A white home by Remy Meijers

The Dutch interior architect Remy Meijers compares a good interior as a 'finished jigsaw puzzle'.  This 1930's villa in Bussum is one of Remy's projects and is made up of an original and new construction which are connected by a glass corridoor. The huge windows and sliding doors allow natural light to flood in and bounce of the perfectly formed white walls. Soft furnishings have been added to complete the look. 

Interior architect: Remy Meijers
What do you think? Could you make this your home? I would have to add a few brightly coloured cushions, accessories and chairs and then mess it up a little and then yes, absolutely, no problem at all! The bones are simply perfect.

Have a lovely day!


  1. this has to be my dream house. so minimal and beautiful! thanks for sharing, niki!

  2. Very modern and "clean", but a little bit cold! Seems in a hospital! I don't like toooo much white. And I love a little bit colors in the decoration! Anyway I thank you for the wonderful inspiration! Everybody has its one taste! Hugs, Barbara

  3. Like it! My personal favourite is the bathroom with the mix of wood and grey and white. It gave me inspiration to our bathroom. Thank you for sharing Niki!

  4. Great spaces. I really like description "interior architect" that emphasize working with the spaces than just with decoration and accessories, this is what Remy here does best. Thanks for sharing

  5. Yes, I agree! It's beautiful but lacks personality and character...

  6. Not sure i could keep it so tidy but it is beautiful! Like a hotel.

  7. Minimalist design, and I love it. Spacious and you can run around freely with the kids. Thing is, white has always been the hardest to maintain, and when it comes to appeal - white constantly remains as quiet, simple and plain. It looks great, but it needs thorough maintenance and stuff. love the bathroom by the way.


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