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What colour kitchen cabinets would you choose?

The kitchen is such an important room. One of my Mum's friends always refers to it as 'the engine room of the house', which I think is spot on, don't you? Last night I got a message from a great friend in London asking for advice on what colour kitchen cabinets she should choose. We've all been in interior dilemmas before and when I saw the picture of her kitchen (scroll down to the last image), I knew I had to help, plus it gave me an excuse to drool over beautiful kitchens on Pinterest. I also found these beautiful kitchens shot by one of my favourite Swedish photographers, Jonas Ingerstedt...could white or a shade of blue be the answer?!

Blue from the kitchen of Saša Antić:

Or a shade darker?

Jonas Ingerstedt. Residence.

Tania's kitchen now (taken by Tania):

I absolutely love the dark blue one, but perhaps not for my friends space.

Any thoughts?

What colour is your kitchen?

If you'd like to see more inspiration, take a peek at photographer Jonas Ingerstedt's own kitchen, this stunning Danish kitchen in pastels and this white and grey Malmö kitchen. Infact, type 'kitchen' into the my scandinavian home search and you'll find hundreds of beautiful kitchens (I couldn't believe it!).

PS I was quite nervous about this post since I only ever post images of spaces on My Scandinavian Home I absolutely love. So putting the last image on here was enough to break me out into a slight sweat (eh hem. I mean a gentle 'glow'!) but it's important to get out of the comfort zone from time to time....especially to help a friend in need, isn't it?!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Hi!
    I did love the 1st blue kitchen... I see Tania has a porch or back garden of some sort, so it'd be like bringing a touch of sky into the kitchen while having a burst of nature outside...
    Following the same line, I thought of emerald green (though I'm not sure, because the kitchen is so small, it might get too "heavy") or maybe even lavender?
    This is hard! :)
    have a nice Tuesday*

  2. Hi, since the kitchen is tiny I would go for white for everything above the countertop and something darker on the bottom. I like the kind of grey shades that Farrow and Ball make. I would go for a matte finish.
    I don't know if she can afford to loose the storage space, but if so I would get rid off all the cabinets around the window, they block a lot of the little light that comes in is my impression and it will make the room look bigger. If not I would opt for white closed doors on the top cabinets. And get rid of the one in the corner. It's ridiculous and probably stores very little anyway. Sorry to be so blunt, trying to be efficient with my time ;-D
    Have a wonderful day, kind regards, Simone

  3. P.S. beautiful examples of kitchens. Love the dark bottom kitchen. Though the ribs in the fronts would be unkept if it were my kitchen I fear. I find the blue a bit too much. Simone

  4. PS Tania could replace the cabinet to the right of the hood with a series of open (white) shelves whose depth are the depth of the wall to the left-side of the window, making the front of the shelves flush with the sidewall next to the window frame and streching from window to hood. That way, no light will be blocked, and little storage will be lost and I think it will look great. The other cabinet I would give it a white closed front. Simone

    1. Wow Simone - so much input! Thank you, you're a star! :)

  5. The dark blue one looks great (it's my favourite colour, so I could be biased). I always seem to prefer dark wood or plain white in thr kitchen though.

  6. I think this kitchen needs to be white because it is small. It is difficult to advise as you can't really see the whole area. However, I would keep the window area as clear as possible, I don't like the wall cupboards or the little shelves which definitely cut down on light. Colour could be added with accessories.

  7. I would go with white or pastels, as the kitchen is fairly small. Something that would still be cheerful and bright on a dull winter's day.

    Good luck in choosing!

  8. mine are light blue and i'm actually considering to change them for white.
    i really loved that shade of blue but i guess white is more versatile.

  9. I don't think you necessarily need to stick to white just because it's a small space but I'd definitely go for pale cabinets with white walls. I think my choice would be pale grey, or some combination of pale grey and white. Also open shelving on the top half or cabinets with glass doors to add depth. Or for something completely different how about stainless steel on the bottom half (Ikea do a range still, I think) that would reflect the light and make the space feel bigger? And finally, I reckon pale grey marble worktops like the ones in the pale blue kitchen would look amazing and would reflect lots of light, too. So many options, how will Tania ever choose?! Good luck! Anna

  10. White is the way to go. The white will make the kitchen look brighter and larger. I have white cabinets and love them.

  11. i love the clear and also the second shade of blue, the textured ones. gorgeous!

  12. My kitchen looks much much worse than your friend's so it can't shock me ;) I don't like white, so I would prefer the dark blue style. On the other hand this kitchen looks rather tiny, so maybe a dark color would be too much? Maybe a light grey instead?

  13. HI there :) First of all, thumbs up for getting out of the comfort zone, love it! And oh yeah, see your point and why you feel that you just have to give a hand with that kitchen… depending on whether your friend is going to keep the black color of the tables and the upper cabinets I would definitely go for a light color, could be blue or bit more daring yellow since it seems very dark and tight - if yellow I would change the tiles into small black ones or a mix with art tiles - but if the the cabinets and the table color are to be changed its a whole different story :) … Id go for a more clear and fun color to lift up the heavy feeling!
    Good evening, Daniélle ;)

  14. Always white cabinets and white wall tiles. And change the wall colour monthly if I wanted! All 'permanent' (ie: expensive) items I would always suggest as neutral, which also goes for the counter, floor and appliances and change the walls whenever the mood strikes. It is only paint, after all, and not very expensive.

    Great blog!

  15. I love the grid wall and blue cabinet ones the most!

  16. def keep it light the blues in the images are great, but it will just suck what little light there is in there - some lovely veined white marble splashbacks with open shelves (even marble shelves!?)
    joinery fronts could be a lovely 'pastel hue' of grey in the veining.... can't see the floor finish so makes it a little harder!

  17. I really like the dark blue one. It's absolutely beautiful. I also love black kitchens, but I'm afraid that her kitchen is to small for black.
    We have a wooden kitchen, but not anything like her. Our kitchen is more robust, and we are very happy with it ! Good luck with the choice !

  18. I agree that white would work. Maybe even remove the upper cabinet doors to make the space feel more open...But I am curious as to what is on her floor..

  19. Nice home interior designing and furnishing!

  20. oooh i never would have thought about blue as a cabinet color ... white would be my usual favorite...but wow that blue is gorgeous

  21. Hey!
    Before your friend starts to think about what colour to paint the kitchen, then I would suggest getting rid of the upper cabinetsas they take up so much space and light. Now I know that kitchens in London can be rather small and that storage space more than often is something you dream about, however in this case, then I would consider open shelves if your friend can't remove the upper cabinets entirely.
    By getting more light and space into the kitchen, then I believe that your friend is able to consider many different colours for the kitchen.
    I would definitely go for a warm, pastel colour paired with white walls. Mint green? Or a warm, cozy gray? Or maybe a light pink? However, I guess it all depends on your friend.
    Let us know when you figure it out!

  22. Sounds a little out there but yellow would look lovely in this small space. Great example on A Beautiful Mess at the moment :)

  23. White cabinets. The blue should go on the ceiling. :)


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