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An inspiring home where two worlds meet

There are so many inspiring people out there, doing wonderful things. One of them is Manon Hanssen Meyering.  Manon describes herself as a 'mother, editor, healer and an activist (among other things), and shares the most beautiful snapshots of her 'rainbow family on safari through life' in Amsterdam and Kenya on her website and Instagram feed 'The Life Traveller'. Along with partner Michel, Manon founded The Life Traveller foundation which aims to improve the quality of life of those in need in Kenya through small, person-oriented aid using the motto: “Small aid, great impact.” Helping others helping themselves has always been the main goal. Temporarily closed, she also runs the shop Naramatisho selling Kenyan handicraft in an effort to support her friends in Kenya to build a positive existence (read the full story here). Manon's own living space combines Kenyan handicrafts, treasured artifacts, vintage finds and contemporary design to create a truly inspiring family home. Let's take a tour!

Photography - Manon Hanssen Meyering - thank you to Igor at Happy Interior Blog for the tip!

What an incredible space? It's so inspiring how two worlds have blended in such a beautiful way!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

You can see more beautiful pictures of Manon's home and life on Instagram and read more about her practise as a healer here.  If you'd like to spread a little love and make a donation to the worthwhile causes covered by The life Traveller, check out this page.

Looking for a little more inspiration this weekend? You might like to check out the Bohemian style archive - which includes some of my favourite homes ever!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!


  1. The penultimate photo with all the green plants look really great:) Seems like a perfect room for reading and relaxation:)

    1. Thank you. You're right, it is!

  2. Beautiful, busy but tasteful, just fantastic.

  3. That's a great gallery wall! I'm sure that it personifies the people who live there! So cool! I also loved that hammock in all that greenery and the collection of small cacti by the stairs! Lovely!

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