10 Scandi Christmas Decoration Ideas from Mari's Home

Hello friends, how are you on this winter day? Now that my birthday is over (thank you for all your kind messages on Wednesday!), Christmas decorating has reached fever pitch in our household, and I've been scouring the web for ideas! One of my go-to people is Mari Magnusson who always adds the most magical festive touches to her country home. 

As always, I love to keep things simple, and many of Mari's ideas feature touches from nature, candlelight, white stars and wreaths. Here are 10 beautiful decorations to feel inspired by: 

1. Foraged branches bring in the season and look so pretty with paper decorations
2. Simple paper baubles hung from cabinet door knobs add a festive touch
3. Paper star lanterns in the window brighten up the darkness and create a warm and welcoming glow. 

4. An imperfect rustic tree tucked in a corner adds charm and a relaxed feel. Add a few small festive touches to give the look a lift. 

5. Candles in a row on a side table or in front of a little used cabinet add a touch of warmth and magic after dark. 

6. Candle wreaths strung from the ceiling make a great replacement for overhead lights at Christmas time. 
7. Fairy lights can brighten up any cabinet or shelving at this time of year. 

8. If you have a relatively large living space, it's nice to have more than one tree! A mini one can brighten up the kitchen, a hallway or a landing! 

9. make your own candleholder with a dough bowl, some moss and a clutch of slim candles! 

10. And of course, the big tree itself! Go all out or keep it simple like Mari - the only rule is to make it uniquely yours! 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! 

You can see more from Mari's beautiful home over at @anangelinmyhome

Check out the Christmas archive for more Scandinavian decorating inspiration this weekend.

Have a cosy weekend!


Photography by Mari Magnusson courtesy of @anangelinmyhome, shared with kind permission. 


  1. For years when I lived in Tucson, AZ, USA, instead of a green tree, I foraged for the perfect mesquite branch and decorated it as my tree. Lights, precious ornaments, and garlands made it special for me. I'll try to dig up a photo.

    1. Your decoration sounds magical! I'd love to see a photo!

  2. Magical. It looks like the gnomes and faeries snuck in and brought woodland decorations. I've never seen the dough bowl with moss and candles idea before--so unique and lovely. Thanks for this one!

    I love the above comment about the mesquite branch. So perfect for that location!

    1. I like the sound of elves and fairies sneaking in to create woodland decorations. I hope they visit my home too!

  3. Thank you for the lovely ideas! ☃️

  4. Dear Nike, hope you had a wonderful birthday. Sending you a big late hug.

    1. Thank you so much :) I had a great day with my family!

  5. The dough bowl is absolutely perfect as a makeshift candelabra.
    For the last X years, I have been promising myself that I will go and cut my own Xmas tree at a tree farm - but I always cancel in the last minute and get my tree at a store (which means that the tree had been cut in the first half of November and the needles are hanging on by a sheer will power) - either I don't have any time off, the weather is nasty or some other reason.
    Well this year, because I had 3 days off last week I did go. I did not actually cut my own tree because I saw a pre-cut tree at the farm that was perfect for me. Although it does not have as vibrant green color as the one in photo #10, it looks good and the shape could not be more perfect. Even without removing some branches, it looks like a perfect tree that could have been harvested in Europe. I am sticking to my 'less is more' motto and I have decorated it with warm white lights only (no ornaments), as usual.
    I feel like Santa has already given me my Christmas gift already - all I wanted for Christmas this year was for my dog to have a definite diagnosis and a treatment plan. Now I have all that, including a drug that is is not licensed in Canada (nor in the US) and which requires special permit from the government and we are already 15 days into the treatment. Even though I have to give the dog an injection twice a day I've got all I wanted.

    1. It sounds like Christmas has come early in your household. I am so happy to hear that your dog is receiving the treatment he / she needs. That's wonderful!
      Your tree sounds absolutely perfect too! Tree farms are such a great tradition. We used to go every year, but as my girls are older now and our weekends are filled with activities we haven't found the time this year sadly. Hoping for next year!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Make your Christmas decor special by adding paper baubles hung from cabinet door knobs, fairy lights, or paper star lanterns in the window to brighten up the darkness and create a warm and welcoming glow! There are sites like performing very well in presenting unique home decor goods.


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