Easter Touches in our Cabin!

It's time for an easter break here in Sweden, and we're spending a few days up at the cottage. Here's a little sneak peek at what's on our table! 

Many Swedes hang decorative eggs from branches at easter time. It's also customary to attach feathers to twigs and branches outside - adding some much needed colour before the leaves and blossom appear! 

One of the highlights for me, is 'Semlor' - wheat buns filled with marzipan and whipped cream! A total calorie bomb, but worth every morsel! 

Other highlights include 'påskkärring' - children dressed as Easter witches with a headscarf, freckles and rosy cheeks, knocking on doors in a quest for sweets. Many also decorate their home with witches (no, that is not an example of one above. Just me!!). 

I found the 'witch' aspect so strange the first year I was in Sweden for Easter. I've since learnt that it was believed that on Maundy Thursday, evil was released into the world and witches would fly on their broomsticks to Blåkulla (you can see the island in my guide to island hopping in the Baltic). And many hang witches in the window as a symbol of this. Read more about the Swedish Easter this this post

Do you have any unusual Easter traditions in your country? 

Looking to decorate your home this Easter? Here are is some Scandinavian inspiration from the archives:

Oh, and of course, it wouldn't be easter without sharing my bunny napkin ears trick for the table. 

I hope you have some relaxing days off and the sun shine's for you! See you next Monday! 

Glad Påsk! 


PS There is an exciting sneak peek in these photos of an 'anniversary' item that is set to launch soon. Can you guess which piece it is? I'll give you a clue: it's Danish. More to follow in a fortnight! 


  1. I love the touch of the pussy willows in your table vase! We always hung our decorated eggs on the twigs gathered from my Mom's garden. I now have a vase of them I cut from that same bush before my parents moved away from our childhood home. They've preserved after all these years, so we continue on with this tradition at my own home, adding daffodils and little wooden bunny and chick ornaments along with the eggs for the holiday. Your bouquet is so gorgeous with the flowers and sprays. Your Scandi blog and books are simply the best, Niki!
    Laura K, Indiana USA

    1. What a lovely tradition! I hope you had a lovely easter weekend. Thank you for your kind words, Niki

  2. I'm looking at this on my phone so I'm not sure if I am seeing all the details, but is it the chair?

    The witches are an interesting bit of lore. I was unfamiliar with that. I think most of the secular Easter celebrations around here are based on the Easter bunny and egg decorating and hunting.

    1. You guessed it I one! More to follow soon!

      The witches are certainly different from what I am used to (which is also the easter bunny - although in Sweden it's a hare!) as well as the egg painting and hunts! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

      / Niki


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