Before & After: An Outdated Property Becomes a Vintage-inspired Family Home

Men Tjeeena! Hur är läget? Today I'm taking you on a virtual trip to Trier in Southwest Germany and Esther Soellner's wonderful home. When Esther and her family first discovered the1903 listed building it had a distinct look of the 1970s - all the rooms had panelled wood and suspended ceilings. Sadly, the stucco and original floor had been destroyed and it lacked many of the other original features. Esther, an interior architect, was keen to restore the house and bring it back to its former glory. her and her husband set about opening up the rooms and reinstalling original features such as doors and windows. The living space was then furnished furniture from antique markets across Europe including France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy - as well as handmade pieces. The result is a calm home with a vintage industrial vibe and a hint of poetry.  Here are some before and after snapshots: 

Kitchen /dining area before

The extent of the renovation was absolutely enormous and included completely gutting the space, tearing down a wall and putting in new windows. 

On the opposite side of the kitchen / dining area, the suspended wood ceiling was removed and new windows and doors were put in. 

Dining area after: 

The cabinet is a fine example of one of Esther's many antique finds. So beautiful! 

Upstairs landing before

You can really see just how dilapidated the house was when the family first found it. Simply everything needed revamping. 

Upstairs landing after

The original wood floor was sanded down and given a new lease of life with white paint, while a mid-grey emphasises the architraves, turning it into a feature. 

The children's bedroom has been kitted out entirely with vintage and antique pieces.

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom after
Esther made use of existing plumbing to add a luxurious feel to the bedroom with a bath (I'm just imagining a candlelit bubble bath and a great book before bedtime!). She also made a feature of existing beams and pillars - stripping back the plaster to reveal the original brickwork. 

A vintage industrial JIELD lamp (I've got one of these in the corner of our sitting room too - always been a fan!)

A black and white theme in the bathroom (love the traditional style loo!) is softened with vintage touches included a wall cabinet and hooks. 

How beautiful! 

I love all the historical doors and internal windows - as well as the general simplicity of the space. It really allows the architecture to shine. 

Keep an eye on Esther's instagram feed @esma.auguste for more snapshots from her lovely home. 

I love a before and after - do you? Here are a few others to enjoy this Lillöradag (little Saturday): 

Har det bra! 


Photography courtesy of @esma.auguste


  1. That was so lovely to see. Thank you.

  2. I just love so much when people can see beyond all the damage and mayhem in old houses... when people see the real potential and beauty, and are able to create wonderful and beautiful spaces while still respecting the building.

    1. I was just thinking the same. I wish I had to eye, but mostly the courage, to see beyond the destruction and understand how to bring it back to life. Great space and great mixture of vintage and modern.

  3. Wow. In truth, I would have turned around and walked away rather than trying to tackle that job. They have done an amazing job breathing new life into a dilapidated home. Love it!

    1. Me too! I don't think I would have even got Per to the house in the first place. IU guess fortune favours the brave and now they have a stunning home :)

  4. I loved the original window in the kitchen (in the photo with the broom) with the gently rounded top as i reminded of the windows in my previous house (that was built around 1900). I replaced the windows prior to listing the house for sale and it made me sad that such craftsmanship cannot be expected any longer. The new windows came, of course, with straight lines. Every time I pass by that house, I think of the original windows with the gentle curve.

    1. I love the sound of the original windows with the gentle curve! It sounded like you had a wonderful home!

  5. I just adore the bath tub next to the bed. A warm bubble bath with a good glass of wine and book, then just slip into the cozy bed in one swoop! Genius!


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