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Hej hej! Are you ready for the week ahead? The girls went back to school this morning (I can't tell you how hard it was for us all to wake up!), which officially marks the end of our carefree summer holiday - and the return to what will no doubt be a crazy Autumn. Eeek! This season, I've decided to do things a little differently. I've always been one of those people who loves to run around at a hundred miles an hour (my preferred choice of sport has always been tennis and jogging) - how about you? But due to unforeseen circumstances back home in London (more to follow soon when I feel ready), I've decided to take care of myself more in the coming months - take some time out here and there and slow down

I've been meaning to start yoga for several years and I finally took the leap a few weeks back - turning to my dear friend Sarah Brooks-Wilson (who's been practising yoga for years) for advice. Sarah helped me pick out these fine specimens from Danish brand - Nordal (co-owner Signe Nordal runs a yoga and Ayurveda studio called Simple Days in Sondrup, Denmark and developed this wonderful collection for Nordal as a result). And we spent a few days transforming a disused corner of Per's and my bedroom into a mini yoga studio! 

I promise I won't be sharing any pictures of my Downward-facing Dog pose just yet (trust me, it's not something you'd want to see!) - but I thought you might like to see some pictures of my yoga area, just in case you're looking for inspiration!

I've always loved this corner of our bedroom. It's flooded with natural light and since it's on the top floor - very calm. In the past it's been used as everything from a home workspace to more recently, a dumping ground for all kinds of things - big and small. It feels great to finally make use of it again!

As with the rest of my home, I was keen to stick to natural materials - selecting pieces in wood, cork, rattan and cotton - as well as ensuring beautifully soft fabrics and a clutter-free look in order to be able to really switch off! 

The yoga items include a cork matcotton belt and super soft blanketcork blocks as well as a water flask (this one is GIANT and my whole family loves it, to be fair it could suffice for all of us on an outing - but so far, I've managed to hold onto it up here, let's see how long it lasts). And the large bolster is also super helpful. 

The screen is also from Nordal - I've had it a few years now (you might remember it from this post). 

To get me started, Sarah has recommended several apps including Downdog (her favourite), Asana Rebel,  and Daily Yoga. 

The relaxation / Shavasana at the end (using a YIN yoga mattress and a meditation bolster) has become one of my favourite parts of the routine, it makes me feel so wonderfully calm and also leaves me feeling centred and balanced the rest of the day. Just what I need right now!  

Sidenote: how unbelievably soft and comfortable is yoga wear? I'm SO going to be wearing this kit around the house, I might stop short at going to the shops in it for now, no matter how tempting!).

Honestly, before this, I'd only ever heard of a yoga mat! Thank you so much to Sarah and Nordal for helping me to create my studio. It's a perfect place for some respite during these crazy times. I'm looking forward to my Autumn routine already! 

Oh, and I came up over the weekend to find Liv and Allie doing yoga here, it really warmed my heart! Maybe Per will be in on the act too soon - although, that remains to be seen! 

I'd love to hear from any yoga fans out there - any tips for some great apps / online classes? I'm only just finding my feet so all thoughts welcome. 

As always, do let me know if you have any questions about any of these items / this corner of my home! 
In the meantime, if anyone's looking for me, I'lll be right here. 


*This is a paid partnership with Nordal. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible.


  1. Hi Niki! What a lovely yoga corner you've created. Thank you for sharing! I've practiced yoga for several years and I rely on Yoga with Adriene. She's amazing. You can find a million of her free videos on YouTube (including a really great beginner series). She also offers a subscription ($10 USD per month) for meditations and more advanced practices. Wishing you all the best from Buffalo, NY, USA... see you on the mat!

    1. Thank you so much - I'm going to go and check out Adriene's beginner series now!

    2. I agree, Yoga with Adrienne is my go-to as well, plus I have also tried Yoga with Bird on you tube plus Boho Beautiful. I have been practising for a number of years but have tried to practice daily since lockdown began. Got my sister into doing it too last year during a difficult time in her life. I find it very grounding... good luck

  2. Great space for some down time! I have been practicing yoga since '96 and have been a teacher since '08. I think carving out this little space for yourself is perfect. I would highly recommend my yoga teachers, all are still offering live online classes... you may just have to suss out the time difference! is based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Both Monica and Tama are wonderful! If you need to relax I guarantee just the sound of their voices will make you calmer. :) In the UK (Brighton), Peter Blackaby is a phenomenal yoga teacher. All 3 have other online resources and books. Happy Yoga'ing! ~Lisa

    1. Oh wow, '96? I have a lot of catching up to do! Thank you so much for these tips, I really appreciate it. Niki

  3. Really beautiful and nice space. I must say i never done yoga before. I don't know if it is for me. My firends do yoga and they enrouraged me many time to give it a try. Who knows maybe in the future. Your studio is so amazing!

    1. Thank you! That's how I've felt for many years! it's going well so far, do give it a try and let me know how it goes. There are some great beginner tips in this comment section!

  4. Good Day!! Thank you for sharing your idea with us i learn a lot in this topic.


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