the one we saw in Aurélie's home last week). And the bedding is GOTS from Danish brand Cam Cam. The wonderful rug is from Rozenkilim

What a pretty home! I love the children's rooms (and their clothes!) in particular and it's so fun to see them enjoying the various rooms!

It's also great to see so many pieces from small independent brands. I've tried to link where possible but if I've missed anything feel free to leave a note in the comment section. You can also find out more info and see a few more pics on 'Visual stories by Isabel' and Instagram.

It's been ages since I've featured a home from Belgium on here. In case you missed them, it's well worth checking out a vintage inspired rural home in Belgium and the relaxed Antwerp home of a creative duo. Oh and I've always fancied staying at the eclectic B&B owned by Bea Mombaers - how fabulous is that?!

Have a lovely day!


PS I'm in Skagen, Denmark right now - famous for it's light, artists and being the place where three seas meet! We're hopping back on board at 4.30pm - if I miss that I'm in trouble. Better run!

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