Before and After: A Swedish Attic Apartment Gets a Cosy Makeover

As I roll through the snow Swedish countryside on route to the Stockholm Furniture Fair  today, I thought I'd stop by to share a wonderful renovation project a few hours north of the capital. Josefine Gunhamre, her husband Rikard and their four legged friends Buddy and Frank rent the top floor of her parent's house in Lexe, just outside Gävle. With it's own entrance, stairwell, kitchen and bathroom, the 65 m2 / 700 f2 apartment is completely separate from the rest of the house. Tucked under the roof, the angles can be tricky to navigate, but with a lot of work, Josefine and Rikard have made great use of the space they have, and transformed a dated space into a cosy, warm and inviting living space. 

Kitchen before


Dark wood floor: Kährs. Kitchen: Claessons Kök in colour code NCS S4005-G50Y.

Dining area before


Pendant lamp from Watt & Veke. Cabinet painted in 'Gul antik' by Jotun.

Sitting room area before 


Coffee table Soffa direkt, rug from Classic Collection

Bedroom before

Bedroom after

Sandberg wallpaper, Shell lamp from Byon Design

Cabinet Chilli

Stairwell before

Stairwell after

Colour on stairs: NCS S 6005-G50Y colour on walls 'Kalk' from Jotun. 

Hallway Before

Hallway after

Mirror Zara, walls in Kalk (as before). 

What a fantastic transformation! They have turned a fairly dated, non-descript space into a really cosy home! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

See more of Josefine's home updates over at @josefinegunhamre and take a look in the before and after archive for a ton more incredible renovations! 

The internet connection is so poor on this train that I'm going to keep it short and sweet! Wishing you a great Wednesday! If you'd like to follow my visit to the Stockholm Furniture Fair, head on over to my instagram stories for the latest updates! 


Photos courtesy of Josefine Gunhamre, shared with kind permission.


  1. Love the kitchen and the beautiful greens used throughout. Very pleasing refresh.

  2. The countertops and backsplash stood out to me. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. usually not a fan of slopped ceilings (I am very tall) but I love how cozy and well done this apartment is. I would put up with a few head bruises to live here.

  4. The sloped ceilings remind me of my previous house that was 1.5 storey (the upstairs had sloped ceiling like these). Both upstairs rooms were bedrooms (one was bedroom/office) so it was doable. Like Miruska, I am tall but not tall enough to have a problem with the sloping.
    I love the wallpaper with the pine pattern (I have a special spot in my heart for pines that have needles in these 'clumps' (for lack of a better word).
    And the little chivvy so comfily resting on top of the sofa pillow.

    1. I had to check the wallpaper again and indeed it's a pine with "clumpy" needles (I thought it was leaves). I love those pines too. I grew up with them on the Croatian coast but here in Canada I don't see them ever. I can smell them as I type this. Thanks Alena.

  5. It really wasn't that bad of a space before (well, ok, I wasn't a fan of the backsplash tiles), but they loved it up well and it's a beautiful home now. The hallway looks much more functional than the "before" and having an area work well for you can make or break a space, especially if you have limited square footage. Looks like they did some reconfiguring of the appliance layout in the kitchen--I couldn't get a good feel of the floor plan for the "after" but hopefully it's a better workspace for them now.

  6. Beautiful transformation. I love the continuity of color throughout the home and the way the pieces used in the new design compliment the age and construction style of the home. The one thing I'm confused about and want to know is where did the fridge end up in the new kitchen layout?


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