Clever Small Space Solutions in a Cool Stockholm Apartment

This incredible apartment is for anyone living in small space, scratching their heads trying to figure out how on earthy they're going to fit everything in AND still achieve a minimalist aesthetic! Occupying a 19th century building overlooking Riddarfjärden, the easternmost bay of Lake Mälaren in central Stockholm, this 36 metre square (387 feet square) industrial style apartment is cool, funky, unique - and above all else practical. Trust the swedes! Scroll on down to get some ideas! 

In small living spaces using the full height of the room is key! These bespoke, built-in units make plenty of room for storage, and help to keep other areas free of clutter. 
Doubling up on space by adding a raised bed with storage underneath makes optimum use of every inch! At night, blackout blinds roll down from the ceiling creating a cosy zone and ensuring total darkness! 

Under-bed railing provides a perfect place for hanging clothes. 
To ensure a more minimalist look, group items and leaving plenty of 'blank space' around the display. 

Bespoke floor-to-ceiling pine shelving in the hallway paves the way for storage space and laundry, while a large mirror helps to visually enlarge the apartment and bounce light around. 

An internal window allows light to flow through to the windowless bathroom and let off some steam! 

I thought it would be interesting to share the floorplan too (courtesy of Historiska Hem) so you can clearly understand the footprint. It's in Swedish - säng = bed, kök = kitchen, rum = room, bad = bathroom.  
What do you think? Have you ever seen a space like this before? 

I absolutely love it! And would be half tempted to move in myself (it's for sale via Historiska Hem), not least for the views! How about you? 

More small space inspiration in this archive (if this pops up first, just scroll on past!). 

Have a great start to the week! 


PS come here looking for Scandinavian Christmas inspiration? Click here! Plus, I'm planning to share some beautiful ideas with you later on in the week! 

Photography courtesy of Historika Hem with thanks.


  1. Well, that is the coolest and the smartest apartment I have ever seen. Amazing. They definitely took advantage of those high ceilings so well. I am impressed with the washing machine location but would be a bit worried about it in the middle of the spin cycle (or maybe that's just mine?!). Obviously the bed is so clever but that mirror double front door has me puzzled and delighted. Lovely.

    1. Ahh, just realised that the mirror door is actually a door to the bathroom. So clever the way they created a laundry shoot but it also nicely slots in front of the front door to be out of the way so you can have a big mirror reflecting light (if you live alone you really don't need a door on the bathroom). Gah, love it!!

    2. I love your 'spin cycle' remark - really made me laugh, so true! Happy you felt inspired by this space too - so many clever solutions in one room!

  2. Incredible. I would move in tomorrow if I could.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me, as in humid countries we see those stains of paint and humidity as completely negative things and in drier (and developed) countries, look at those stains with affection, hehe

    1. What a great comment! So interesting. The peeling paper and stains is not for everyone, and indeed, not everyone can get away with it under the guise of 'industrial-style' either! Haha!

    2. Agree 100% a little too dirty for me

  4. That is quite a lesson in organization, I would say! The only thing that I think would be a problem (for me at least) is the little amount of space to the left of the kitchen sink and its size, but on the other hand I do realize that every square inch needs to be accounted for.
    The laundry machine looks like a laundry machine for dolls, particularly in comparison with Canadian/US washers which are quite the behemoth (I was shopping for a new washer myself on Saturday and I was disappointed that I had to buy a bigger one than I really wanted because due to the Covid-related issues with appliance supply, the smaller one was too uncertain (i.e. uncertain whether I would get it).

    1. I can well imagine the size of washing machines in the USA and Canada - everything that way seems to be super sized - your fridges too! The one in the picture does look particularly mini but I guess if you're only one or two people without children that's all you'd need. I hope smaller units come your way soon!

  5. Hey Niki, i fall in love with this small space, i also have a small room and gave me an idea of how to manage a small space, i specially love the bathroom, it is soo cute, thanks for the share dear.

    1. I'm so happy this home has inspired you Christina!


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