A fascinating, small studio where interests dictate

Hej hej! You know that feeling when you know your computer is about to die but you can't be bothered to move nearer the power socket? Well, I'm on borrowed time here. The truth is, I'm curled up under a blanket in the corner of our sail boat feeling all cosy with a steaming cup of coffee. Everyone else is still asleep and it's sooo lovely and quiet! I know that if I get up to charge my laptop there's a chance I might stir one of the members of my beloved family and my golden hour of peace will be over! I'd better get on with today's tour quickly! Although there's no 'quick' about the way this beautiful studio has been decorated. The lovely home of Ann Stephenson and Lori Scacco (who oversees Donzella) in Manhattan's East Village has a wonderful nostalgic feel to it. The 370 square foot (34 square metres) studio is brimming with fascinating art, antiques, books and trinkets, evidence of a home dictated by passions and interests rather than trends. Photographer Genevieve Garruppo
has truly captured the essence of the space.

Photography Genevieve Garruppo Prop styling: Kaylei McGaw

What a fascinating home? I love how Ann and Lori haven't let a limited space prevent them from surrounding themselves with all the things they love. It's also wonderful to see an old world feel in the heart of a big city!

Is there anything that catches your eye?

Get the look from Ann and Lori's studio: source a vintage black leather sofa here, this dining chair is similar, buy beautiful cushions / pillows here. I love these vintage industrial wall lamps. Pick up a beautifully faded, vintage kilim rug here. This is a lovely iron bed frame.

See more pictures of this lovely home over at the wonderful Lonny magazine (while you're there you must check out Lonny's ideas and home tour pages - full of inspiration!).

And if you're looking for more inspiration on ways to decorate a small space, you might also want to check out this archive.  So many clever ideas?!

Trevlig helg! Have a wonderful weekend - see you Monday! 


  1. Gorgeous home! I love the painting of the two ladies by the river.

    1. It really is isn't it? I love that painting too :)

  2. Lovely home today, Niki! And have a wonderful weekend on the boat!

    One quick note - you mention this apartment being 370 sq. meters, which seems like a typo (that would convert to 3,982 sq. ft., which would be quite large). Do you mean 37 sq. meters, which would be ~ 398 sq. ft.? Or a different number?

    I'm curious, since it's such a beautiful, cozy apartment.

    1. Thanks so much for pointing this out Emily - I'd got them the wrong way round! I've now updated the post. Have a lovely weekend!

    2. Ok, that explains it! Thank you for clearing that up. :)

  3. "The golden hour of peace in the morning, when the family is asleep ..." - I know this. And I love this, too : )

    The apartment is beautiful!

  4. Replies
    1. It really is! Proof too, that you should follow your heart when it comes to putting together a home.

  5. What an impressive place to live in, just look at all the furniture, specially the mirror that fits to the room outlook.

    1. The mix of furniture is delightful! Love the mirror too!


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