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A romantic holiday home in the South of France

Hej hej! How was your weekend? It sort of went passed in a blur didn't it? Here in Sweden we're zooming towards the summer holidays and many children are breaking up this week (mine included). Aaagh! I'm nowhere near ready! Even so, I can't stop dreaming about the impending care-free days  and enjoying a slower pace. Plus, I have a long list of holiday homes up my sleeve. One such place is Cammellas Lloret. You may recognise this beautiful maison d'hôte in Carcassonne, South of France from this feature. Understandably, I couldn't resist sharing a few more snapshots of this beautiful space captured by Julie Pointer Adams. Could you imagine spending your holiday there too?!

Photography: Julie Pointer Adams (shared with kind permission), featured in Architectural Digest.

Doesn't it look so romantic? Owners Annie and Colin Moore have done such a great job delicately restoring it. It remains as though it's been completely untouched by the hands of time. Beautiful

Find out more about how to book a room at the timeless Cammellas Lloret here.

It's always great to get in touch with photographers and this time I was especially excited to see that the shutterbug behind these shots,  Julie Pointer Adams, has released a new book - Wabi-Sabi Welcome - learn to embrace the imperfect and entertain with throughtfulness and ease - definitely my type of entertaining,  I must get my hands on a copy right away! Does this appeal to you too?

Have a great start to the week!


  1. Oh Carcassonne is so close to my home town! (a 2-hours drive, but close compared to Finland or Sweden!). It's nice to see that Scandinavian countries are not the only ones to dominate the world of home decor ;) I'll spend my holidays in a cute chalet in the North of Italy. I can't wait to hear nothing but the birds and eat burrata every day! 2 months to go...


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