A Cosy Stockholm Flat in Tones of Pink, Ochre and Green

I love it when I stumble across an entirely unique home - full of interesting colours, furniture and details. And this is one of those. Looking at the decor, there are certain clues that tell us the owners love scouring antique and second-hand stores, books and nature. They're also not afraid to break the rules, follow their heart and add playful, personal touches. And that's what I love about this living space. 

Third of white and grey? You're going to love this tour! 

In Stockholm space is of a premium and you can spend a fortune on even the minuscule of apartments. Swedes therefore get creative with the space they have. In this sitting room, a dummy wall has been put up in order to add more storage. I love the playful arch and also the tone-on-tone shades of pink. 

A pair of antique Swedish armchairs and a stool offer a seat in the window for fika! 

Old buildings are often blessed with thick stone walls which in turn mean extra wide windowsills. And with the windows opening outwards, they make the perfect place to display plants and other items! 

A home office space occupies the corner of the room. Personally, I love the bright red lamp and how it pops against the earthy pink wall! 

An antique chest-of-drawers has been fitted with a worktop so that it can double up as a kitchen island.  

The dining room is made up of a traditional antique sofa and chairs. 

A rail has been fitted to the children's bunkbed in order to create space for clothes. My daughter Allie, who actually turns 13 tomorrow, would love this as she flat lays her clothes every evening! 

An earthy green tone, plants and pictures of birds draws nature indoors - long after the leaves have fallen from the trees and the birds have migrated south for winter. 

How lovely! Really unique and interesting. Just what I needed to see this Wednesday, how about you?

Are there any details that you loved in particular? 

Take a peek inside other Scandinavian homes which have used plenty of colour: 

I have had the pleasure of meeting two out of four of the above home-owners in person: Sofie and Sussie, and they were truly inspiring! 

Happy Wednesday friends. I'll be back on Friday with some really beautiful Autumn inspiration, hopefully see you then! 


Photography: Lina Östling. Styling: Rydman. For Historiska Hem. Found via Nordroom with thanks. 


  1. This home is beautiful! What soul!!!

  2. Love everything about it. So much character in furnishings, books, art, little details everywhere. That storage nook is genius. They could have easily installed wall to wall cupboards/closets and it would have been fine, but this is so much better as it creates that little seating area. I also like that they don't seem to have a living room, their "living" is all in one room and they only 2 chairs as a couch. But having two other seating areas in the room (dining and in the nook) there is plenty space. Really good.

  3. A darling space, and those windows!!

  4. Big, big, big like :)) so cozy, calm... beautiful space.

  5. You're so right. So many gorgeous shades of pink and blush.

  6. Rita/Turtledesign12 October 2023 at 11:06

    I wonder what is hiding behind in that storage-area. I find it a strange choice, as it makes an already small space even smaller, so I would love to see what is hiding in there. Guessing it would all make more sense then. I am surprised by the plain, white kitchen, it does not seem to fit with the rest of the room/apartement. Adding color by changing or painting the fronts would make it blend in more. Everything else seems so well thought-out colorwise. I especially love that the window sill and walls in the bedroom is all one color.

  7. I find the matching wall and shelf paint a very clever idea to make the space seem bigger than it is. I will try to use that myself. I love the pink and soft green color. Adorable chairs in two different colors really adds charm to the room.


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