A studio is transformed into a lovely guest room

How wonderful would it be to have a dedicated guest room with a big double bed, made up with fresh, soft bed linen and light pouring in from the windows? For most of us this isn't a reality so we have to make do with the rooms we already have. But who's to say they can't be transformed into a warm and inviting guest room?!  My talented friend Holly Marder for example, uses a sofa bed in her studio in The Netherlands to transform the space into a private sphere for guests when they come to stay. Plus I noticed, that she has even left out a few noteworthy coffee table books (eh hem!) on the nightstand for them to peruse!

Credits: styling and photography Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle.

What a great solution? It helps that her studio is absolutely lovely too. I think it might be time I nipped over to The Netherlands to pay her a visit, don't you?! Te he he!

Get the look from Holly's studio / guestroom: wooden fold out sofa, stool cc (used as a bedside table),  wall sconce (find a vintage version here). Black linen duvet cover. Source botanical prints here. Modern Pastoral interior book.

You can see more pictures and the full feature here.

Any ideas to share on how to make a guest room inviting? I try to live by the following:

- Give a little guided tour when they arrive so they can find everything they need and feel at home
- Leave out a little welcome package in their room that includes: a towel, hair towel (better still, a hair turban - I love these!), dressing gown, slippers and wifi code.
- Place a pile of recent magazines (and a few coffee table books I know they'll love) on the night stand.
- Fresh flowers in the bedroom also add a wonderful touch!

Do you have any tips?

For bedroom styling inspiration I'd definitely recommend taking a look at Holly's own bedroom - one of my most visited posts of all time!

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I have a small basket in our guest room filled with travel sized lotion, shampoo, body was etc. that people can use if they forgot something (or if they want to try something new!!). I also leave out some snack and a few bottles of water. I know how awkward it feels when one is a guest and those midnight hunger pangs rumble!

    1. Oh wow - you're truly the hostest with the mostest! Thanks for the tips, I'll remember them for next time someone comes to stay :)

  2. I would love to sleep in Holly's guest bed! It looks very comfortable. I also re-visited her studio, and the one item I love most is the chubby brown mug with a chip in its rim (in front of the 'face' drawing).

    One thing I always wanted to thank you for (and I always forgot), Niki, is that all your links automatically open in separate browser windows. So nice not having to right-everything and select that option from the menu. Muchly appreciated!!!

    1. I hadn't spotted that mug before, but now you point it out, it's so charming! Happy to hear about the links, someone gave me the tip a few years back. I'm with you, it can be so frustrating when you disappear off to another website and then have to majorly back track! have a wonderful weekend Alena!

  3. Me a spare room seems to turned out very nice and pleasant, I would keep indoors in general from her. I will take the pair of ideas for the house, if you not against.

  4. The glass and pitcher are really beautiful, would love to know where they are from. I'm trying to do a similar thing with my spare room and using it as a space to sew for the majority of the time but with a sofa bed in it for people to stay. It's quite small though so I'm having to be creative with space! Took so long to choose a sofa bed that didn't take up too much room when it was a sofa but folds out to a decent size.

    1. I had a look around but couldn't find the glass and pitcher - you could try contacting Holly directly, I'm sure she'd be happy to help. It's so tricky when rooms have a dual function - but I'm sure you've done a wonderful job!


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