Our Summer Cabin - and a new Collection from Skandinavisk!

Sponsored by Skandinavisk - I only work with brands I love, thank you for supporting the small business that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

Hej kompisar! Do you have a place which is close to your heart? Somewhere special where you feel instantly happy and relaxed? The Swedes refer to this as your 'smultronställe' meaning 'wild strawberry patch'. It might be a secret picnic spot you've been visiting since your childhood, a beach you love, or even a corner of your garden. 

Mine is our summer cottage. When we arrive in the small fishing village in Northwest Skåne, Sweden all my worries fall away and I flit about with my family, barefoot and fancy free! It's a laid back place where the forest and sea meet and the scent of the salt spray and sea kelp from the Kattegat Sea blends with the scent of beach rose and hawthorn from the shore. 

I know many of you live far away from Scandinavia, but if you're ever intrigued about the subtle scents of the landscape - Skandinavisk have captured them in their new, locally made, organic hand, hair and body care collection - quite incredible! The collection includes an absolutely divine shampoo and conditioner, wash, lotion and hand cream, as well as other items and comes in fragrances HAV (distant shores) - my favourite!), SKOG (calm of the boreal forest), FJORD (carved from glaciers), and ØY (island solitude). 

Now that the warmer weather has arrived in Sweden, we spend as much time at our little cabin as possible. Here are some snapshots from a recent visit - as well as our newly stocked little cabin bathroom! Välkommen! 

Per is great at swimming in the sea all year round, but I am what Swedes like to refer to as a badkruka (swimming pot) - i.e. someone who is a little afraid of getting in very cold water! So, before the water temperatures rise, I prefer to shower back in the cabin. 

Although little, our bathroom is wonderfully cool and refreshing - in part thanks to the stone floor and shelf (made from the same tiles) - but also because the door opens to the garden, so you feel like you're showering alfresco. 

I try to stock our cabin bathroom with the most beautiful products so that we can feel really pampered when we're here (seen above: the HAV (distant shores) hand cream). 

The cool waters of the Kattegat Sea are so refreshing - and a perfect place to collect 'tång' seaweed. When I first moved here, I learned that you can use it as a body scrub and it leaves your skin silky smooth, so sometimes I collect a small sample to take back to the cabin.  Have you tried this? 
The HAV (distant shores) fragrance from the new hand, hair and body care collection from Skandinavisk beautifully captures the scent of the rugged Scandinavian coastline and includes a 500 ml wash and lotion - with packaging made from 98-100% recycled PE plastic, 200 ml wash and lotion both in glass bottles, shampoo and conditioner, a 200ml and 200ml lotion and hand cream. The fragrance is also available in a scent diffuser and a scented candle (both with refill options). 

I love that the new collection is made from locally sourced active ingredients (which are combined with existing certified organic ingredients) - including Swedish rapeseed oil (the fields are in bloom now and so beautiful!), known for its proven soothing skin protection properties, beta glucan extract from Swedish oat fibre to soothe, care for and moisturise the skin and scalp in washes and shampoos. And Nordic beets is blended into conditioners to reduce friction and help the hair shine. Nature at its finest! 
I have to say, Per is not big on body care items - but he does wax lyrical about the SKOG (calm of the boreal forest) wash (seen above - now available in a 200 ml glass bottle with refill option). He's been coming to the cottage since he was little and spent summer's roaming the forest with his brother, which is maybe why I think it resonates with him so much! 

Today, we love to go walking in the forest on a hot day as the canopy provides so much shade. It also shelters you from the wind on a cold day, and a perfect place to collect decorations at Christmas time - and whatever time you visit, you can always here the babble from the stream and the hushed sounds of woodland creatures going about their business. This time round we could hear a woodpecker hard at work, and one of our neighbours tells us they recently spotted an Elk - although we've yet to see him! 

If you're curious about the SKOG scent, Skandinavisk has captured it in the SKOG hand, hair and body care collection with subtle notes of pine needles, woodland lily, birch sap, and fir cones - all of which bring the calm of the Scandinavian boreal forest alive. Although sadly, the sound of a woodpecker and the light footstep of a deer is harder to capture! 

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots from our little cabin by the sea and forest - and hearing about the new collection from Skandinavisk. 

The small team in Copenhagen are so lovely and have made a discount code just for you guys here on the blog in case you'd like to treat yourself or a friend! Use the code myscandinavianhome20 to get 20% off all individual products from Skandinavisk before 31st August 2024. I'd love to hear which scent from Scandinavia you like the sound of the most! Or perhaps you already have a favourite? 

FYI the new collection is available in Europe and USA, with other items from their assortment available in retailers in 40 countries and also online here

If you're curious about anything in my bathroom like the tiles, paint, taps etc, check out this post for the complete lowdown! 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


All photographs and words by me.  


  1. Gorgeous cottage! I saved the candles to my wishlist from another of your posts but finally placed the order today! Lucky if me to have waited to get the code. Thank you 🤗 one step closer to Scandinavian forests here in the US.

    1. This is so great! I'm really happy the discount code was helpful!

  2. Your photographs are lovely! I can see why you would instantly relax when arriving at your beautiful spot.

    1. Thank you so much Pamela! We really love it up there, feel so thankful for Per's grandfather for buying the land almost 100 years ago - it's nice to think of other generations enjoying the wilderness and sunsets before us!

  3. I'm also a badruka, from your description. Your shower looks so inviting! The perfect spot to warm up after a cold dip. You have created a beautiful place to decompress.

    1. I love that you're also a badkruka (made me laugh!). Thank you so much Kris.


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