Melbourne home with fab accessories

There are three things I love about this Melbourne home of Justin and Jeanne Roebert; the round mirrors (I am after the Hay strap mirror), the pretty, light grey marble in the bathroom and the fab PP225 Flag Halyard chair. Note the cheese plant too - big leaved plants became popular in 2012 and will continue to be a part of  the home in 2013. The only problem is, I've already managed to kill my Fig tree. looking so healthy in these pictures only a few months back sniff sniff.....

 Interior design and styling by Hecker Guthrie.  Photos – Derek Swalwell, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.Interior design/stylist: Hecker Guthrie, Photography: Derek Swalwell, producer: Lucy Feagins for the Design Files
What are your top picks from this home? Or perhaps something you would change?

PS Anyone got any tips on how to look after a fig tree (much needed)?! Or perhaps you can recommend something else err, a little less high maintenance?!


  1. Preciosas imágenes y maravilloso interiorismo.
    Me encanta los elementos de diseño que tiene esta casa, la hacen especial

  2. Love some of the architectural details here! :) x

  3. i love the round mirror in the bathroom. the deep blues in the sofa and rug are really lovely as well. i might add i quite like those little yellow shoes : )

  4. Oooh, those cabinet doors in the living room. Does anyone know where to find?

  5. some lovely bits + pieces - I love the Hay strap mirror too, and what an unusual hand basin in the bathroom! I'm no good at keeping green things alive either, but my rather retro kentia palm just keeps on going.

  6. Wow, this house is sooo special, has amazing details!
    That sideboard and the mirror /sight/!

  7. yes, she is fantastic. This home was amazing, love the colors.

  8. Is it a fruiting fig or a fiddleleaf fig? If it's a true fig, and if you still have it, take a look to see if it has small green tips--they're buds. My fig (which I grow in the house because we don't live in a warm enough climate to grow it outside) will drop ALL of its leaves in the fall. It's just like trees outside. They drop their leaves in the fall, and sprout new ones from those green tips in the spring. So...if you haven't tossed it on the compost yet, you might consider continuing to water it and making sure it has a happy, sunny spot.

  9. I forgot you provided a link to your healthy fig. Yes, that kind will drop its leaves. Even though mine always bounces back (and provides us with a few figs to eat), it's also prone to spider mites, which are a pain to deal with.

  10. Hi Cathy, thank you so much for your input on my beloeved fig tee. I've never heard of an indoor plant dropping leaves (I'm not much of a plant expert as you can see) so am pleased to hear that my fig tree is not actually dead, just sleeping :) I will get watering and look forward to the leaves appearing in the spring! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Love the peaceful. And the mirrors, the chair, the carpets (i'm fan of bourrelec) and light!

  12. The whole place looks fantastic! I really like the blue/black/white rug - it's amazing! Where did you buy it from? I'd love a nice patterned rug like that.


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