A Warm and Relaxed Artists Home Full of Vintage Finds

I'm in the mood for some arty / creative inspiration today, how about you? Scrolling through my instagram feed I happened upon Edna's charming home in Rheinland, Germany and it fits the bill perfectly! Edna has always wanted to live in an old house - and was delighted when she moved into the Art Nouveau property - with its high ceilings and wonderful light - dating back to 1911. Edna and her husband are both artists and live in the two lower floors of the property with their children and adopted cats. Their studio occupies the top floor. Edna loves to immerse herself in history and likes to keep the look and feel of her home "bright, natural and unconventional". The furniture is a blend of antiques (matching the date of the house), vintage finds as well as a few handpicked contemporary pieces. The result is a wonderful, relaxed, lived-in feel where no two pieces are the same. Ready to feel inspired? 

Oh, so beautiful! 

I love how distinct and personal this home is, it's truly original. 

That cat ramp! 

Do you feel charmed by this home too? Anything in particular that stood out to you? 

Keep an eye on Edna's email for more inspiration. 

A relaxed artists home in Norway (which I had the pleasure of capturing for my second book)

I also love the low hanging art in the Stockholm home of Karolina Modig

When it comes to hanging art, I love the way Edna's has played with scale and space. If you have art to hang but not sure where to start - or you'd like to create a gallery wall, I've shared a fail-safe technique here

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! 


Photography: - shared with kind permission.


  1. Charmed is definitely the right word! I really love the variety of wood tones and styles of cabinets and furniture used with so much white. And the cat stairs from the balcony are brilliant!

  2. and the clock - forgot to mention how pretty and simple the wall clock is!

  3. Do you know the name of the wallpaper?

    1. Morris & Co - Pimpernel Wallpaper

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  4. This is such a cozy, comfortable home. That patio is everything!!

  5. Soooo charming. Thank you for another great post Nikki!

  6. Your blog post is stunning. Thanks!!

  7. Love love love this place! I could SO move in just as it is! Cats included lol!

  8. Lovely. Renewing my interest in a proper floor to ceiling library area.

  9. Love these finds! I love the vintage furniture. How do you do upholstery cleaning with vintage furniture?


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