A Charming Little Swedish Summer Cottage By The Sea

The countdown has begun for the Swedish summer - and there's a sense that everyone is rushing around trying to get everything done and all the loose ends tied up before heading off for 3 - 6 weeks (yes, really!) for some downtime. Nothing says summer like the quintessential Swedish summer cottage. Usually simply decorated, there's a strong emphasis on providing as many bunks as possible in order to host the raft of passing guests as they go about their tour! You see, summer is a time for catching up with friends and relatives from afar, bringing their own bedding for the night with them. 

This charming 100 year-old cottage in the Gothenburg archipelagos may only be 30 m2 / 322 sq ft - but it has everything you need for a perfect summer by the sea. Think beautiful wood beams, walls rich with patina, light filled rooms and a huge terrace from which to chat into the early hours while looking out over the bay. 

I've just picked up a similar chair for our little cabin called the Boogie chair by Karup. 

Simple wood walls in the kitchen and other natural materials help to connect the cottage with the surrounding nature.

A loftbed in the rafters creates a perfect place for a summer snooze! 

Vintage and antique pieces help to create a relaxed, lived-in vibe and connect the cottage to its past. Plus, a foldable table like this one is ideal for small spaces! 

The sofa doubles up as a futon - ideal for the arrival of impromptu guests! 

Charming in everyway.

The beauty of these small spaces in summer time is that life spills outside, expanding the living space immensely. But for chillier days, there's that lovely wood burning stove which invites a quit read or riotous games of cards (do the card games in your family get out of hand too?). 


Could you imagine spending your summer here? If so, check out the listing over at Fastighetsbyrån

It's a beautiful part of the world - near some of my favourite islands! A little boat would be a must so you'd be able to go out for day trips and explore the archipelago (see my island hopping guide!).

I'm excited about sharing some news from our own little cabin with you tomorrow - it's coming on leaps and bounds now! 



Photographs courtesy of Fastighetsbyr√•n


  1. I think the Scandinavians suckle the hygge with the mother's milk (and so do the Finns). After a week at such a peaceful place one must feel completely reborn.
    One thing that I envy my colleagues in our European offices is their 6 week vacation, which is unheard of in North America. I am relatively lucky because I became an employee of the company I work for through acquisition and the previous place of employement had decent benefits (because it was non-profit, so the pay was abysmal) with a 4-week vacation. Most of my colleagues have to work for years to get to a 3-week vacation. Most people take a day off here, two days off there so there is not much left from the original vacation entitlement. I save my vacation and then take off the entire month in one big chunk (I have doing it for years). I find it is the best way to unwind and forget about work. Sorry, I have gotten off topic here.

  2. I'm definitely jealous of the length of vacation! I work as resource staff at a hospital and I have been there for years so my schedule is very easy to tweak. My husband is at the point where he gets several weeks of vacation yearly. We feel fortunate in being able to take 10 days to 2 weeks off during the summer to travel but a month or more would be glorious. Working around our kid's schedules as they get older makes it more challenging. Anyway, this cottage is a lovely spot for unwinding!

  3. Peaceful and serene.....who could ask for more. We all live in a yellow submarine.

  4. I love receiving your emails each week, they are one of the few subscriptions I didn't stop after a while. Your style is wonderful and looking forward to seeing more of the cabin. Lots of luck with all the work!

  5. billie_thepeach20 May 2022 at 05:15

    that fireplace is so sleek, do you know the brand by chance? or the type of fireplace it would be called in Australia?

  6. This house looks serene and inviting. I would love to vacation there. What's the name of the book that open on the table? And the one that's open on the coffee table? Same book, or two different ones. I want to check the titles online. Thank you!


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