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A beautiful, laid back home in earthy tones

When selecting locations for The Scandinavian Home, I looked out for spaces that had a unique, strong consistent theme throughout - whether in the form of colour, style, material, texture and even a feeling. Although not featured in my book, this cottage belonging to artist and owner of fab lifestyle shop, General Store, Serena Mitnik-Miller in Topanga Canyon, California is a beautiful example of this! Formerly a hunting lodge, Serena and husband Mason stripped back the one bedroom house to its bare bones before furnishing it with a beautiful mix of mid-century finds and items made by friends in lovely earthy tones. What a stunning, laid back family home?!

Credits:  photography Jason Frank Rothenberg for Domino magazine.  

How beautiful?! I absolutely love everything about it. How about you?

I've actually been following Serena on Instagram and at #OurTopangaHome for a while now (so worth taking a look)! You can also read the full article and see more lovely pictures of Serena's home over at one of my favourite magazines - Domino.

Many of the items you see can be found in General Store.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love this one. Reminds me of a California home. So comfy and casual.<3

    1. Oh, it IS a California home. Oops. Still love it��

    2. I'm only impressed you recognised the style without seeing 'California' in the text :)

    3. It's all in the southwestern, 70's vibe lol.

  2. It's "its bare bones," not it's bare bones :) ("It's" always means "it is.") Pardon my grammaritis!

    Beautiful post, as always!

    1. You're absolutely right (nearly wrote 'your' there....! Thank you for spotting and pointing out, will update the post :)


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