A Vibrant Loft with Splashes of Colour, Art and Playful Touches

Yesterday, someone mentioned I had featured some impeccable homes lately, but all with the same colour palette. I hadn't even noticed, as I was simply picking out beautiful homes as I went along. But when I looked back, there did seem to be a strong theme. So, today, I'm going for a slightly different aesthetic. 

Lilli's home in Liebefeld, north-west Germany is fresh, vibrant and fun. Using white as a backdrop, she and her husband Sascha have created a wonderful home for themselves and their daughters Emma and Laura. Get ready to feel inspired by how splashes of colour, art and quirky touches can transform a home! 

First, here's a snapshot of the blank canvas, i.e. a pure white kitchen! 

And now, look at what happens when you add simple splashes of colour in the form of a sculpted vase, playful rug, art and flowers. 

Kitchen - IKEA, Scultptured vase Motel a Miio, art on floor Vinta Series

The dining area is so vibrant - and a large balcony door fills the space with fresh spring air! 

Similar gym rings here*, sculpture in corner by Karl Manfred Rennertz

Yellow and pink chair from sushi restaurant Nihombashi Berlin, Sculpted light Schneid studio

Fail art by Eike König, Lips from Studio Job, Samsung The Frame TV on back wall. 

So many fun touches in this home! I especially love all the art and sculptures, they make a huge difference to the overall space. 

Did Lilli's home put a smile on your face too? If so, you might like to follow her over at @kitschcanmakeyourich

Those who have been following My Scandinavian Home, might recognise Lilli's home from 2020 - since then she has made subtle changes so I felt it was time to revisit (although I couldn't resist sharing the same picture from the dining space). You can never see this loft too many times! 

See more splashes of colour in these fabulous homes: 

Happy mid week friends! 


Photography courtesy of @kitschcanmakeyourich, shared with kind permission. 


  1. This is right up my street! I bloody love it, our house has white floors, white walls and pops of colour, theirs is just awesome, and that vase - amazing!

    1. Trudie, I checked out your artwork--are you sure you didn't design art for this space? :) Your Christmas ornaments (sorry, I'm American, and "baubles" is odd for me to say) would fit in perfectly.

      This home was a fun way to mix things up, Niki. It was fun to look for the repeated circles and triangles. I can't help but think that I would continually be bumping into the hanging ring, though.

    2. My daughter has hanging rings in her room, and I do bump into them all the time, especially when they're swinging around! / Niki

    3. I've never seen them before. Are they purely for decoration, and is this popular in Europe?

  2. I was the person who mentioned the similar color schemes (anonymously because I was on work profile ;) I really appreciate that you read and respond to your comments! And as we're redoing our house slowly, I've gotten so much inspiration from your site, especially your own home. Thank you!

    1. Ah, thank you Lisa, I always appreciate the feedback, it's nice to shake things up on here from time to time, sometimes I get carried away in one direction! / Niki

  3. Dear Niki, the place of this beautiful and stylish appartment, and also my place of birth, is called Bielefeld. "Liebefeld" ist used as a sort of Nickname.
    Thanks for your work, I love it. Tanja

    1. I see! Thank you so much for pointing this out, I had no idea! I'll update the post accordingly. Fun that you're from the same town as Lilli! / Niki :)

  4. Myself, I am perfectly happy with the monochrome interiors. I do enjoy looking at those with more colour but then it's quickly back to the more neutral palette. I am so predictable. :-)

    1. That's good to hear, I try to show other looks but I am drawn to the muted, earthy palettes! / Niki

  5. Beautiful home! Any idea who makes the dining table?

  6. Well for me color combination is always an issue to decorate but seeing this blog have an idea how to ajdust that combination.


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