A White Swedish Home with an Angled Kitchen

Such is my work as a writer, that I'm sitting at my desk on a warm, summer's day - without a cloud in the sky - in Malmö writing an article about Christmas for a UK magazine. Needless to say, I don't think I've quite got into the festive spirit yet! Lost for yuletide words, I thought I'd take a break and share this bright and airy apartment in Södermalm, Stockholm with you instead. It's just the breather I needed! The 51 m2 / 548 f2 space is perfect inspiration for anyone dealing with awkward angles, an IKEA kitchen that needs a design facelift or a cramped bathroom. Read on to discover why! 

In the kitchen, an Ikea kitchen carcass hugs the angled wall, while Superfront cabinet doors add a design touch. 

Some of the lost upper cabinet space is replaced by metal shelving beneath the window (also from Ikea). 

Right now, it's all about combining different style and eras. I love how contemporary kitchen cabinets stand beside an early 20th century cabinet - part of the original kitchen. 

A second room doubles up as an open-plan dining room and sitting room, with an eclectic blend of furniture. 

Glass doors ensure a flow of light between the rooms - a vital factor come winter! 

A slim vintage filing cabinet doubles up as a cute bedside table in the bedroom. 

Some old Stockholm apartments were built without private bathrooms - with residents sharing communal ones instead. These days, residents have carved out whatever space they can to create a bathroom, often using a wardrobe. I am not sure if that is the case with this small, L-shaped room. Even so, a narrow basin and loo in the shower area have solved the issue here. The white tiles and patterned tiles ensure it feels light and airy and also stylish! 

I thought it might also be useful to share the floorplan: 

Sovrum - bedroom, Vardagsrum - sitting room, Kök - kitchen

Such a lovely apartment with some great solutions (it's available to buy here).  

I particularly like the kitchen and dining area! And of course, the floor! Is there anything that caught your eye?

I am expecting a flurry of thoughts about the loo / shower combination! For example - won't the loo roll get wet? It reminds me very much of our boat loo / shower (we need to remove pretty much everything in the bathroom before we use the shower!). I think I'd try to fit a circular shower curtain or fold in semi-circular shower wall here (if there's room for it!). Do you have any ideas on how to solve this? 

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Trevlig helg!  Have a great weekend! See you Monday! 


Photography Elin Sylwan, Styling: Petra Yngfalk for Historiska Hem


  1. This is really a lovely apartment. I always admire the windows and deep window sills in these buildings. Yes, that bathroom is super tight, but it's better than sharing with a stranger down the hallway! I wonder if bathroom supplies (including toilet paper) are stored in the cabinet in the kitchen beside the doorway? You would really have to take it with you. I also really like that marble-topped dining table. I don't even want to look at the price! LOL Have a good weekend!

    1. That's definitely one of the beauties of these older properties - the windowsills are so wonderful and deep, and the windows open outwards - so you can use them for display and / or a window seat!
      Totally agree that it's way better to have your own bathroom (I remember uni days when we shared a bathroom in the hallway in our halls of residence - you didn't want to get there last as it was a mess and the hot water had run out!).
      The marble is a dream. But not the price tag!!! Gaaaah! LOL!
      / Niki

  2. They did such a good job with this long, narrow space. I love the glass doorways which let the light flow.

    1. Yes, the glass doors are such a clever touch and so important, especially come winter when it's super dark outside. / Niki

  3. I can relate, as a photostylist of many years, July and August were spent in "glitter land" of Christmas catalogue photo--by the time Christmas season was actually here, I could usually muster up some enthusiasm again but on a much smaller scale!

    1. LOL! Totally! It sort of takes the mystique out of it! I often think about that when I see models in swimwear on the beach and you know they've had to shoot it in winter time! / Niki

  4. Regarding the toilet, I would be tempted to move it to where the handbasin is and install a combined toilet/handbasin.

    1. Yes, that could be a nice solution if the space is wide enough, I agree / Niki

  5. Well, it is a very different house and I loved the uniqueness in it. Thanks for putting your efforts and sharing this.

    1. Happy you liked the uniqueness of this lovely apartment / Niki

  6. Lovely home, I've been there before to visit Anna! That space is perfect to match with elegant furnitures from :)

    1. You've visited this apartment? Wow! What a coincidence! I can imagine it was even more lovely in real life. / Niki


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