My Kitchen Renovation: 5 Kitchen Colours I love Right Now

In paid collaboration with Bosch 
Last week I mentioned that we're finally renovating our summer cottage kitchen - woohoo! I'm so excited. Not only is it well overdue (see the before pictures here) - it also means a lot of time drooling over swoon worthy kitchens on Pinterest. I've narrowed it down to five looks I love right now (not all practical, I must say, but a girl can dream, right?!). 

1. Blue / grey tones (above) This kitchen belongs to my friend Tina Lekeberg, who's a bit of a colour guru! I love the muted blue, green and grey tones she's used (the darker cabinets have been painted in NCS 6010-R90B and the lighter ones in Restful Le Havre). I'm also a big fan of the light grey marble worktop and backsplash (I've honestly lived with wood worktops for too long and I'm looking for something a little more practical this time round). I also like how the plants add an immediate sense of harmony! 

2. Sage green: This is definitely one of the big kitchen colours of 2019, and there's something so calming about it! Light green is certainly a strong contender for the cottage kitchen (I'll take a couple of samples up with me next time I go).  Are you a fan too? And just look at those little porcelain wall lights! They're from a local shop here in Malmö - and I've had my eye on them for so long.

3. In the pink: How fabulous is the colour of this Reform kitchen from?! As I said a girl can dream - but in reality, our cottage kitchen hasn't been decorated since the 1970s and probably won't get another facelift for fifty years - unfortunately this means I'm kind of going to have to reign it in a little in terms of colour and go for something a little more timeless, do you agree? Don't even get me started on the fabulous tiles!!

4. Two tone: Will you look at this Norwegian kitchen?! The interior architect has used a deeper blue-green on the lower cabinets and a lighter mint-green/blue on the upper cabinets. I also have my eye on the brass / gold touches (are you a silver or gold person?). Since the summer cottage is quite old, I might try to go ever so slightly more traditional with tarnished gold, we'll see!

5. Soft grey: Which leads me to the final kitchen. These soft grey cabinets and brass knobs in the home of Cille Grut were captured for my second book The Scandinavian Home (I'll never forget the day we spent photographing her beautiful house on the Danish coast). The light wood worktop adds a warm touch to the space so if I were to go down this route, I should definitely think about incorporating wood somewhere to prevent the look from appearing cold. What do you think?

IKEA LERHYTTAN cabinets are similar to the ones in the kitchen above. I think they could be perfect for a small kitchen as they are fairly understated and don't take up too much 'visual space'. Also, Bosch appliances fit seamlessly with these IKEA cabinets (I'm very keen to integrate the dishwasherovenfanfridge etc.) so this could be spot on! Hmmmm. Lots to think about! 

Next step: measuring-up and designing the layout. Oh, and testing those colour samples I mentioned. It suddenly feels like there's so much to do! 

I'm looking forward to updating you with my progress next week. In the meantime, please do weigh in below, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


Picture credits: 1. Niki Brantmark / Tina Lekeberg 2. Photography Petra Bindell, Styling Emma Persson Lagerberg. 3. Reform 4. Photographer Nicklas Hart, Interior Architect Cecilie Claussen 
5. The Scandinavian Home published by CICO Books. Photography by James Gardiner © CICO Books 

*This series is in paid collaboration with Bosch. However, all words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 


  1. The last picture with the soft grey tones is my vibe completely, but, I also love the blue grey in the first picture and sage green is also a favourite!

    1. So many to choose from! I'm happy you like the soft grey - I'm leaning towards that. I'll take up green and soft grey colour samples with me to test in the space. Thanks for the input :)

  2. I have a marble section about 3 feet wide in my countertop run as a pastry making "station" that never seesa ny baking action. Instead or wire 3 tiered fruit basket sits there, and over the years the marble has gotten pitted and stained from dripping fruit juices which are acid. Marble and acids dont mix! If you dont mind the patina that marble or limestone develops, or dont mind instead sealing your countertops every 6 months to protect them, then perhaps think engineered quartz or granite. anyway kitchen remodels are challenging yet rewarding when you get them right, so great good luck, looing forward to seeing your finished kitchen.

    1. This is such helpful input, thank you so much. I'm not sure I fancy sealing my countertops every 6 months - especially at the cottage (we're there to relax!!!). I'll definitely keep this in mind!

  3. I like the 2 tone kitchen (#4) best. However, all of them are really nice, except for the pink - personally I don't see it as a classic. We have Ikea cabinets in our kitchen and I love them - classic styles and cost-effective. We have white uppers and most of the lowers are in a wood finish. I wish that we had them painted before we installed - I would have loved a colour, but I've looked into doing it now and it's quite expensive to have it done after the fact.

    1. The two tone kitchen is fabulous! I agree that the pink isn't very classic (I think my text may have been a bit unclear so I'll try to go in and update it). We really want the kitchen to stand the test of time - especially at the cottage! So happy you love your IKEA cabinets. Based on your input, I think I might get them spray painted to the exact colour we'd like before installing them. Thank you so much for your input, really helpful!

  4. The last image is my favourite. I love the soft colours and while the cabinetry is modern enough it also has that cottagey look - I hope this makes space. I also think that in a cottage you would want something that survive trends.
    And although I also like #4 it strikes me more as a city kitchen.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Alena. I love the last kitchen too - really drawn to the soft grey and brass combination. As you say it's really classic and I also live that it's light too :)

  5. Can we talk about the marble cutout for the window in the first picture? So beautifully done! A fantastic, practical detail that turns into such a feature.
    I would love marble countertops, as I love to make chocolate and use a marble slab to cool it down on. Trying to figure out how I can make it work in our kitchen. Marble is beautiful, but not always practical, and I actually much prefer wood. With some attention for the first six months, it is then really easy to maintain afterwards, at least that is what I find. As long as you can live with some spots and sctraches. The first and second kitchens are my favourites, but when we redo ours I think we will still end up with a white kitchen and doors with no profiles. Our current one has profiles and I HATE how much work they are to clean. Like the last one, too, the grey and wood (ash?) are lovely together.

    1. Ah yes! Thanks for pointing that out - it's so clever. And actually we have the same issue in our cottage kitchen (since it was built in the 1930s, the kitchen window is lower than the cabinets), so this could be a good solution depending on which work top we go for. Thank you for the input on the wood - extremely helpful!!


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