A Bright White Swedish Apartment Where Old Meets New

Last Tuesday I celebrated my twenty year anniversary of living in Sweden. Can you believe it? I simply don't know where the time has gone. But it's been two wonderful decades! Over my years here, Scandinavian interiors have evolved a lot. Even so, there are some looks that are timeless - and one of those is what I like to call 'the Scandinavian blonde look'. 

Think a less is more approach where light colours and blonde wood take centre stage. The look is bright and airy, with touches of nature found around every corner. 

This lovely two-floored Swedish maisonette offers a beautiful bang up to date version of this style, complete with a contemporary stainless steel kitchen,  traditional wainscoting, wood beams, and a painted checked floor. Ready to feel inspired? 

You quite often find a painted wood floor like this in Swedish homes - particularly in the countryside. It's a technique that stems back to the olden days when tiles were considered very expensive, so people would imitate with paint. Today, it's a well loved feature - and relatively easy to achieve with some stencils and a little patience! 

I've seen more and more green tiles like these appearing in homes lately (only last week we saw something similar in St Oak apartment!). I love the old school touch! The loo with the raised cistern reminds me so much of the ones we had at my primary school too, although I'm sure the owners of this place have better loo roll!! 

All in all, a beautiful home, do you agree? 

Take a look at similar 'blonde wood' Scandinavian-style homes: 

But the look isn't reserved for Scandi homes - take a peek at the kitchen of this Normandy family home

Wishing you all a bright start to the week! 


I am home with a very tired gymnast today. Thank you for all your well wishes! We had a great weekend - it was so fun to watch Alice and her team perform - and we were so proud of them for coming 5th in the nationals (although it will take a while for my pulse to drop!)! Per and I also spent some time afternoon in the breath-taking Stockholm archipelagos too - it's so peaceful there. If you haven't already, I hope you can visit one day!

Photography courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån, found via Nordroom with thanks


  1. Very prettily decorated. I do always wonder about built in seating as in the kitchen, I find it very uncomfortable.

  2. A nice apartment however, I'd love to see a bit more texture, pattern and plants to warm it up
    a bit.

  3. I agree with both thoughts mentioned above. However, I like the storage the bench provides...leather pulls? Its nice they retained the old doors, sinks(though tiny), toilet, and copper plumbing. A pretty, clutter-free arrangement, and I believe the Nordic peoples can actually live that way. Congratulations to Alice and team!!! That's wonderful!!! Hope you all have a relaxing week!

  4. Congrats to Alice and her team! I read the post about the competition too late to send good wishes.
    I am not loving the stainless steel cabinet in the kitchen, it feels too cold to me, but I love the 'blonde' beams, and the painted floor (the diamond pattern - I wish I had a floor to paint, I would have chosen exactly the same pattern). And the Brontosaurus on the shelf is a nice touch. :-)
    I am very fond of kitchens with a table, that is what we had in my child home home and pretty much there where the daily 'living' took place (I grew in a tiny, tiny house). I remember very fondly of all the coffee and coffee cakes consumed at our kitchen table, and of course the conversations, too.

    1. For some reason, I could not post the above comment when using the name option, but I was able to post as anonymous. Is there anything wrong, or is this the new norm?

    2. Never mind, now it seems to be working.

  5. The rhubarb on the table is calling to me! :) Time to make something yummy!

    I love the blond wood and light walls (and the dinosaurs). I think, since I live in a northern climate, that I have a similar craving for daylight as the Swedes do. We need a strategy to get through those gloomy days.

  6. I love that 5 candle piece on the shelf. Any chance of finding out where it comes from? I always love seeing the homes you showcase. Congrats to Alice (and you and Per-we all know if not for the parents behind the kids…)

  7. Hola Nikki, desde hace años que sigo este blog y me encanta. Soy de Barcelona y he visto como a lo largo de los años ha evolucionado el estilo escandinavo, del cual soy una gran admiradora. Este apartamento en blancos y madera clara me recuerda a los inicios de tus publicaciones y considero es maravilloso. Me sigues inspirando con todo lo que publicas. Muchas gracias.


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